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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
188300 Skelton J., Gower L., McGough A. Mouse Models of Allergic Disease: Methods and Protocols 2013ХХ
188307 Gourgoulhon E. Special Relativity in General Frames: From Particles to Astrophysics 2013ХХ
188319 Wirth W. Radar Techniques Using Array Antennas 2013 ХХХ
188334 Dhaou R., Beylot A., Montpetit M. Personal Satellite Services: 5th International ICST Conference, PSATS 2013, Toulouse, France, June 27-28, 2013, Revised Selected Papers 2013ХХ
188335 Volker J., Schlobach S., Cimiano P. The Semantic Web: ESWC 2013 Satellite Events: ESWC 2013 Satellite Events, Montpellier, France, May 26-30, 2013, Revised Selected Papers 2013ХХ
188366 Chakraborty B., Moodie E. Statistical Methods for Dynamic Treatment Regimes: Reinforcement Learning, Causal Inference, and Personalized Medicine 2013ХХ
188371 Chojnacki A., Weiss S., Reynolds B. Neural Progenitor Cells: Methods and Protocols 2013ХХ
188374 Bjelkhagen H., Brotherton-Ratcliffe D. Ultra-realistic imaging : advanced techniques in analogue and digital colour holography 2013ХХ
188380 Qi S., Bouros P., Mamoulis N. Advances in Spatial and Temporal Databases: 13th International Symposium, SSTD 2013, Munich, Germany, August 21-23, 2013. Proceedings 2013ХХ
188382 Bux F. Biotechnological applications of microalgae: biodiesel and value added products 2013ХХ
188400 Boeyens J. The Chemistry of Matter Waves 2013ХХ
188402 Coward L. Towards a Theoretical Neuroscience: from Cell Chemistry to Cognition 2013ХХ
188414 Ayoade M., Uzor S., Baillie L. Human-Computer Interaction Ц INTERACT 2013: 14th IFIP TC 13 International Conference, Cape Town, South Africa, September 2-6, 2013, Proceedings, Part IV 2013ХХ
188418 Labinger J. Up from Generality: How Inorganic Chemistry Finally Became a Respectable Field 2013ХХ
188419 Koprinkova-Hristova P., Palm G., Mladenov V. Artificial Neural Networks and Machine Learning Ц ICANN 2013: 23rd International Conference on Artificial Neural Networks Sofia, Bulgaria, September 10-13, 2013. Proceedings 2013ХХ
188433 Devillanova F., Mont W. Handbook of chalcogen chemistry : new perspectives in sulfur, selenium and tellurium 2013ХХ
188449 Baeza-Yates R., Brisaboa N., Pedreira O. Similarity Search and Applications: 6th International Conference, SISAP 2013, A Coru?a, Spain, October 2-4, 2013, Proceedings 2013ХХ
188465 Ando T., Touhara K. Pheromone Signaling: Methods and Protocols 2013ХХ
188505 Reay D., Ramshaw C., Harvey A. Process Intensification: Engineering for Efficiency, Sustainability and Flexibility 2013 ХХХ
188517 Feng C., Shu S., Yue X. High Performance Computing: 8th CCF Conference, HPC 2012, Zhangjiajie, China, October 29-31, 2012, Revised Selected Papers 2013ХХ
188525 Lantelme F., Groult H. Molten salts chemistry: from lab to applications 2013ХХ
188532 Makovets S. DNA Electrophoresis: Methods and Protocols 2013ХХ
188533 Imyanitov E., Malek a., Tchernitsa O. Ovarian Cancer: Methods and Protocols 2013ХХ
188535 Nour S. Technological Change and Skill Development in Sudan 2013ХХ
188537 Klotz S. Techniques in high pressure neutron scattering 2013ХХ
188546 Neto S., Farias F., Delgado J. Industrial and Technological Applications of Transport in Porous Materials 2013ХХ
188547 Lawrence J. Sea Urchins, Volume 37: Biology and Ecology 2013 ХХХ
188550 Jensen K., Shelton P., Pedersen S. Peptide Synthesis and Applications 2013ХХ
188554 Graba J. An Introduction to Network Programming with Java: Java 7 Compatible 2013 ХХХ
188555 Rosenberg E., DeLong E., Lory S. The Prokaryotes: Human Microbiology 2013 ХХХ
188562 Giraldo J., Ciruela F. PROGRESS IN MOLECULAR BIOLOGY AND TRANSLATIONAL SCIENCE Oligomerization in Health and Disease 2013ХХ
188565 Migliavacca G. Advanced Technologies for Future Transmission Grids 2013ХХ
188571 Beeson M., Ida T., Fleuriot J. Automated Deduction in Geometry: 9th International Workshop, ADG 2012, Edinburgh, UK, September 17-19, 2012. Revised Selected Papers 2013ХХ
188572 Pile J. 2D graphics programming for games 2013ХХ
188573 Schewe K., Decker H., Lhotska L. Database and Expert Systems Applications: 24th International Conference, DEXA 2013, Prague, Czech Republic, August 26-29, 2013. Proceedings, Part I 2013ХХ
188575 Zakharov V., Habernal I., Matousek V. Text, Speech, and Dialogue: 16th International Conference, TSD 2013, Pilsen, Czech Republic, September 1-5, 2013. Proceedings 2013ХХ
188582 Selvarajoo K. Immuno Systems Biology: A macroscopic approach for immune cell signaling 2013ХХ
188586 Peterson P., Peterson T. Plant Transposable Elements: Methods and Protocols 2013ХХ
188588 Vitetta G., Taylor D., Colavolpe G. Wireless Communications: Algorithmic Techniques 2013ХХ
188592 Agathangelidis A., Ntoufa S., Malek S. Advances in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia 2013ХХ
188598 Suravajhala P. Your Passport to a Career in Bioinformatics 2013ХХ
188601 Abrial J., Liu Z., Woodcock J. Theories of Programming and Formal Methods: Essays Dedicated to Jifeng He on the Occasion of His 70th Birthday 2013ХХ
188604 Krosing H., Roybal K., Mlodgenski J. PostgreSQL server programming 2013ХХ
188605 Allen D., Tebby J., Loakes D. Organophosphorus Chemistry Volume 42 2013ХХ
188607 Zhong Y., Huang F., Zhang D. Digital Forensics and Watermaking: 11th International Workshop, IWDW 2012, Shanghai, China, October 31 Ц November 3, 2012, Revised Selected Papers 2013ХХ
188619 Cristian L., Senes A., Ghirlanda G. Membrane Proteins: Folding, Association, and Design 2013ХХ
188626 Foucart S., Rauhut H. A Mathematical Introduction to Compressive Sensing 2013ХХ
188627 Schuss Z. Brownian Dynamics at Boundaries and Interfaces: In Physics, Chemistry, and Biology 2013ХХ
188638 Hunter A., Wang G., Zheng X. Intelligence and Security Informatics: Pacific Asia Workshop, PAISI 2013, Beijing, China, August 3, 2013. Proceedings 2013ХХ
188641  исл€кова ё.Ќ., Ѕылино ћ.¬. –азвитие речи. «анимательные игры и упражнени€ 2013ХХ

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