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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
192236 Margenov S., Vulkov L., Wasniewski J. Numerical Analysis and Its Applications: 4th International Conference, NAA 2008 Lozenetz, Bulgaria, June 16-20, 2008, Revised Selected Papers (Lecture ... Computer Science and General Issues) 2009ХХ
192237 Hawk B., Rieder D., Oviedo O. Small Tech: The Culture of Digital Tools (Electronic Mediations) 2008ХХ
192238 Klusch M., Ossowski S., Shehory O. Cooperative Information Agents VI: 6th International Workshop, CIA 2002, Madrid, Spain, September 18 - 20, 2002. Proceedings 2002ХХ
192239 Studebaker D. Programming Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 2009ХХ
192240 Garci≠a J., Castro M. Acceleration and Automation of Solid Sample Treatment, Volume 24 (Techniques and Instrumentation in Analytical Chemistry) 2002ХХ
192242 Brown R. Knowledge Is Power: The Diffusion of Information in Early America, 1700-1865 1989ХХ
192243 Dantzig G., Thapa M. Linear Programming: Introduction: Introduction v. 1 2003ХХ
192244 Goedbloed J., Poedts S. Principles of Magnetohydrodynamics: With Applications to Laboratory and Astrophysical Plasmas 2004ХХ
192245 Wangler B., Bergman L. Advanced Information Systems Engineering: 12th International Conference, CAiSE 2000, Stockholm, Sweden, June 5-9, 2000 Proceedings 2000ХХ
192246 0 Materials in a New Era (Information Technology: Transmission, Processing, and Storag) 1999ХХ
192247 Gorban A., Karlin I. Invariant manifolds for physical and chemical kinetics 2005ХХ
192248 Katritzky A. Advances in Heterocyclic Chemistry, Volume 48 1990ХХ
192249 Beyer M. CP Violation in Particle, Nuclear and Astrophysics 2002ХХ
192250 Dudeney H. Amusements in Mathematics 1970 ХХХ
192251 Feingold M. Jesuit Science and the Republic of Letters (Transformations: Studies in the History of Science and Technology) 2003ХХ
192252 Black A., Muddiman D., Plant H. The Early Information Society 2007ХХ
192253 Schonthal A. Checkpoint Controls and Cancer: Reviews and Model Systems: Vol 1 2004ХХ
192254  онев ё.». Ёлектронна€ техника в автоматике. ¬ыпуск 17 1986ХХ
192255 Faratin P., Parkes D., Rodriguez-Aguilar J. Agent-Mediated Electronic Commerce V 2004ХХ
192256 Crubellier M., Laks A. Aristotle's Metaphysics Beta: Symposium Aristotelicum (Oxford Symposium Aristotelicum) 2009ХХ
192257 Fomin D., Genkin S., Itenberg I. Mathematical Circles: Russian Experience (Mathematical World, Vol. 7) 1996ХХ
192258 Rabenau H., Cinatl J., Doerr H. Prions: A Challenge for Science, Medicine and Public Health System (Contributions to Microbiology, Vol. 7) 2001ХХ
192259 Szweda R. Gallium Nitride and Related Wide Bandgap Materials & Devices. A Market and Technology Overview 1998-2003 2000 ХХХ
192260 Hoffman D., Leonard D., Lidner C. Coding Theory: The Essentials (Pure and Applied Mathematics : a Series of Monographs and Textbooks, 150) 1991ХХ
192261 Steffen M. Formal Methods for Open Object-Based Distributed Systems: 7th IFIP WG 6.1 International Conference, FMOODS 2005, Athens, Greece, June 15-17, 2005, 2005ХХ
192262 Henwood S. Clinical CT: Techniques and Practice 1999ХХ
192263 Eliel E. Topics in Stereochemistry, Volume 17 1987ХХ
192264 Mecke K., Stoyan D. Statistical Physics and Spatial Statistics 2000ХХ
192265 Knowles M., Selby P. Introduction to the Cellular and Molecular Biology of Cancer 2005 ХХХ
192266 Glisic S., Lorenzo B. Advanced wireless networks: Cognitive, cooperative and opportunistic 4G technology 2009 ХХХ
192267 Ўебшаевич ¬.—., ƒмитриев ѕ.ѕ. —етевые спутниковые радионавигационные системы 1993ХХ
192268 Desai T., Ferrari M., Bhatia S. BioMEMS and Biomedical Nanotechnology (Biomems and Biological Nanotechnology) 2006ХХ
192269 Brereton A., Tonge B. Pre-Schoolers With Autism: An Education And Skills Training Programme For Parents, Manual for Clinicians 2005ХХ
192270 Kiejna A., Wojciechowski K. Metal Surface Electron Physics 1996ХХ
192271 Ѕелов ‘.». ”чебник по войсковой радиотехнике. ”чебник дл€ школ младшего комсостава войск св€зи –  ј 1938ХХ
192272 Seffah A., Gulliksen J., Desmarais M. Human-Centered Software Engineering - Integrating Usability in the Software Development Lifecycle (Human-Computer Interaction Series) 2005ХХ
192273 Sanchez-Hernandez D. High Frequency Electromagnetic Dosimetry (Artech House Electromagnetic Analysis) 2009ХХ
192274  ондратович ћ.». —оздание электронных книг в формате FictionBook 2.1: практическое руководство. ¬ерси€ 1.0 PreRelease от 17.09.2009 г 2009ХХ
192275 Parisi L. Abstract Sex: Philosophy, Biotechnology and the Mutations of Desire (Transversals: New Directions in Philosophy Series) 2004ХХ
192276 Wolf N. Comparative Biology of Aging 2010ХХ
192277 Sasakawa C. Molecular Mechanisms of Bacterial Infection via the Gut (Current Topics in Microbiology and Immunology 337) 2009ХХ
192278 Temam R. Navier-Stokes Equations and Nonlinear Functional Analysis 1995 ХХХ
192279 Batini C., Scannapieco M. Data Quality: Concepts, Methodologies and Techniques (Data-Centric Systems and Applications) 2006ХХ
192280 Smith A. Gene Expression in Recombinant Microorganisms (Biotechnology and Bioprocessing Series) 1995ХХ
192281 –агозин ¬.¬. ћатч Ѕотвинник-“аль 1960ХХ
192282 Foley H. Introduction to Chemical Engineering Analysis Using Mathematica 2002ХХ
192283 Lam T. Exercises in Classical Ring Theory 2003ХХ
192284 Jeon K. International Review of Cytology: A Survey of Cell Biology, Volume 233 2004ХХ
192285 Murphy C. The United Nations Development Programme: A Better Way? 2006ХХ

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