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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
170857 Madigan S.J. On Aristotle's Metaphysics 4 (Ancient Commentators on Aristotle) 1994ХХ
34490 Basmaji J. On Artin's Conjecture for Odd 2-Dimensional Representations 1994ХХ
129775 Frey G. On Artin's Conjecture for Odd 2-Dimensional Representations 1994 ХХХ
171992 Frey G. On Artin's Conjecture for Odd 2-Dimensional Representations (Lecture Notes in Mathematics) 1994ХХ
50739 Tanizaki H. On Asymmetry, Holiday and Day-of-the-week Effects in Volatility of Daily Stock Returns: the Case of Japan 2004ХХ
38347 Felli V., Marchini E.M., Terracini S. On asymptotic behavior of solutions to Schrodinger equations with singular dipole-type potentials 2006ХХ
121080 Widom H. On Asymptotics for the Airy Process 2004ХХ
36805 Murakami S. On Automorphisms of Siegel Domains 1972ХХ
97658 Bhu Dev Sharma, Inder Jeet Taneja On Axiomatic Characterization of Information-Theoretic Measures 1973ХХ
163205 Nielsen N. On Banach ideals determined by Banach lattices and their applications. Dissertationes Math. 109 1973ХХ
38279 Ricciardi T. On Beltrami equations and Holder regularity n/aХХ
54359 Cruz-Barroso R., González-Vera P., Njåstad O. On bi-orthogonal systems of trigonometric functions and quadrature formulas for periodic integrands 2007ХХ
99457 D. M. Sonechkin On bifurcations inducing a strange attractor in the system of A. M. Oboukhov 1979ХХ
40715 Fischer Ch.A. On Bilinear and N-Linear Functionals 1917ХХ
122071 Kawazu K., Kesten H. On Birth and Death Processes in Symmetric Random Environment 1984ХХ
184445 Baas N. On bordish theory of Manifolds with singulartties 1970ХХ
165731 Mongero L., Beck J. On Bypass: Advanced Perfusion Techniques (Current Cardiac Surgery) 2008ХХ
105402 Caviness B.F. On canonical forms and simplification 1970ХХ
40716 Milne W.E. On Certain Asymptotic Expressions in the Theory of Linear Differential Equations 1916ХХ
109742 Kolchin E.R. On Certain Concepts in the Theory of Algebraic Matric Groups 1948ХХ
44653 Moore C.N. On Certain Criteria for Fourier Constants of L Integrable Functions 1932ХХ
42528 Basoco M.A. On certain Fourier series expansions of doubly periodic functions of the third kind 1929ХХ
44112 Alexander J.W. On Certain New Topological Invariants of a Manifold 1924ХХ
119680 Coulomb S., Bauer M. On Certain Perturbations of the ErdösЦRenyi Random Graph 2004ХХ
42581 Portisky H. On Certain Polynomial and Other Approximations to Analytic Functions 1929ХХ
40717 Green G.M. On Certain Projective Generalizations of Metric Theorems, and the Curves of Darboux and Segre 1918ХХ
41919 Rietz H.L. On Certain Properties of Frequency Distributions of the Powers and Roots of the Variates of a Given Distribution 1927ХХ
44576 Lefschetz S. On Certain Properties of Separable Spaces 1932ХХ
105377 Denis R.Y., Singh S.N., Singh S.P. On certain transformations of poly-basic bilateral hypergeometric series 2003ХХ
125627 Alejandro Maass, Servet Martinez On Cesaro Limit Distribution of a Class of Permutative Cellular Automata 1998ХХ
38348 Tarantello G. On chern simons vortex theory 1999ХХ
39835 Levene P.A., La Forge F.B. On Chondrosamine 1915ХХ
54360 Fasshauer G.E., Zhang J.G. On choosing УoptimalФ shape parameters for RBF approximation 2007ХХ
123744 Messager A., Miracle-Sole S., Pfister C.E. On Classical Ferromagnets with a Complex External Field 1984ХХ
143653 Murasugi K. On Closed 3-braids 1974ХХ
38349 Lupo D., Payne K.R. On closed boundary value problems for equations of mixed elliptic-hyperbolic type 2000ХХ
40719 Emch A. On closed curves described by a spherical pendulum 1918ХХ
112510 Pirastu R. On Combinatorial Identities: Symbolic Summation and Umbral Calculus 1996ХХ
44655 Tucker A.W. On Combinatorial Topology 1931ХХ
158621 Klaus Krippendorff On Communicating: Otherness, Meaning, and Information 2008 ХХХ
175382 Kluver J., Kluver C. On Communication. An Interdisciplinary and Mathematical Approach (Theory and Decision Library A, 40) 2007ХХ
42529 McCoy N.H. On commutation rules in the algebra of quantum mechanics 1929ХХ
107665 Man Y. On Computing Closed Forms for Indefinite Summations n/aХХ
104529 Kaltofen E. On Computing Determinants of Matrices Without Divisions 1992ХХ
124481 Curry J. On Computing the Entropy of the Henon Attractor 1981ХХ
124623 van den Berg M. On Condensation in the Free-Boson Gas and the Spectrum of the Laplacian 1983ХХ
121710 Bru J.-B., Zagrebnov V. A. On Condensations in the Bogoliubov Weakly Imperfect Bose Gas 1999ХХ
123116 Kalle Kytola On Conformal Field Theory of SLE( κ, ρ ) 2005ХХ
41920 Thomas T.Y. On Conformal Geometry 1926ХХ
35864 Hamilton W.R. On Conjugate Functions, or Algebraic Couples 2000ХХ

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