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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
96367 Stauffer D. Scaling Assumption for Lattice Animals in Percolation Theory 1977ХХ
122305 Mukhopadhyay S., Sahimi M. Scaling Behavior of Permeability and Conductivity Anisotropy near the Percolation Threshold 1994ХХ
121974 Peter Pfeifer, David Avnir, Dina Farin Scaling Behavior of Surface Irregularity in the Molecular Domain: From Adsorption Studies to Fractal Catalysts 1984ХХ
125043 Katsuya Nakashima, Tatsuzo Nagai, Kyozi Kawasaki Scaling Behavior of Two-Dimensional Domain Growth: Computer Simulation of Vertex Models 1989ХХ
121890 Richard C. Scaling Behaviour of Two-Dimensional Polygon Models 2002ХХ
5695 De Gennes P.-G. Scaling concepts in polymer physics 1979ХХ
143360 De Gennes P. Scaling Concepts in Polymer Physics 1979ХХ
172603 Gennes P. Scaling concepts in polymer physics 1979ХХ
179009 Gennes P. Scaling Concepts in Polymer Physics 1979ХХ
125103 Chernov N., Lebowitz J.L. Scaling Dynamics of a Massive Piston in a Cube Filled with Ideal Gas: Exact Results 2002ХХ
120312 Constantin P. Scaling Exponents for Active Scalars 1998ХХ
124959 Ala-Nissila T. Scaling Exponents for Driven Two-Dimensional Surface Growth 1994ХХ
124974 Ala-Nissila T., Hjelt T., Kosterlitz M. Scaling Exponents for Kinetic Roughening in Higher Dimensions 1993ХХ
124928 de Sousa Vieira M.C. Scaling Factors Associated with M-Furcations of the 1 - It Ixl z Map 1988ХХ
97841 Carol K. Hall Scaling in the ideal Bose gas 1975ХХ
122976 Durrett R., Tanaka N.I. Scaling Inequalities for Oriented Percolation 1989ХХ
124817 Ricardo Lima, Stefano Ruffo Scaling Laws for all Liapunov Exponents: Models and Measurements 1988ХХ
119906 Grassberger P., Badii R., Politi A. Scaling Laws for Invariant Measures on Hyperbolic and Nonhyperbolic Atractors 1988ХХ
120330 Leonenko N.N., Ruiz-Medina M.D. Scaling Laws for the Multidimensional Burgers Equation with Quadratic External Potential 2006ХХ
124296 Camia F. Scaling Limit and Critical Exponents for Two-Dimensional Bootstrap Percolation 2005ХХ
83796 Presutti E. Scaling limits in statistical mechanics and microstructures in continuum mechanics 2009ХХ
119650 Leonenko N.N., Woyczynski W.A. Scaling Limits of Solutions of the Heat Equation for Singular Non-Gaussian Data 1998ХХ
122888 Jan Wehr, Jack Xin Scaling Limits of Waves in Convex Scalar Conservation Laws Under Random Initial Perturbations 2005ХХ
130425 Pachepsky Y., Radcliffe D., Selim H. Scaling Methods in Soil Physics 2003ХХ
124650 Pastor-Satorras R., Rothman D.H. Scaling of a Slope: The Erosion of Tilted Landscapes 1998ХХ
122326 M. Broidioi, M. Van Canneyt Scaling of Fluctuations and Critical Exponents 1995ХХ
125396 Meng-She, Cohen E. G. D. Scaling of Particle Trajectories on a Lattice 1996ХХ
124053 Bartelt M. C., Evans J. W. Scaling of Spatial Correlations in Cooperative Sequential Adsorption with Clustering 1994ХХ
61163 Bazant Z.P. Scaling Of Structural Strength 2005 ХХХ
123311 Nikolay V. Dokholyan, Youngki Lee, Sergey V. Buldyrev Scaling of the Distribution of Shortest Paths in Percolation 1998ХХ
120412 Grossmann S., Lohse D., Reeh A. Scaling of the Irreducible SO(3)-Invariants of Velocity Correlations in Turbulence 1998ХХ
119723 Widom B. Scaling of the Surface Tension of Phase-Separated Polymer Solutions 1988ХХ
31804 Barenblatt G.I. Scaling Phenomena in Fluid Mechanics 1995ХХ
124047 Aubry S., Luck J.M. Scaling Properties of a Structure Intermediate between Quasiperiodic and Random 1988ХХ
121663 Nadiga B.T. Scaling Properties of an Inviscid Mean-Motion Fluid Model 2000ХХ
121851 Katja Lindenberg, Wen-Shyan Sheu Scaling Properties of Diffusion-Limited Reactions on Fractal and Euclidean Geometries 1991ХХ
97792 Lovesey S.W. Scaling properties of models of nonequilibrium phenomena 1977ХХ
123561 Ge Y. Scaling Properties of the Measure of Constant Topological Entropy 1991ХХ
124527 Gandjbakhche A.H., Bonner R.F. Scaling Relationships for Anisotropic Random Walks 1992ХХ
124539 Ernst M.H., Brito R. Scaling Solutions of Inelastic Boltzmann Equations with Over-Populated High Energy Tails 2002ХХ
122596 van Dongen P.G.J., Ernst M.H. Scaling Solutions of Smoluchowski's Coagulation Equation 1988ХХ
120163 Feigenbaum M.J. Scaling Spectra and Return Times of Dynamical Systems 1987ХХ
2773 Stauffer D. Scaling theory of percolation clusters 1979ХХ
97762 Masuo Suzuki Scaling theory of transient phenomena near the instability point 1977ХХ
160618 Fajans P. Scaling Up Health Service Delivery: From Pilot Innovations to Policies and Programmes 2007ХХ
187415 Klamma R., Ley T., Hernandez-Leo D. Scaling up Learning for Sustained Impact: 8th European Conference, on Technology Enhanced Learning, EC-TEL 2013, Paphos, Cyprus, September 17-21, 2013. Proceedings 2013ХХ
12577 Sattinger D.H. Scaling, Mathematical Modeling & Integrable Systems 1998ХХ
121139 Banavar J.R., Colaiori F., Flammini A. Scaling, Optimality, and Landscape Evolution 2001ХХ
121401 Provatas N. Scaling, Propagation, and Kinetic Roughening of Flame Fronts in Random Media 1995ХХ
133143 Barenblatt G.I. Scaling, self-similarity, and intermediate asymptotics 1996ХХ

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