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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
41992 Brewer A.K. Some Factors Influencing The Ignition Of Carbon Monoxide and Oxygen 1927ХХ
40467 Garrett P. Some facts about discrete series (holomorphic, quaternionic) 2004ХХ
35072 Hardy G.H. Some Famous Problems Of The Theory Of Numbers 2008ХХ
124987 Masoliver J., Weiss G.H. Some First Passage Time Problems for Shot Noise Processes 1988ХХ
119460 Laidlaw D., MacKay G., Jan N. Some Fractal Properties of the Percolating Backbone in Two Dimensions 1987ХХ
41491 Pajot H. Some geometric measure theory 2002ХХ
50595 Brent R.P. Some High-Order Zero-Finding Methods Using Almost Orthogonal Polynomials 1975ХХ
13710 Lang S. Some History of the Shimura-Taniyama Conjecture 1995ХХ
123240 Ruelle D. Some Ill-Formulated Problems on Regular and Messy Behavior in Statistical Mechanics and Smooth Dynamics for Which I Would Like the Advice of Yasha Sinai 2002ХХ
6262 Kibble T.W.B. Some Implications of a Cosmological Phase Transition 1980ХХ
151868 Lavrentev M. Some improperly posed problems of mathematical physics 1967ХХ
13705 Viro O.Y. Some Integral Calculus Based on Buler Characteristic n/aХХ
40996 Garrett P. Some Irreducible Polynomials over Finite Fields 2004ХХ
85523 Bahadur R. Some Limit Theorems in Statistics 1987ХХ
156934 Bahadur R. Some Limit Theorems in Statistics 1971ХХ
186518 Bahadur R. Some limit theorems in statistics 1971ХХ
140726 Bahadur R. Some Limit Theorems in Statistics (CBMS-NSF Regional Conference Series in Applied Mathematics) 1971ХХ
109686 Goertzel G. Some Mathematical Methods of Physics 1960ХХ
138131 Etheridge A. Some Mathematical Models from Population Genetics 2011ХХ
12549 Temam R., Ziane M. Some Mathematical Problems in Geophysical Fluid Dynamics 2004ХХ
175451 Temam R., Ziane M. Some Mathematical Problems in Geophysical Fluid Dynamics 2004ХХ
100607 Rashevsky N. Some medical aspects of mathematical biology 1964ХХ
136668 Lions J.L. Some methodes in the mathematical analysis and their control 1981ХХ
168103 Roman P. Some modern mathematics for physicists and other outsiders. Volume 2. Introduction to Algebra, Topology, & Functional Analysis 1975ХХ
122299 Grassberger P., Scheunert M. Some More Universal Scaling Laws for Critical Mappings 1981ХХ
43403 Smith S. Some Multiplets of Doubly Ionized Lead 1928ХХ
43404 Smith S. Some Multiplets of Singly Ionized Thallium 1928ХХ
75172 Some new American fossil crinoids n/aХХ
123789 Albeverio S., Mazzucchi S. Some New Developments in the Theory of Path Integrals, with Applications to Quantum Theory 2004ХХ
38576 Damascelli L., Gladiali F. Some new entire solutions of semilinear elliptic equations on Rn 1991ХХ
38575 Malchiodi A. Some new entire solutions of semilinear elliptic equations on R^n n/aХХ
43385 Babcock H.D. Some new feartures of the atmospheric oxygen bands, and the relative abundance of the isotopes O^16, O^18 1929ХХ
40882 Webster A.G. Some New Methods in Interior Ballistics 1920ХХ
120499 Bodineau T. Some New Results on the Kinetic Ising Model in a Pure Phase 2002ХХ
122932 Elisabetta Marcelli, Fabio Martinelli Some New Results on the Two-Dimensional Kinetic lsing Model in the Phase Coexistence Region 1995ХХ
134257 Aubin T. Some Nonlinear Problems in Riemannian Geometry 1998ХХ
154839 Aubin T. Some Nonlinear Problems in Riemannian Geometry (Springer Monographs in Mathematics) 1998ХХ
6840 Rajaraman R. Some nonperturbative semi-classical methods in quantum field theory (a pedagogical review) 1975ХХ
116847 Akhavan O. Some Novel Thought Experiments Involving Foundations of Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Information 2003ХХ
125239 Benfatto G., Marinari E. Some Numerical Results on the Block Spin Transformation for the 2D Ising Model at the Critical Point 1995ХХ
62386 Borwein J., Borwein P. Some observations on computer aided analysis n/aХХ
119866 Domb C. Some Observations on the Early History of Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics 2003ХХ
40887 Bauer L.A. Some of the Chief Problems in Terrestrial Magnetism and Electricity 1920ХХ
41492 Dzhrbashyan M.M. Some open questions in the theory of representations of analytic functions n/aХХ
51068 Wielonsky F. Some Porperties of Hermite-Pade Approximants to exp(x) 1991ХХ
50950 Pinch R.G.E. Some Primality Testing Algorithms 1993ХХ
39896 Wright W.H. Some Probable Identities in Wave-Length in Nebular and Stellar Spectra 1915ХХ
39897 Stebbins J. Some Problems in Stellar Photometry 1915ХХ
43386 Roos C.F. Some problems of business forecasting 1929ХХ
40883 Hardy G.H., Littlewood J.E. Some Problems of Diophantine Approximation A Remarkable Trigonometrical Series 1916ХХ

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