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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
41670 Garrett P. Standard archimedean integrals for GL(2) 2007ХХ
17880 Ghandari M. Standard Codecs: Image Compression to Advanced Video Coding 2003ХХ
47297 Standard for Welding Procedure and Performance Qualification 1999ХХ
44793 Howard N.E. Standard Handbook for Telescope Making 1959ХХ
17878 Whitaker J., Benson B.K. Standard Handbook of Audio and Radio Engineering 2004ХХ
84270 Whitaker J. Standard handbook of broadcast engineering 2005 ХХХ
34230 Hicks T.G. Standard Handbook of Engineering Calculations n/a ХХХ
84614 Shigley J.E. Standard Handbook of Machine Design 1996ХХ
18201 Lyons W.C. (ed.), Zaba J. (ed.) Standard Handbook of Petroleum & Natural Gas Engineering (Vol. 1) 1996ХХ
26042 Lyons W.C. Standard Handbook of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering (Volume 2) 1996ХХ
17879 Whitaker J., Benson B.K. Standard Handbook of Video and Television Engineering 2004ХХ
33195 Muzychuk M. (Ed) Standard Integral Table Algebras Generated by a Non-Real Element of Small Degree 2002ХХ
164245 Arad Z., Muzychuk M. Standard integral table algebras generated by a non-real element of small degree 2002ХХ
161073 Zwillinger D. Standard Mathematical Tables and Formulae 2003 ХХХ
51515 The Institution of Structural Engineers Standard Method of Detailing Structural Concrete. A manual for best practice 2006 ХХХ
29718 Gansner E.R. Standard ML Basis Manual 2004ХХ
32345 Burgess C.P., Moore G.D. Standard Model: A Primer 2006ХХ
33224 Raghavan K.N. Standard Monomial Theory: Invariant Theoretic Approach 2008ХХ
41011 Garrett P. Standard p-adic integrals for GL(2) 2008ХХ
4655 Zwillinger, Kokoska Standard probability and statistics tables and formulae 2000ХХ
175576 Di L., Ramapriyan H. Standard-Based Data and Information Systems for Earth Observation (Lecture Notes in Geoinformation and Cartography) 2010ХХ
154582 Timothy Schoechle Standardization and Digital Enclosure: The Privatization of Standards, Knowledge, and Policy in the Age of Global Information Technology (Advances in It Standards and Standardization Research) 2009 ХХХ
136190 Langenberg T. Standardization and Expectations 2005ХХ
84547 Ameloot M. Standardization and quality assurance in fluorescence measurements. Part 1. Techniques 2010ХХ
150235 Kai Jakobs Standardization Research in Information Technology: New Perspectives (Premier Reference Source) 2007 ХХХ
30095 Wiemann A. Standardized Functional Verification 2007ХХ
49969 Roundtable on Health Literacy Standardizing Medication Labels: Confusing Patients Less, Workshop Summary 2008ХХ
64822 Wilson J.S., Abiola V.O. Standards and Global Trade. A Voice for Africa 2003ХХ
55286 Fishman J.E., Pratt S.P., Morrison W.J. Standards of Value: Theory and Applications 2007ХХ
35833 Romberg T.A. (ed.) Standards-Based Mathematics Assessment in Middle School: Rethinking Classroom Practice 2004ХХ
40896 Harrison D.M. Standing Waves 1999ХХ
51928 Mishra M.K. (ed.), Kobayashi S. (ed.) Star and Hyperbranched Polymers 1999ХХ
185408 Carney B., Harris W., Labhardt L. Star Clusters: Saas-Fee Advanced Course 28 Lecture Notes 1998 Swiss Society for Astrophysics and Astronomy 2001ХХ
130013 Ray T.P., Beckwith S.V.W. Star Formation and Techniques in Infrared and mm-Wave Astronomy 1994ХХ
107266 Shackell J. Star Products and the Representation of Asymptotic Growth 1999ХХ
39904 Suiter H.R. Star Testing Astronomical Telescopes 2001ХХ
162719 Sternbach R., Okuda M. Star Trek Voyager Technical Guide 2002ХХ
40155 Harrington P.S. Star Ware: The Amateur Astronomer's Guide to Choosing, Buying, and Using Telescopes and Accessories 2007 ХХХ
122191 Bazhanov V. V., Baxter R. J. Star-Triangle Relation for a Three-Dimensional Model 1992ХХ
121618 Henin F., Jeener J. Star-Unitary Transformations As a Tool in Single-Atom Pulse Spectroscopy 1987ХХ
145448 de Grijs R., Delgado R.M.G. Starbursts: From 30 Doradus to Lyman Break Galaxies 2005ХХ
187273 Whistler R., BeMiller J., Paschall E. Starch : Chemistry and Technology 1984ХХ
189343 BeMiller J., Whistler R. Starch. Chemistry and Technology 2009 ХХХ
187324 Sivak M., Preiss J. Starch: basic science to biotechnology 1998ХХ
49970 BeMiller J.N., Whistler R.L. Starch: Chemistry and Technology 2009 ХХХ
188734 Whistler R., BeMiller J., Paschall E. Starch: Chemistry and Technology 1984 ХХХ
39905 Lugaro M. Stardust from Meteorites: An Introduction to Presolar Grains 2005ХХ
39906 Watson F. Stargazer: The Life and Times of the Telescope 2006ХХ
157179 Froman N., Froman P. Stark effect in a hydrogenic atom or ion: treated by the phase-integral method 2008ХХ
192030 Froman N., Froman P. Stark Effect In A Hydrogenic Atom Or Ion: Treated by the Phase-Integral Method with Adjoined Papers by A H?kback and P O Fr?man 2008ХХ

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