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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
121547 Gross E.P. Ground State of a Spin-Phonon System. II. Adiabatic Limit 1989ХХ
123207 Gross E.P. Ground State of a Spin-Phonon System. III. Small-B Limit 1989ХХ
38139 de la Llave R., Valdinoci E. Ground states and critical points for aubry-mather theory in statistical mechanics 2007ХХ
38140 de la Llave R., Valdinoci E. Ground states and critical points for generalized frenkel-kontorova models in Z^d 2000ХХ
121872 Gruber C., Macris N., Messager A. Ground States and Flux Configurations of the Two-Dimensional Falicov-Kimball Model 1997ХХ
123012 Janusz Jedrzejewski, Jacek Miekisz Ground States of Lattice Gases with ``Almost'' Convex Repulsive Interactions 1999ХХ
38141 Ambrosetti A., Felli V., Malchiodi A. Ground states of nonlinear Schrodinger equations with potentials vanishing at infinity n/aХХ
120427 Gruber C., Jedrzejewski J., Lemberger P. Ground States of the Spinless Falicov-Kimball Model. II 1992ХХ
120304 Burkov S.E. Ground States of Two-Dimensional Quasicrystals 1988ХХ
125409 Fannes M., Nachtergaele B., Werner R. F. Ground States of VBS Models on Cayley Trees 1991ХХ
83385 Villaescusa E. (Editor), Potvin Y. (Editor) Ground Support in Mining and Underground Construction: Proceedings of the Fifth International Symposium on Ground Support, Perth, Australia, 28-30 September 2004 2004 ХХХ
142474 Srbulov M. Ground Vibration Engineering: Simplified Analyses with Case Studies and Examples (Geotechnical, Geological, and Earthquake Engineering) 2010ХХ
123740 Fonk Y., Hilhorst H.J. Ground-State and Quenched-State Properties of a One-Dimensional Interacting Lattice Gas in a Random Potential 1987ХХ
126161 David Lidsky, Michael J. Stephen Ground-State and Thermal Properties of a Long-Range Josephson Array 1996ХХ
124535 Kojima T. Ground-State Correlation Functions for an Impenetrable Bose Gas with Neumann or Dirichlet Boundary Conditions 1997ХХ
119661 Carneiro C.E.I., de Oliveira M.J., Wreszinski W.F. Ground-State Energy of a Quantum Chain with Competing Interactions 1995ХХ
124450 Nieto F., Vogel E.E. Ground-State Entropy of ±J Ising Lattices by Monte Carlo Simulations 2004ХХ
122847 Newman C.M., Stein D.L. Ground-State Structure in a Highly Disordered Spin-Glass Model 1996ХХ
19561 Heller P. Ground-Up Java 2003ХХ
161548 Morrison R. Grounding and Shielding: Circuits and Interference 2007 ХХХ
160128 Morrison R. Grounding and Shielding: Circuits and Interference (Morrison, Ralph. Grounding and Shielding Techniques.) 2007 ХХХ
10985 Pecher D., Zwaan R.A. Grounding Cognition. The Role of Perception and Action in Memory, Language, and Thinking 2005ХХ
22041 Groundwater Contamination 1984ХХ
194924 Guswa J.H. Groundwater Contamination and Emergency Response Guide (Pollution Technology Review) 1985ХХ
55669 Zaporozec A. Groundwater contamination inventory: a methodological guide 2004ХХ
83109 Clarke D. Groundwater discharge tests: simulation and analysis 1989ХХ
191590 Kirsch R. Groundwater Geophysics 2006ХХ
43218 Kirsch R. Groundwater Geophysics: A Tool for Hydrogeology 2006ХХ
160230 Kirsch R. Groundwater Geophysics: A Tool for Hydrogeology, Second Edition 2009 ХХХ
42265 Krasny J., Sharp J.M. Groundwater in Fractured Rocks 2007ХХ
40500 Robins N.S. Groundwater in the Celtic Regions: Studies in Hard-Rock and Quaternary Hydrogeology 2001ХХ
192029 Takizawa S. Groundwater Management in Asian Cities: Technology and Policy for Sustainability (cSUR-UT Series: Library for Sustainable Urban Regeneration) 2008ХХ
176298 Pinder G. Groundwater Modeling Using Geographical Information Systems 2002ХХ
83388 Everett L.G. Groundwater Monitoring Handbook for Coal and Oil Shale Development 1985ХХ
184966 Cheremisinoff N. Groundwater remediation and treatment technologies 1997ХХ
83087 Balek J. Groundwater resources assessment 1989ХХ
76500 Zektser I.S., Everett L.G. Groundwater Resources of the World and Their Use 2004ХХ
83093 Nyer E.K., Bedessem J. Groundwater treatment technology 2009 ХХХ
155095 Nyer E. Groundwater Treatment Technology 2009 ХХХ
45105 Witkowski A.J., Vrba J., Kowalczyk A. Groundwater Vulnerability Assessment and Mapping 2007 ХХХ
82845 Konig L.F., Weiss J.F. Groundwater. Modelling, management and contamination 2009ХХ
167085 Horn C., Schonecker D. Groundwork for the Metaphysics of Morals 2006ХХ
170817 Roesky H., Atwood D. Group 13 Chemistry II: Biological Aspects of Aluminum (Structure and Bonding, Volume 104) 2002ХХ
141068 Roesky H.W., Atwood D.A. Group 13 Chemistry III. Industrial applications 2003ХХ
185043 Shapiro P., Atwood D. Group 13 Chemistry. From Fundamentals to Applications 2002ХХ
179305 Carrell J. Group Actions and Vector Fields 1982ХХ
159885 Carrell J. Group Actions and Vector Fields, Proceedings of a Polish-North American Seminar Held at the University of British Columbia, January 15 - February 15, 1981, Lecture Notes in Mathematics , Vol. 956 1982ХХ
82632 Montgomery S. (ed.) Group Actions on Rings. Contemporary Mathematics. Volume 43 1985ХХ
59496 Ibragimov N.K. Group analysis of ordinary differential equations and the invariance principle in mathematical physics 1992ХХ
194679 Helgason S. Group and Geometric Analysis: Integral Geometry, Invariant Differential Operators and Spherical Functions 1984ХХ

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