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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
75340 Wilczynski e. Projective Differential Geometry of Curves and Ruled Surfaces 1906ХХ
55595 M.A.Akivis, V.V.Goldberg Projective Differential Geometry of Submanifolds 1993ХХ
154239 Ovsienko V., Tabachnikov S. Projective differential geometry old and new 2004ХХ
135663 Ovsienko V., Tabachnikov S. Projective Differential Geometry Old and New: From the Schwarzian Derivative to the Cohomology of Diffeomorphism Groups (Cambridge Tracts in Mathematics) 2004ХХ
35027 Tevelev E.A., Springer-Verlag New York Projective Duality and Homogeneous Spaces 2005ХХ
43335 Michal A.D. Projective Functional Tensors and Other Allied Functionals 1929ХХ
34340 Hirschfield J.W. Projective Geometries over Finite Fields 1980ХХ
38434 Dowling L.W. Projective Geometry 1917ХХ
105362 Hitchin N. Projective geometry 2003ХХ
153286 Faulkner T. Projective geometry 2006ХХ
117983 Verdina J. Projective Geometry and Point Tranformations 1971ХХ
108210 Verdina J. Projective geometry and point transformations 1971ХХ
127573 Herbert Busemann, Paul J. Kelly Projective geometry and projective metrics 2005ХХ
127838 Ballico E. Projective geometry with applications 1994ХХ
34741 Ballico E. Projective Geometry with Applications, Vol. 166 1994ХХ
35201 Veblen O., Young J.W. Projective Geometry. Vol 1 1946ХХ
33843 Casse R. Projective Geometry: An Introduction 2006ХХ
34746 Ischebeck F.G., Rao R.A. Projective Modules and Number of Generators 2005ХХ
91573 Projective modules and vector bundles n/aХХ
91903 Projective modules and vector bungles n/aХХ
43321 Eisenhart L.P. Projective normal coordinates 1930ХХ
34517 Hughes D.R., Piper F.C. Projective Planes 1973ХХ
174628 Hughes D., Piper F. Projective planes 1973ХХ
173966 Hughes D., Piper F. Projective Planes (Graduate Texts in Mathematics) 1973ХХ
36023 Eichler M. Projective Varieties and Modular Forms 1971ХХ
127186 Eichler M. Projective varieties and modular forms 1971ХХ
148452 Ciliberto C. Projective Varieties With Unexpected Properties 2005ХХ
1167 Tevelev E. Projectively dual varieties 2001ХХ
121538 Kawasaki K., Kawakatsu T. Projector Formalism of Generalized Brownian Motion Theory Applied to Dissipative and Noisy Systems 1992ХХ
116948 Stohlman A. Projects & Designs (Leatherapplications) 1972ХХ
154344 Dawson C. Projects in Computing and Information Systems: A Student's Guide 2009 ХХХ
35527 Stoyan K.D.D. Projects: Calculus: The Language of Change 1998 ХХХ
108158 Bol G. Projektive Differentialgeometrie 1967ХХ
2524 Bol G. Projektive differentialgeometrie (2 teil) 1954ХХ
2525 Bol G. Projektive differentialgeometrie (3 teil) 1967ХХ
62725 Bol G. Projektive Differentialgeometrie. 1 Teil 1950ХХ
106611 Bol G. Projektive Differentialgeometrie. 2 Teil 1954ХХ
107209 Sauer R. Projektive Liniengeometrie 1937ХХ
107779 Ischebeck F. Projektive Varietaeten 2005ХХ
134246 Logan N.A., Lappin-Scott H.M. Prokaryotic Diversity: Mechanisms and Significance 2006ХХ
147505 Jarrell K.F. Prokaryotic Motility Systems: A Written Symposium 2004ХХ
172063 Pawlowski K. Prokaryotic Symbionts in Plants (Microbiology Monographs) 2009ХХ
176635 Pawlowski K. Prokaryotic Symbionts in Plants (Microbiology Monographs) 2009ХХ
16993 Rui H. Prolactin n/aХХ
16992 Goffin V., Kelly P.A. Prolactin Receptor n/aХХ
117552 Kant I. Prolegomena to any Future Metaphysics 1783ХХ
83989 Shareef M.A., Dwivedi Y.K., Williams M.D. Proliferation of the Internet economy: e-commerce for global adoption, resistance, and cultural evolution 2009 ХХХ
19054 Pereira F.C.N., Shieber S.M. Prolog and Natural-Language Analysis 2002 ХХХ
165992 Pereira F., Shieber S. Prolog and Natural-Language Analysis (Center for the Study of Language and Information Publication Lecture Notes) 2002ХХ
39192 Hein J.L. Prolog Experiments in Discrete Mathematics, Logic, and Computability 2005ХХ

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