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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
44908 Baston V.J., Bostock F.A. A basic searchlight game 1991ХХ
44906 Rogora E. A basic relation between invariants of matrices under the action of the special orthogonal group 2006ХХ
44619 Bornemann F., Yserentant H. A basic norm equivalence for the theory of multilevel methods 1993ХХ
127326 Dunnivant F.M., Anders E. A basic introduction to pollutant fate and transport 2006ХХ
44573 Tripathi M.M., Kim J., Kim S. A basic inequality for submanifolds in locally conformal almost cosymplectic manifolds 2002ХХ
43974 Wirth N. A basic course on compiler principles 1969ХХ
8700 Massey W.S. A basic course in algebraic topology 1991ХХ
44935 Annaby M.H., Mansour Z.S. A basic analog of a theorem of Pólya 2008ХХ
45058 Bennett R., Bowers R.G. A baseline model for the co-evolution of hosts and pathogens 2008ХХ
43989 Smith S.B. A based federer spectral sequence and the rational homotopy of function spaces 1997ХХ
43859 Zhukavets N.M., Shestakov I.P. A base of the free alternative superalgebra on one odd generator 2006ХХ
43902 Karatzas I., Wang H. A Barrier Option of American Type 2000ХХ
43854 Kusahara T. A barrier method for quasilinear ordinary differential equations of the curvature type 1997ХХ
43991 Polak E., Higgins J.E., Mayne D.Q. A barrier function method for minimax problems 1992ХХ
43853 Mendoza J. A barrelledness criterion for C_0(E) 1983ХХ
44000 Driessen T. A bankruptcy problem and an information trading problem: Applications to k-convex games 1995ХХ
43956 Vakhrameev S.A. A bang-bang theorem with a finite number of switchings for nonlinear smooth control systems 1997ХХ
43885 Frazho A.E., Kaashoek M.A. A band method approach to a positive expansion problem in a unitary dilation setting 2002ХХ
43852 Vitse P. A band limited and Besov class functional calculus for Tadmor-Ritt operators 2005ХХ
43950 Garrido M.I., Jaramillo J.A. A Banach-Stone Theorem for Uniformly Continuous Functions 2000ХХ
44064 Read C.J. A Banach Space With, Up To Equivalence, Precisely Two Symmetric Bases 1981ХХ
44046 Enflo P. A Banach space with basis constant > 1 1972ХХ
44554 Sciffer S. A Banach Space Where Minimal Weak Cuscos are Generically Compact-Valued 1995ХХ
44517 Gawronski W., Shawyer B.L., Trautner R. A Banach space version of Okada's theorem on summability of power series 1980ХХ
44516 Smith M.A. A Banach space that is MLUR but not HR 1981ХХ
44919 Vesely L. A Banach space in which all compact sets, but not all bounded sets, admit Chebyshev centers 2002ХХ
43588 Josefson B. A banach space containing non-trivial limited sets but no non-trivial bounding sets 1990ХХ
43579 Fabian M., Troyanski S. A Banach space admits a locally uniformly rotund norm if its dual is a Vasak space 1990ХХ
43587 Szankowski A. A banach lattice without the approximation property 1976ХХ
43578 Dupre M.J., Glazebrook J.F., Prevlato E. A Banach Algebra Version of the Sato Grassmannian and Commutative Rings of Differential Operators 2006ХХ
43586 Traizet M. A balancing condition for weak limits of families of minimal surfaces 2004ХХ
43585 Alessandrini L., Bassanelli G. A balanced proper modification of P_3 1991ХХ
28711 Baker B. A Baker's dozen: real analog solutions for digital designers 2005ХХ
43577 Ichim I., Molnar I. A Bairstows type method for trigonometric polynomials 1994ХХ
43576 Pianigiani G. A Baire category approach in existence theory of differential equations 1998ХХ
43584 Zadeh N. A bad network problem for the simplex method and other minimum cost flow algorithms 1973ХХ
43583 Zhonghua Z., Yaohong S., Juan Z. A bacteria-immunity system with delayed quorum sensing 2008ХХ
43582 Xu H. A backward stable hyperbolic QR factorization method for solving indefinite least squares problem 2004ХХ
43581 Yang W.P., Du M.W. A backtracking method for constructing perfect hash functions from a set of mapping functions 1985ХХ
43557 Hamilton N.T., Aaboe A. A Babylonian Venus Text Computed According to System A: ACT No. 1050 1998ХХ
44540 Pang J. A B-differentiable equation-based, globally and locally quadratically convergent algorithm for nonlinear programs, complementarity and variational inequality problems 1991ХХ
93867 Mitnick K.D., Simon W.L. A Arte de Invadir 2006ХХ
43949 Akaike H. A analysis of the minimum AIC procedure 1978ХХ
43556 Rendong G., Zunquan x., Jinzhi W. A ABS algorithm for solving singular nonlinear system with space transformation 2008ХХ
46043 Cole T. A 75 Angle Constraint for Plane Minimal T1 Trees 2000ХХ
46047 Coolsaet K. A 51-dimensional embedding of the ReeTits generalized octagon 2007ХХ
43558 Parker C.W., Wiedorn C.B. A 5-local identification of the monster 2004ХХ
43575 Bercovier M., Livne E. A 4 CST quadrilateral element for incompressible materials and nearly incompressible materials 1977ХХ
43574 Volkodavov V.F., Radionova I.N., Bushkov S.V. A 3D analog of problem M for a third-order hyperbolic equation 2002ХХ
43573 Steele J.M. A 3405: An Unusual Astronomical Text from Uruk 2000ХХ

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