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¬се ресурсы

ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
163740 Buss S. 3D Computer Graphics A Mathematical Introduction With Opengl 2003ХХ
171584 Buss S. Handbook of Proof Theory 1998ХХ
184139 Buss S., Chatterjee K., Sgall J. Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science 2013: 38th International Symposium, MFCS 2013, Klosterneuburg, Austria, August 26-30, 2013. Proceedings 2013ХХ
9778 Buss S.R. 3-D computer graphics. A mathematical introduction with openGL 2003ХХ
194185 Bussche J., Vianu V. Database Theory - ICDT 2001: 8th International Conference London, UK, January 4-6, 2001 Proceedings 2001ХХ
5634 Busse F.H. (ed.), Mueller S.C. (ed.) Evolution of spontaneous structures in dissipative continuous systems 1998ХХ
140162 Busse G., Hemelrijck D.V., Solodov I. Emerging Technologies in NDT (Balkema: Proceedings and Monographs in Engineering, Water and Earth Sciences) 2008ХХ
156066 Busse W., Lemanske R. Lung Biology in Health & Disease Volume 195 Asthma Prevention 2005ХХ
125106 Bussemaker H., Brito R. Theory for Diffusion-Limited Oscillating Chemical Reactions 1997ХХ
123214 Bussemaker H.J., Ernst M.H. Biased Lattice Gases with Correlated Equilibrium States 1992ХХ
125541 Bussemaker H.J., Ernst M.H., Dufty J.W. Generalized Boltzmann Equation for Lattice Gas Automata 1995ХХ
164553 Busser R., Sadoi Y. Production Networks in Asia and Europe: Skill Formation and Technology Transfer in the Automobile Industry (Sheffield Centre for Japanese Studies Routledgecurzon) 2004ХХ
204516 Bussgang J. Entering StartUpLand: An Essential Guide to Finding the Right Job 2017ХХ
85862 Bussler C., Hong S.-k., Jun W. Web Information Systems - WISE 2004 Workshops: WISE 2004 International Workshops, Brisbane, Australia, November 22-24, 2004, Proceedings 2004ХХ
131627 Bussler C., Castellanos M., Dayal U. Business Intelligence for the Real-Time Enterprises: First International Workshop, BIRTE 2006, Seoul, Korea, September 11, 2006, Revised Selected 2007 ХХХ
135000 Bussler C., Hong S., Jun W. Web Information Systems -- WISE 2004 Workshops: WISE 2004 International Workshops, Brisbane, Australia, November 22-24, 2004, Proceedings (Lecture Notes in Computer Science) 2005ХХ
168506 Bussler C., Fensel D., Orlowska M. Web Services, E-Business, and the Semantic Web: Second International Workshop, WES 2003, Klagenfurt, Austria, June 16-17, 2003, Revised Selected Papers (Lecture Notes in Computer Science) 2005ХХ
79173 Bussler C. (ed.), Fensel D. (ed.), Orlowska M.O. (ed.) Web Services, E-Business, and the Semantic Web. Second International Workshop, WES 2003 Klagenfurt, Austria, June 16-17, 2003 Revised Selected Papers 2004ХХ
28699 Bussler Ch. (Ed), Fensel D. (Ed) Artificial Intelligence: Methodology, Systems, and Applications: 11th International Conference, Aimsa 2004, Varna, Bulgaria, September 2-4, 2004, Proceedings 2004ХХ
77275 Bussmann H Routledge dictionary of language and linguistics 1998 ХХХ
193570 Bustard D., Liu W., Sterritt R. Soft-Ware 2002: Computing in an Imperfect World: First International Conference, Soft-Ware 2002 Belfast, Northern Ireland, April 8-10, 2002 Proceedings 2002ХХ
167383 Bustin S. The PCR Revolution: Basic Technologies and Applications 2010ХХ
10447 Buswell R.E. (ed.) Encyclopedia of Buddhism (Vol.1 + Vol.2) 2003ХХ
16065 Butcher M. Managing and Customizing Opencms 6 Websites: Java/JSP XML Content Management 2006ХХ
5066 Butcher J. Numerical Methods for Ordinary Differential Equations 2003ХХ
46667 Butcher J.C. Numerical Methods for Ordinary Differential Equations 2008 ХХХ
27886 Butcher M. Building Websites with OpenCms 2004ХХ
79043 Butcher M. Drupal 6 JavaScript and jQuery 2009ХХ
79605 Butcher M. Learning Drupal 6 Module Development: A practical tutorial for creating your first Drupal 6 modules with PHP 2008ХХ
167127 Butcher P. Debug It!: Find, Repair, and Prevent Bugs in Your Code 2009 ХХХ
163671 Butcher S., Charlson R., Orians G. Global Biogeochemical Cycles (International Geophysics) 1992ХХ
86467 Butcher-Younghans S. Historic House Museums: A Practical Handbook for Their Care, Preservation, and Management 1996ХХ
8883 Butenhof D.R. Programming with POSIX threads 1997ХХ
159151 Butenko S., Pardalos P. Clustering Challenges In Biological Networks 2009ХХ
121803 Butera P., Comi M. An On-Line Library of Extended High-Temperature Expansions of Basic Observables for the Spin-S Ising Models on Two- and Three-Dimensional Lattices 2002ХХ
175549 Buth B., Rabe G., Seyfarth T. Computer Safety, Reliability, and Security: 28th International Conference, SAFECOMP 2009, Hamburg, Germany, September 15-18, 2009. Proceedings ... Programming and Software Engineering) 2009ХХ
128727 Buthelezi T., Dingrando L., Hainen N. Chemistry. Matter and Change 2008ХХ
194105 Butje M. Product Marketing for Technology Companies 2005ХХ
110075 Butkov E. Mathematical Physics 1973ХХ
127628 Butkov E. Mathematical Physics 1968ХХ
170768 Butkov E. Mathematical physics 1968ХХ
154029 Butkovic D., Kraljevic H., Kurepa S. Functional Analysis 1982ХХ
35462 Butkovic D. (ed.) Functional Analysis 1982ХХ
162550 Butkovic P. Max-linear systems: Theory and algorithms 2010ХХ
175098 Butkovic P. Max-linear Systems: Theory and Algorithms (Springer Monographs in Mathematics) 2010ХХ
138195 Butkovskiy A., Samoilenko Y. Control of quantum-mechanical processes and systems 1990ХХ
45997 Butkovskiy A.G., Samoilenko Yi.I. Control of Quantum-Mechanical Process and Systems 1990 ХХХ
134559 Butkovskiy A.G., Samoilenko Y.I. Control of quantum-mechanical processes and systems 1990ХХ
29394 Butler C., Fuller E., Rogers J.A. Security Interviews Exposed: Secrets to Landing Your Next Information Security Job 2007ХХ

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