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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
33941 Herz-Fischler R. A Mathematical History of the Golden Number 1998ХХ
138898 Herz-Fischler R. A Mathematical History of the Golden Number 1998ХХ
127846 Shiga K., Sunada T. A mathematical gift, III: interplay between topology, functions, geometry, and algebra 2005ХХ
37362 Ueno K., Shiga K. A Mathematical Gift, II: The Interplay Between Topology, Functions, Geometry, and Algebra 2004ХХ
149214 Ueno K., Shiga K., Morita S. A mathematical gift, 1, interplay between topology, functions, geometry, and algebra 2003ХХ
150943 Chandramouli R. A Mathematical Framework for Active Steganalysis 2003ХХ
182062 Coulson C. A mathematical approach to the common types of wave motion 1977 ХХХ
111443 Lewis A.D. A Mathematical Approach to Classical Control 2004ХХ
155548 Hutton C. A Mathematical and Philosophical Dictionary: Containing an Explanation of the Terms, and an Account of the Several Subjects, comprized under the heads ( Writings of the most Eminent Authors, etc) 1815ХХ
96359 M. Malek-Mansour, G. Nicolis A Master Equation Description of Local Fluctuations 1975ХХ
123886 Baker G. A Markov-Property Monte Carlo Method: One-Dimensional Ising Model 1993ХХ
124852 Fournier N. A Markov Process Associated with a Boltzmann Equation Without Cutoff and for Non-Maxwell Molecules 2001ХХ
121958 Christian Maes, Maarten H. van Wieren A Markov Model for Kinesin 2003ХХ
40261 Song X. A marginal model approach for analysis of multi-reader multi-test receiver operating characteristic (ROC) data 2005ХХ
44676 Tatashev A.G. A MAP|G|1|n System of Inverse Service Discipline and Resumption of Service of an Interrupted Customer with His Initial Duration 2002ХХ
44684 D'Apice C. A MAPk/Gk/1 Queueing System with Generalized Foreground-Background Processor Sharing Discipline 2003ХХ
153494 Benthem J. A Manual of Intensional Logic: 2nd Edition (Center for the Study of Language and Information - Lecture Notes) 1988 ХХХ
136859 van Benthem J. A manual of intensional logic 1988ХХ
143039 Fransella F., Bell R., Bannister D. A Manual for Repertory Grid Technique 2003 ХХХ
140466 Khang G., Kim M., Lee H. A Manual for Biomaterials/Scaffold Fabrication Technology 2007ХХ
168400 Wenk M.R., Fernandis A.Z. A Manual for Biochemistry Protocols (Manuals in Biomedical Research) (Manuals in Biomedical Research) 2007ХХ
144625 Markus R. A Manual for Biochemistry Protocols 2007ХХ
181322 Cobb J. A manual containing information respecting the growth of the mulberry tree, with suitable directions for the culture of silk 1831ХХ
24528 Parsons P.J. A Manager's Guide to PR projects 2003ХХ
26975 Muir D.M. A manager's guide to employment law 2003ХХ
17588 Zakour J. A Man's Guide to Pregnancy: How to Live with a Pregnant Person (and Get Out of It Alive) 2003ХХ
113242 Longchild P. A Magickal Herball Compleat 2009ХХ
121597 Myjak J., Szarek T. A Lower Estimation of the Hausdorff Dimension for Attractors with Overlaps 2001ХХ
123540 Jan Wehr A Lower Bound on the Variance of Conductance in Random Resistor Networks 1996ХХ
124155 Kennedy T. A Lower Bound on the Partition Function for a Classical Charge Symmetric System 1982ХХ
123034 Pablo A. Ferrari, Servet Martinez, Pierre Picco A Lower Bound for the Memory Capacity in the Potts-Hopfield Model 1991ХХ
162647 Harris E. A Low-Cost Approach to PCR: Appropriate Transfer of Biomolecular Techniques 1998ХХ
137112 Nishimura H., Kuroda S. A Lost Mathematician, Takeo Nakasawa: The Forgotten Father of Matroid Theory 2009ХХ
160272 Nishimura H., Kuroda S. A Lost Mathematician, Takeo Nakasawa: The Forgotten Father of Matroid Theory 2009ХХ
121217 den Hollander F., Naudts J., Scheunders P. A Long-Time Tail for Random Walk in Random Scenery 1991ХХ
3096 Wang H. A logical journey. From Goedel to philosophy 1997ХХ
131284 Gries D. A Logical Approach to Discrete Math 1993 ХХХ
140740 Gries D., Schneider F. A Logical Approach to Discrete Math 1993ХХ
19077 Shapiro S.C. A Logic of Arbitrary and Indefinite Objects 2003ХХ
49252 Rattenbury J. A Living Architecture: Frank Lloyd Wright and Taliesin Architects 2000 ХХХ
169546 Podesta J., Shane P., Leone R. A Little Knowledge: Privacy, Security, and Public Information after September 11 2004ХХ
159581 Baum C. A Little Bit Of Stata Programming Goes A Long Way 2005ХХ
79727 Staves S. A Literary History of Women's Writing in Britain, 1660-1789 2006ХХ
37927 Matzeu M., Servadei R. A linking type method to solve a class of semilinear elliptic variational inequalities n/aХХ
124499 Matsui T. A Link Between Quantum and Classical Potts Models 1990ХХ
122729 McKean H.P. A Limit Law for the Ground State of Hill's Equation 1994ХХ
130093 A Lighting Approach for Computer Graphics 1996ХХ
160499 Olah G. A Life Of Magic Chemistry: Autobiographical Reflections of a Nobel Prize Winner 2001ХХ
9951 Olah G.A. A Life of Magic Chemistry 2001ХХ
157411 Townes C., Schawlow A., Riess S. A life in physics: Bell Telephone Laboratories and World War II, Columbia University and the laser, MIT and government service, California and research in astrophysics 1994ХХ

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