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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
121619 Betbeder-Matibet O., Combescot M. On the Coulomb Energy of a Finite-Temperature Electron Gas 1994ХХ
124599 Alcaraz F.C., Barber M.N. On the Critical Behavior of the Ising Model with Mixed Two- and Three-Spin Interactions 1987ХХ
123712 Aizenman M. On the Critical Behavior of the Magnetization in High-Dimensional Ising Models 1986ХХ
122599 On the Critical Exponent for Random Walk Intersections 1989ХХ
42541 Pauling L. On the crystal structure of the chlorides of certain bivalent elements 1929ХХ
38365 Gladiali F., Grossi M. On the curvature of the level sets of solutions of some nonlinear elliptic equations 1991ХХ
96333 Gruber C. On the Definition of Phase Transition 1975ХХ
121025 Carati A., Cipriani P., Galgani L. On the Definition of Temperature in FPU Systems 2004ХХ
55186 Silverman L.L. On the definition of the sum of a divergent series 1913ХХ
142450 Silverman L. On the Definition of the Sum of a Divergent Series (The University of Missouri Studies-Mathematics Series Volume 1, Number 1) 1913ХХ
44128 Alexander J.W. On the Deformation of an n Cell 1923ХХ
40739 Veblen O. On the Deformation of an N-Cell 1917ХХ
99465 A. G. Sutugin On the dependence of the condensation coefficient on surface curvature 1971ХХ
121427 Choksi R., Ren X. On the Derivation of a Density Functional Theory for Microphase Separation of Diblock Copolymers 2003ХХ
124341 Acedo L., Santos A., Bobylev A.V. On the Derivation of a High-Velocity Tail from the BoltzmannЦFokkerЦPlanck Equation for Shear Flow 2002ХХ
97829 Ch. G. van Weert, W. P. H. de Boer On the derivation of quantum kinetic equations. I. Collision expansions 1978ХХ
97781 W. P. H. de Boer, Ch. G. van Weert On the derivation of quantum kinetic equations. II. Nonlocal Uehling-Uhlenbeck equation 1978ХХ
99512 Wilemski, Gerald On the derivation of Smoluchowski equations with corrections in the classical theory of Brownian motion 1976ХХ
123695 Ciccotti G., Ryckaert J-P. On the Derivation of the Generalized Langevin Equation for Interacting Brownian Particles 1981ХХ
124952 Esposito R., Marra R. On the Derivation of the Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equation for Hamiltonian Particle Systems 1994ХХ
96894 Shmuel Kaniel On the derivation of thermohydrodynamic equations from the Boltzmann equations 1976ХХ
124686 Sese G., Guardia E., Padro J.A. On the Description of Atomic Motions in Dense Fluids by the Generalized Langevin Equation: Statistical Properties of Random Forces 1990ХХ
99454 Reo Yoshitani On the detectabillity limit of coherent optical signals in thermal radiation 1970ХХ
120968 Rasmussen H.O. On the Determination of Box Dimensions by Means of Wavelet Transforms 1993ХХ
148743 Zemin J. On the Development of China's Information Technology Industry 2010ХХ
42587 Bitter F. On the Diamagnetism of Electrons in Metals 1929ХХ
120115 Choquard Ph., Piller B., Rentsch R. On the Dielectric Susceptibility of Classical Coulomb Systems 1986ХХ
122284 Choquard Ph., Piller B., Rentsch R. On the Dielectric Susceptibility of Classical Coulomb Systems. II 1987ХХ
119411 Saied E.A., El-Wakil S.A. On the Diffusion in a Lattice Gas Model: Group-Theoretic Approach 1998ХХ
123290 Goldstein S., Guetti J. On the Diffusion of a Fast Molecule 1986ХХ
138147 Louis V K. On the direct numerical calculation of elliptic functions and integrals 2007ХХ
38358 Caldiroli P., Musina R. On the Dirichlet problem for H-systems with small boundary data blow up phenomena and nonexistence results 2000ХХ
41942 Gerasimovic B.P. On the Distance of the Sun from the Galactic Plane 1927ХХ
42542 de Sitter W. On the distances and radial velocities of extra-galactic nebulae, and explanation of the latter by the relativity theory of inertia 1930ХХ
40740 Gronwall T.H. On the Distortion in Conformal Mapping When the Second Coefficient in the Mapping Function Has an Assigned Value 1920ХХ
41943 Payne C.H On the Distortion of the Continuous Background by Wide Absorption Lines 1928ХХ
122149 Barata J.C.A., Goldbaum P.S. On the Distribution and Gap Structure of LeeЦYang Zeros for the Ising Model: Periodic and Aperiodic Couplings 2001ХХ
42588 Cassen B. On the Distribution Law in Locally Rapidly Fluctuating Fields Which Are Steady When Averaged over a Sufficient Time Interval 1928ХХ
123229 Chan G. K.-L., Ayers P.W., Croot E.S. III On the Distribution of Eigenvalues of Grand Canonical Density Matrices 2002ХХ
120465 Ai-Hua Fan, De-Jun Feng On the Distribution of Long-Term Time Averages on Symbolic Space 1999ХХ
124633 Ledoux M. On the Distribution of Overlaps in the Sherrington-Kirkpatrick Spin Glass Model 2000ХХ
114550 Graversen S.E. On the distribution of some exponential functionate of the Brownian motion 1996ХХ
40741 Perrine C.D. On the Distribution of the Aphelia of the Secondary Bodies of the Solar System 1919ХХ
44129 Stromberg G. On the Distribution of the Velocities of Stars of Late Types of Spectrum 1922ХХ
43703 MacColl L.A. On The Distributions Of The Zeros Of Certain Analytic Functions 1932ХХ
121864 Seeger S., Hoffmann K.H. On the Domain of Hyperbolicity of the Cumulant Equations 2005ХХ
123678 Barrett A.J. On the Domb-Joyee Model for Self-Avoiding Walks in the Continuum 1990ХХ
42543 Lefschetz S., Flexner W.W. On the duality theorems for the betti numbers of topological manifolds 1930ХХ
41944 Loeb L.B. On the Duration of the Existence of Doubly Charged Positive Ions in Gases, and Their Detection 1927ХХ
97696 Vstovsky V.P. On the dynamical basis of macroscopic theory 1976ХХ

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