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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
122891 Reatto L., Stell G., Tau M. On the Isothermal Density Derivative of g(r) and a New Theory of the Pair Correlation Function of Hard Spheres 1991ХХ
160015 McKay L. On the Job Math (Practical Math in Context) 2005ХХ
165000 Frishman M. On the Job Teacher Notes (Practical Math in Context) 2005ХХ
42549 Leavitt H.V., Gowen J.W., Jennes L.C. On the joint influence of iron and aluminium in native sands on mortar strenght 1929ХХ
40747 Duane W., Stenstrom W. On the K Series of X-Rays 1920ХХ
126158 Carlo Cercignani, Maria Lampis On the Kinetic Theory of a Dense Gas of Rough Spheres 1988ХХ
97639 Frisch H.L. On the Kirkwood-Modified Tait Equation 1977ХХ
123937 Prodan E., Nordlander P. On the Kohn-Sham Equations with Periodic Background Potentials 2003ХХ
123326 Cornille H. On the Krook-Wu Model of the Boltzmann Equation 1979ХХ
99934 Tribus M., Rossi R. On the Kullback Information Measure as a Basis for Information Theory: Comments on a Proposal by Hobson and Chan 1973ХХ
41957 Beams J.W. On the Lag of the Kerr Effect 1927ХХ
122995 Benettin G., Carati A., Sempio P. On the Landau-Teller Approximation for Energy Exchanges with Fast Degrees of Freedom 1993ХХ
123168 Foias C., Jolly M.S., Manley O.P. On the LandauЦLifschitz Degrees of Freedom in 2-D Turbulence 2003ХХ
121059 Martinelli F., Micheli L. On the Large-Coupling-Constant Behavior of the Liapunov Exponent in a Binary Alloy 1987ХХ
121814 Faria da Veiga P.A., O'CarroIl M., Schor R. On the Large-Distance Behavior of Correlations for a Hierarchical N-Component Classical Vector Model in Three Dimensions 1998ХХ
121623 Cesi F., Martinelli F. On the Layering Transition of an SOS Surface Interacting with a Wall. I. Equilibrium Results 1996ХХ
123179 Zhi-Xiong W., Zhi-Ying W. On the Leading Term and the Degree of the Polynomial Trace Mapping Associated with a Substitution 1994ХХ
121904 Barra F., Gaspard P. On the Level Spacing Distribution in Quantum Graphs 2000ХХ
97827 Romerio M., Wreszinski W. On the Lifschitz singularity and the tailing in the density of states for random lattice systems 1978ХХ
122636 O'Neii K. On the Limiting Distribution of Pair-Summable Potential Functions in Many-Particle Systems 1991ХХ
42550 Zariski O. On the linear connection index of the algebraic surfaces z^n=f(x,y) 1929ХХ
40748 Green G.M. On the Linear Dependence of Functions of Several Variables, and Certain Completely Integrable Systems of Partial Differential Equations 1916ХХ
120316 Wood W.W., Erpenbeck J.J. On the Linearity of the Self-Diffusion Process 1982ХХ
972 Morinaga K., Nono T. On the linearization of a form of higher degree and its representation 1952ХХ
124869 Dudynski M. On the Linearized Relativistic Boltzmann Equation. II. Existence of Hydrodynamics 1989ХХ
124668 Bricmont J., Lebowitz J.L., Pfister C.E. On the Local Structure of the Phase Separation Line in the Two-Dimensional Ising System 1981ХХ
120596 Bodineau T., Giacomin G. On the Localization Transition of Random Copolymers Near Selective Interfaces 2004ХХ
38373 Secchi S., Squassina M. On the location of concentration points for singularly perturbed elliptic equations 1991ХХ
38374 Secchi S., Squassina M. On the location of spikes for the Schrödinger equation with electromagnetic field n/aХХ
44132 Walsh J.L. On the Location of the Roots of the Derivative of a Polynomial 1922ХХ
110479 Hintikka J., Harris S. On the logic of interrogative inquiry 1988ХХ
13178 Andreka H., Madarasz J.X., Nemeti I. On the Logical Structure of Relativity Theories 2002ХХ
123040 E. Caglioti, C. Marchioro On the Long Time Behavior of a Particle in an Infinitely Extended System in One Dimension 2001ХХ
125406 Paolo Butta, Emanuele Caglioti, Carlo Marchioro On the Long Time Behavior of Infinitely Extended Systems of Particles Interacting via Kac Potentials 2002ХХ
122613 Shlesinger M.F. On the Long-Tail Solar Wind Electron Velocity Distribution 1988ХХ
122756 Shneidman V.A. On the Lowest Energy Nucleation Path in a Supersaturated Lattice Gas 2003ХХ
122580 Rubinstein J. On the Macroscopic Description of Slow Viscous Flow Past a Random Array of Spheres 1986ХХ
99479 Barry W. Ninham, V. Adrian Parsegian, George H. Weiss On the macroscopic theory of temperature-dependent van der Waals forces 1970ХХ
125342 Boutet de Monvel A., Pastur L. On the Matrix Statistical Mechanics Approach in the Random Theory: Integrated Density of States 1995ХХ
38375 Lupo D., Payne K.R. On the maximum principle for generalized solutions to the Tricomi problem n/aХХ
38359 Gazzini M., Musina R. On the Maz'ja inequalities existence and multiplicity results for an elliptic problem involving cylindrical weights n/aХХ
44211 Luyten W.J. On the Mean Absolute Magnitudes of the K and M Giants and the Systematic Errors in Trigonometric Parallaxes 1923ХХ
125199 Slawny J. On the Mean Field Theory Bound on the Magnetization 1983ХХ
123350 Dumas H.S., Dumas L., Golse F. On the Mean Free Path for a Periodic Array of Spherical Obstacles 1996ХХ
124181 Mazza C. On the Mean Pair Correlation Function of ±J Ising Spin Glasses 1998ХХ
124112 Salinas S.R., Wreszinski W.F. On the Mean-Field Ising Model in a Random External Field 1985ХХ
121487 Kastner M., Schnetz O. On the Mean-Field Spherical Model 2006ХХ
44134 Shewhart W.A. On the Measurement of a Physical Quantity Whose Magnitude is Influenced by Primary Causes beyond the Control of the Observer and on the Method of Determining the Relation between Two Such Quantities 1922ХХ
41452 Grozier W.J., Federighi H. On the Measurement of Critical Thermal Increment for Biological Processes 1924ХХ

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