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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
82744 Kraus A.D., Aziz A., Welty J. Extended surface heat transfer 2001 ХХХ
126263 Derezìnski J., De Roeck W. Extended Weak Coupling Limit for Pauli-Fierz Operators 2008ХХ
105329 Smith J.M., Olver F.W.J., Lozier D.W. Extended-range arithmetic and normalized Legendre polynomials 1981ХХ
16433 Golemon S. Extending and Embedding PHP 2006ХХ
134251 Hansen A. Extending Knowledge in Practice Primary Mathematics 2008ХХ
199087 Doyle J. Extending mechanics to minds: the mechanical foundations of psychology and economics 2006ХХ
24446 Archer T., Sivakumar N. Extending MFC Applications with the .NET Framework 2003ХХ
120948 McGuire J.B., Dirk C. Extending the Bethe Ansatz: The Quantum Three-Particle Ring 2001ХХ
147369 Baker E.K., Joseph A. Extending the Horizons: Advances in Computing, Optimization, and Decision Technologies 2006ХХ
28963 Chen Y.-P. Extending the Scalability of Linkage Learning Genetic Algorithms 2005ХХ
60961 Boyer K.K., Tomas H.G., Frohlich M.T. Extending the Supply Chain : How Cutting-Edge Companies Bridge the Critical Last Mile into Customer's Homes 2004ХХ
187035 Cavedon L., Maamar Z., Martin D. Extending Web Services Technologies: The Use of Multi-Agent Approaches 2004ХХ
43006 Extension of a geodesic flow n/aХХ
41320 Gibbs R.C. Extension of Doublet Laws in the First Long Period to chromium and Manganese 1926ХХ
172353 Jarnicki M., Pflug P. Extension of holomorphic functions 2000ХХ
163958 Jarnicki M., Pflug P. Extension of Holomorphic Functions (De Gruyter Expositions in Mathematics, 34) 2000ХХ
1796 Doran-Wu P.R. Extension of Lies Algorithm, a Potential Symmetries Classification of PDEs 1996ХХ
109514 Singer M.F., Saunders B.D., Caviness B.F. Extension of Liouville's theorem on integration in ginite terms 1984ХХ
33315 Donner K. Extension of Positive Operators and Korovkin Theorems 1982ХХ
121545 Kottalam J., West B., Lindenberg K. Extension of Statistical Replacement to Systems with Time-Correlated Fluctuations 1987ХХ
122298 Konno N., Katori M. Extension of the Arrowsmith-Essam Formula to the Domany-Kinzel Model 2000ХХ
126149 E-Jiang Ding, Cyrus K. Aidun Extension of the Lattice-Boltzmann Method for Direct Simulation of Suspended Particles Near Contact 2003ХХ
180853 Luckhardt H. Extensional Godel Functional Interpretation 1973ХХ
36418 Luckhardt H. Extensional Godel Functional Interpretation: A Consistency Proof of Classical Analysis 1973ХХ
41319 Gohm R. Extensions and Dilations 2004ХХ
107956 Ruffino M. Extensions As Representative Objects In Frege's Logic n/aХХ
121201 Extensions of LiebТs Concavity Theorem 2006ХХ
137484 Roy Dyckhoff Extensions of Logic Programming: 4th International Workshop, ELP '93, St Andrews, U.K., March 29 - April 1, 1993. Proceedings 1994 ХХХ
131234 Dyckhoff R., Herre H., Schroeder-Heister P. Extensions of Logic Programming: 5th International Workshop, ELP '96, Leipzig, Germany, March 28 - 30, 1996. Proceedings 1996ХХ
180585 Schroeder-Heister P. Extensions of Logic Programming: International Workshop, T?bingen, FRG, December 8-10, 1989. Proceedings 1991ХХ
192764 Eriksson L., Hallnas L., Schroeder-Heister P. Extensions of Logic Programming: Second International Workshop, ELP '91, Stockholm, Sweden, January 27-29, 1991. Proceedings 1991ХХ
140507 Lamma E., Mello P. Extensions of Logic Programming: Third International Workshop, ELP '92, Bologna, Italy, February 26-28, 1992. Proceedings 1993ХХ
78834 Rao J.R. Extensions of the UNITY Methodology: Compositionality, Fairness and Probability in Parallelism 1995ХХ
195573 J. R. Rao Extensions of the UNITY Methodology: Compositionality, Fairness and Probability in Parallelism (Lecture Notes in Computer Science) 1995ХХ
1051 Bryant R.L., Chern S.S., Gardner R.B. Exterior differential systems 1991ХХ
185955 Bryant R., Chern S., Gardner R. Exterior differential systems 1991ХХ
191207 Bryant R., Chern C., Gardner R. Exterior Differential Systems (Mathematical Sciences Research Institute Publications) 1991ХХ
1797 Bryant R., Griffiths P., Grossman D. Exterior differential systems and Euler-Lagrange PDEs 2002ХХ
183301 0 External Corrosion - Introduction to Chemistry and Control 2004 ХХХ
122254 John D. Weeks External Fields, Density Functionals, and the Gibbs Inequality 2002ХХ
55376 Odedokun M. External Finance for Private Sector Development 2004ХХ
120087 Brand H.R., Doering C.R., Ecke R.E. External Noise and Its Interaction with Spatial Degrees of Freedom in Nonlinear Dissipative Systems 1989ХХ
123501 Robert J. Deissler External Noise and the Origin and Dynamics of Structure in Convectively Unstable Systems 1988ХХ
122497 Posch H.A., Narnhofer H. Externally Perturbed Unstable Systems 1991ХХ
54695 Kroemer K.H.E. Extra-Ordinary Ergonomics: How to Accommodate Small and Big Persons, the Disabled and Elderly, Expectant Mothers, and Children 2006ХХ
142377 Even-Ram S., Artym V. Extracellular Matrix Protocols 2009 ХХХ
153853 Even-Ram S., Artym V. Extracellular Matrix Protocols 2009 ХХХ
171574 Streuli C., Grant M. Extracellular Matrix Protocols 2000ХХ
172686 Kikuchi Y., Rykova E.Y. Extracellular Nucleic Acids (Nucleic Acids and Molecular Biology) 2009ХХ
152539 Schwiebert E.M. Extracellular Nucleotides and Nucleosides: Release, Receptors, and Physiological & Pathophysiological Effects (Current Topics in Membranes) 2003ХХ

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