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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
194701 Glendinning E., McEwan J. Oxford English for Information Technology: Student Book 2006 ХХХ
157215 Glendinning E., Pohl A. Oxford English for Careers: Technology 2: Technology 2: Student's Book 2009ХХ
142040 Glendinning P. Stability, instability and chaos. An introduction to the theory of nonlinear differential equations 1994ХХ
122231 Glendinning P., Sparrow C. Local and Global Behavior near Homoclinic Orbits 1984ХХ
122546 Glendinning P., Sparrow C. T-Points: A Codimension Two Heteroclinic Bifurcation 1986ХХ
76754 Glendinning S. The Idea of Continental Philosophy 2006ХХ
154668 Glenn E. Schweitzer Interacademy Programs Between the United States and Eastern Europe 1967-2009: The Changing Landscape 2009ХХ
132285 Glenn Fredrickson The equilibrium theory of inhomogeneous polymers 2006 ХХХ
41138 Glenn O.E. An Algorism for Differential Invariant Theory 1921ХХ
40660 Glenn O.E. Invariants Which are Functions of Parameters of the Transformation 1917ХХ
41756 Glenn O.E. A Note on the Abundance of Differential Combinants in a Fundamental System. 1925ХХ
42013 Glenn O.E. Recent Progress of Investigations by Symbolical Methods of the Invariants of Bi-Ternary Quantics 1927ХХ
40349 Glenn O.E. Covariants of Binary Modular Groups 1919ХХ
11501 Glenn O.E. A Treatise on the Theory of Invariants 1915ХХ
174252 Glenn R. Ready for Amageddon: Proceedings of the 2001 Rand Arroyo-U.S. Army ACTD-CETO-USMC Nonlethal and Urban Operations Program Urban Operations Conference 2002ХХ
27634 Glenn W. MCSE: Exchange Server 2000 Administration Study Guide 2001ХХ
29407 Glenn W., Northrup T. MCDST Self-Paced Training Kit (Exam 70-272): Supporting Users and Troubleshooting Applications on Microsoft Windows XP 2005 ХХХ
23552 Glenn W.J., English B. Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server Adminstrator's Companion 2000ХХ
14765 Glenn W.J. McDst Self-Paced Training Kit (Exam 70-272): Supporting Users and Troubleshooting Desktop Applications on a Microsoft Windows XP Operating System 2004ХХ
19260 Glenn W.J., English B. Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 Administrator's Companion 2003ХХ
14771 Glenn W.J., Simpson M. MCSE Self-Paced Training Kit (Exam 70-297): Designing a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Active Directory and Network Infrastructure 2003ХХ
14764 Glenn W.J., Preston M., Simpson M. MCDST Self-Paced Training Exam 70-271: Supporting Users and Troubleshooting a Microsoft Windows XP Operating System 2004ХХ
14763 Glenn W.J., Northrup A. MCSA/MCSE Self-Paced Training Kit (Exam 70-270): Installing, Configuring, Administering Microsoft Windows XP Professional 2005 ХХХ
172495 Glesner M., Reis R., Indrusiak L. VLSI-SOC: From Systems to Chips: IFIP TC 10/WG 10.5, Twelfth International Conference on Very Large Scale Ingegration of System on Chip (VLSI-SoC 2003), ... in Information and Communication Technology 2006ХХ
148555 Glesner M., Zipf P., Renovell M. Field-Programmable Logic and Applications. Reconfigurable Computing Is Going Mainstream: 12th International Conference, FPL 2002, Montpellier, France September ... 2002ХХ
170533 Glew R., Rosenthal M. Clinical Studies in Medical Biochemistry 2007 ХХХ
179102 Glew R., Rosenthal M. Clinical Studies in Medical Biochemistry 2007 ХХХ
98555 Glezer Z.I. Cryptogamic plants of the USSR. Volume VII 1970ХХ
22050 Glib T. The Evolutionary Project Managers Handbook 2002ХХ
168790 Glick B., Pasternak J. Molecular Biotechnology: Principles and Applications of Recombinant DNA 2003 ХХХ
84401 Glick D. (ed.) Methods of biochemcial analysis. Volume 33 1988ХХ
77179 Glicksman L., Lin J. Sustainable Urban Housing in China: Principles and Case Studies for Low-Energy Design 2006ХХ
18562 Glicksman L.R. Heat Transfer 1991ХХ
154343 Gliklikh Y., Ginzburg V. Global Analysis in Mathematical Physics: Geometric and Stochastic Models (Applied Mathematical Sciences) 1997ХХ
133579 Gliklikh Y., Ginzburg V.L. Global analysis in mathematical physics 1996ХХ
138986 Gliklikh Y., Ginzburg V. Global Analysis in Mathematical Physics - Geometric and Stochastic Methods 1997ХХ
139040 Glimm J., Jaffe A. Quantum Physics: A Functional Integral Point of View 1987 ХХХ
122672 Glimm J. A Random Field Model for Anomalous Diffusion in Heterogeneous Porous Media 1991ХХ
194804 Glimm J., Jaffe A. Quantum physics: a functional integral point of view 1987 ХХХ
43678 Glimm J., Lax P.D. Decay of Solutions of Systems of Hyperbolic Conservation Laws 1969ХХ
36124 Glimm J., Gross L., Harish-Chandra Lectures in Modern Analysis and Applications II 1970ХХ
177961 Glindemann A. Principles of Stellar Interferometry 2011ХХ
127202 Gliner E.B., Koshlyakov N.S., Smirnov M.M. Differential equations of mathematical physics 1964ХХ
176869 Glinz M., Heymans P. Requirements Engineering: Foundation for Software Quality: 15th International Working Conference, REFSQ 2009 Amsterdam, The Netherlands, June 8-9, ... Programming and Software Engineering) 2009ХХ
176765 Glisic S. Advanced Wireless Communications: 4G Cognitive and Cooperative Broadband Technology 2007 ХХХ
192266 Glisic S., Lorenzo B. Advanced wireless networks: Cognitive, cooperative and opportunistic 4G technology 2009 ХХХ
137859 Glisic S. Advanced Wireless Networks: 4G Technologies 2006ХХ
26796 Glisic S.G. Advanced Wireless Networks 2006ХХ
27277 Glisic S.G. Advanced wireless communications 2004ХХ
29050 Glitho R., Pierre S. (Ed), Karmouch A. (Ed) Intelligence in Communication Systems: IFIP International Conference on Intelligence in Communication Systems, Intellcomm 2005, Montreal, Canada, October 17-19 2005 2005ХХ

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