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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
139987 Cheney M., Borden B. Fundamentals of Radar Imaging 2009ХХ
140009 Shinar R., Shinar J. Organic Electronics in Sensors and Biotechnology 2009ХХ
140014 Rethlefsen M., Rothman D., Mojon D. Internet Cool Tools for Physicians 2009ХХ
140017 Gomez-Perez A., Yu Y., Ding Y. The Semantic Web: Fourth Asian Conference, ASWC 2009, Shanghai, China, December 6-9, 2008. Proceedings (Lecture Notes in Computer Science ... Applications, incl. Internet Web, and HCI) 2009ХХ
140019 Dignum F., Bradshaw J., Silverman B. Agents for Games and Simulations: Trends in Techniques, Concepts and Design (Lecture Notes in Computer Science Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence) 2009ХХ
140025 Kerkhove B. New Perspectives on Mathematical Practices: Essays in Philosophy and History of Mathematics, Brussels, Belgium, 26-28 March 2007 2009ХХ
140033 McCoy C., O'Neill L. Toll-Like Receptors: Methods and Protocols 2009ХХ
140042 Raviglione M. Tuberculosis: The Essentials, Fourth Edition 2009 ХХХ
140052 Lockyer L., Agostinho S., Bennett S. Handbook of Research on Learning Design and Learning Objects: Issues, Applications and Technologies 2009ХХ
140062 Chawla S., Washio T., Minato S. New Frontiers in Applied Data Mining: PAKDD 2008 International Workshops, Osaka, Japan, May 20-23, 2008, Revised Selected Papers (Lecture Notes in Computer ... Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence) 2009ХХ
140078 Umasankar Y., Kumar S., Chen S. Nanostructured Materials for Electrochemical Biosensors 2009ХХ
140085 Hiltzik M. Dealers of Lightning: Xerox PARC and the Dawn of the Computer Age 2009ХХ
140095 Feke J. Ptolemy in philosophical context: A study of the relationships between physics, mathematics, and theology 2009ХХ
140099 Springer T., Dalen D. Hans Freudenthal: Selecta 2009ХХ
140104 Houston K. How to Think Like a Mathematician: A Companion to Undergraduate Mathematics 2009ХХ
140106 Rothermel K., Fritsch D., Blochinger W. Quality of Context: First International Workshop, QuaCon 2009, Stuttgart, Germany, June 25-26, 2009. Revised Papers (Lecture Notes in Computer Science ... Networks and Telecommunications) 2009ХХ
140137 ћордкович ј.√. јлгебра и начала математического анализа. 10Ч11 классы. ¬ 2 ч. „. 1. ”чебник дл€ учащихс€ общеобразовательных учреждений (базовый уровень) 2009 ХХХ
140153 –одина “.¬.  омплексные числа: ”чебно-методическое пособие. 2009ХХ
140173 Maiese K. Forkhead Transcription Factors: Vital Elements in Biology and Medicine 2009ХХ
140179 Tao T. Poincare's legacies: pages from year two of a mathematical blog 2009ХХ
140184 Dutoit T., Marques F. Applied Signal Processing: A MATLAB (TM)-Based Proof of Concept 2009ХХ
140255 Bauer F.L. Historische Notizen zur Informatik 2009ХХ
140283 Blackmore D., Bose A., Petropoulos P. Frontiers of applied and computational mathematics 2009ХХ
140314 Witten I., Bainbridge D., Nichols D. How to Build a Digital Library. 2009 ХХХ
140322 Bang-Jensen J., Gutin G. Digraphs. Theory, algorithms and applications 2009 ХХХ
140335 Papadopoulos A. Handbook of Teichmuller Theory.Volume 2. 2009ХХ
140348 Prasad R., Mihovska A. New Horizons in Mobile and Wireless Communications: Networks, Services and Applications 2009ХХ
140349 Nagasaki M., Saito A., Doi A. Foundations of Systems Biology: Using Cell Illustrator and Pathway Databases 2009ХХ
140358 Petraglia M.D., Rose J.I. The Evolution of Human Populations in Arabia: Paleoenvironments, Prehistory and Genetics 2009ХХ
140363 Giese M., Waaler A. Automated Reasoning with Analytic Tableaux and Related Methods: 18th International Conference, TABLEAUX 2009, Oslo, Norway, July 6-10, 2009 2009ХХ
140365 Schaeffler J. Digital Video Recorders: DVRs Changing TV and Advertising Forever 2009ХХ
140388 Gross T., Gulliksen J., Kotze P. Human-Computer Interaction - INTERACT 2009: 12th IFIP TC 13 International Conference, Uppsala, Sweden, August 24-28, 2009, Proceedigns Part II ... Applications, incl. Internet Web, and HCI) 2009ХХ
140395 Brown G., Ceredig R. Cell Determination During Hematopoiesis (Cell Biology Research Progress) 2009ХХ
140406 Bernier N., Kraak G., Farrell A. Fish Neuroendocrinology 2009ХХ
140419 Williams I. Beginning XSLT and XPath: Transforming XML Documents and Data (Wrox Programmer to Programmer) 2009ХХ
140425 Pelosi G., Coccioli R., Selleri S. Quick Finite Elements for Electromagnetic Waves 2009 ХХХ
140430 Drozdowski M. Scheduling for Parallel Processing (Computer Communications and Networks) 2009 ХХХ
140446 Bao F., Li H., Wang G. Information Security Practice and Experience, 5 conf., ISPEC 2009 2009ХХ
140474 Larsson S., Thomee V. Partial Differential Equations with Numerical Methods (Texts in Applied Mathematics) 2009 ХХХ
140492 Ramachandran K.M., Tsokos C.P. Mathematical Statistics with Applications 2009ХХ
140494 McCalpin J.P. Paleoseismology 2009 ХХХ
140505 Lewis G.A., Poernomo I., Hofmeister C. Component-Based Software Engineering: 12th International Symposium, CBSE 2009 East Stroudsburg, PA, USA, June 24-26, 2009 Proceedings (Lecture Notes ... Programming and Software Engineering) 2009ХХ
140509 Savino W., Besedovsky H., Silva P.O. Neuroimmunomodulation: From Fundamental Biology to Therapy 2009ХХ
140517 Bai Y. Practical Database Programming with Visual Basic.NET 2009ХХ
140576 јрнольд ¬.». ¬ещественна€ алгебраическа€ геометри€ 2009ХХ
140579 Greene A. Feeding Baby Green: The Earth Friendly Program for Healthy, Safe Nutrition During Pregnancy, Childhood, and Beyond 2009ХХ
140601 Wanamaker B., Massey K. Applied Pharmacology for the Veterinary Technician 2009 ХХХ
140616 Bonahon F. Low-dimensional geometry: From Euclidean surfaces to hyperbolic knots 2009ХХ
140637 Garcia J., Heredia N., Wesley I. Microbiologically Safe Foods 2009ХХ
140642 ¬оронкова ≈.√. јнатоми€: ”чебно-методический комплекс дл€ студентов, обучающихс€ по специальности 050720 ''‘изическа€ культура'' квалификаци€ педагог по физической культуре 2009ХХ

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