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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
191194 Dandamudi S. Guide to Assembly Language Programming in Linux 2005ХХ
16524 Dandamudi S.P. Guide to Assembly Language Programming in Linux 2005ХХ
27354 Dandamudi S.P. Guide to RISC Processors: For Programmers and Engineers 2004ХХ
127232 Dandamudi S.P. Guide to Assembly Language Programming in Linux 2005ХХ
56979 Dandi Daley Mackall Professional Ethics and Etiquette 2004 ХХХ
56983 Dandi Daley Mackall Teamwork Skills 2004 ХХХ
138642 Dando M. Preventing Biological Warfare: The Failure of American Leadership 2002ХХ
159984 Danell K., Bergstrom R., Duncan P. Large Herbivore Ecology, Ecosystem Dynamics and Conservation (Conservation Biology) 2006ХХ
177508 Danell K., Bergstrom R., Duncan P. Large Herbivore Ecology, Ecosystem Dynamics and Conservation 2006ХХ
80544 Danelutto M.(ed.), Vanneschi M.(ed.), Laforenza D.(ed.) Euro-Par 2004 Parallel Processing 10th International Euro-Par Conference Pisa, Italy, August 31- September 3, 2004 Proceedings 2004 ХХХ
25141 Danesh A. JavaScript in 10 Steps or Less 2004ХХ
38895 Danesh A. PVT and Phase Behaviour of Petroleum Reservoir Fluids 1998ХХ
127777 Daneshrad B., Eltawil A.M. Integrated circuit technologies for wireless communications n/aХХ
143002 Danesi M. The Liar Paradox and the Towers of Hanoi: The Ten Greatest Math Puzzles of All Time 2004ХХ
164661 Danesi M. The Liar Paradox and the Towers of Hanoi. The Ten Greatest Math Puzzles of All Time 2004ХХ
192151 Danet B. Cyberpl@y: Communicating Online (New Technologies New Cultures Series) 2001ХХ
147593 Danezis G., Martin D. Privacy Enhancing Technologies: 5th International Workshop, PET 2005, Cavtat, Croatia, May 30 - June 1, 2005, Revised Selected Papers 2006ХХ
175419 Danezis G., Golle P. Privacy Enhancing Technologies: 6th International Workshop, PET 2006, Cambridge, UK, June 28-30, 2006, Revised Selected Papers 2006ХХ
197431 Dang Dinh Ang, Gorenflo R., Vy Khoi Le Moment Theory and Some Inverse Problems in Potential Theory and Heat Conduction (Lecture Notes in Mathematics) 2002ХХ
33744 Dang Y., Kauffman L.H. Hypercomplex Iterations, Distance Estimation and Higher Dimensional Fractals 2002ХХ
181362 Dangelmaier W., Blecken A., Delius R. Advanced Manufacturing and Sustainable Logistics (Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing, 46) 2010ХХ
181880 Dangerfield P., Uyttendaele D. Research into Spinal Deformities 5 (Studies in Health Technology and Informatics) (Studies in Health Technology and Informatics) 2006ХХ
195076 Danian Hu China and Albert Einstein: The Reception of the Physicist and His Theory in China, 1917-1979 2005ХХ
133951 Daniel, P. Palomar, Yi Jiang MIMO Transceiver Design via Majorization Theory (Foundations and Trends in Communications and Information Theory) 2007ХХ
135063 Daniel A. Griffith, Jean H. Paul Paelinck Non-standard Spatial Statistics and Spatial Econometrics 2011 ХХХ
152985 Daniel Axehill. Applications of integer quadratic programming in control and communication n/aХХ
154245 Daniel Baier Innovations in Classification, Data Science, and Information Systems: Proceedings of the 27th Annual Conference of the Gesellschaft fur Klassifikation.. (Studies in Classification, Data Analysis, and Knowledge Organization) 2004 ХХХ
155467 Daniel Bertrand Differential Equations and Quantum Groups: Andrey A. Bolibrukh Memorial Volume 2006 ХХХ
132144 Daniel Bienstock Potential Function Methods for Approximately Solving Linear Programming Problems 2002 ХХХ
74136 Daniel C. Mattis The theory of magnetism made simple: an introduction to physical concepts and to some useful mathematical methods 2006ХХ
150271 Daniel C. Sigg, Paul A. Iaizzo, Yong-Fu Xiao Cardiac Electrophysiology Methods and Models 2010 ХХХ
132225 Daniel Closa, Alex Gardiner, Falk Giemsa Patent Law For Computer Scientists 2010ХХ
76431 Daniel D. Stancil, Anil Prabhakar Spin waves: theory and applications 2009 ХХХ
125601 Daniel Danchev Finite-Size Dependence of the Helicity Modulus within the Mean Spherical Model 1993ХХ
151991 Daniel Etiemble, Jean-Claude Syre PARLE '92. Parallel Architectures and Languages Europe: 4th International Parle Conference, Paris, France, June 15-18, 1992. Proceedings: Proceedings 4th 1992 ХХХ
186065 Daniel F., Papadopoulos G., Thiran P. Mobile Web and Information Systems: 10th International Conference, MobiWIS 2013, Paphos, Cyprus, August 26-29, 2013. Proceedings 2013ХХ
153342 Daniel J. Mega-Schools, Technology and Teachers: Achieving Education for All (The Open and Flexible Learning Series) 2010ХХ
99545 Daniel J. Amit, Marco Zannetti Field theory description of continuous phase transitions 1973ХХ
100015 Daniel J. Amit, A. Shcherbakov The correlation function in Wilson's theory of phase transitions: Above and below the transition 1973ХХ
100031 Daniel J. Amit, Marco Zannetti Self-consistent treatment of a phase transition 1973ХХ
100079 Daniel J. Amit, Marco Zannetti Approach to Two Dimensions in the n-Vector Model 1974ХХ
154673 Daniel J. Schneck, Dorita S. Berger The Music Effect: Music Physiology and Clinical Applications 2006 ХХХ
48845 Daniel Jaque, Luisa Bausa, Jose Sole An Introduction to the Optical Spectroscopy of Inorganic Solids 2005ХХ
146761 Daniel Johnston, Samuel Miao-Sin Wu Foundations of Cellular Neurophysiology 1994 ХХХ
128827 Daniel Le Metayer Programming Languages and Systems, 11 conf., ESOP 2002 2002 ХХХ
48918 Daniel Libeskind, Sarah Crichton Breaking Ground: Adventures in Life and Architecture 2004ХХ
5685 Daniel M., Viallet C.M. The geometrical setting of gauge theories of the Yang-Mills type 1980ХХ
187955 Daniel M. Medicinal plants: chemistry and properties 2006ХХ
149639 Daniel M. Brandon Software Engineering for Modern Web Applications: Methodologies and Technologies (Premier Reference Source) 2008 ХХХ
127533 Daniel P. Siewiorek, C. Gordon Bell, Allen Newell Computer Structures: Principles and Examples 1981 ХХХ

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