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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
147448 Georgi H. Weak interactions and modern particle theory 2009ХХ
147471 Mattoussi H., Cheon J. Inorganic Nanoprobes for Biological Sensing and Imaging 2009ХХ
147478 Cavani F., Centi G. Sustainable Industrial Chemistry 2009ХХ
147479 Konig H., Unden G., Frohlich J. Biology of Microorganisms on Grapes, in Must and in Wine 2009ХХ
147497 Berekovic M., Muller-Schloer C., Hochberger C. Architecture of Computing Systems; ARCS 2009 2009ХХ
147502 Nitta H., Takatsu K. The Manga Guide to Physics 2009ХХ
147504 Uppu R., Murthy S. Free Radicals and Antioxidant Protocols 2009 ХХХ
147549 Bouridane A. Imaging for Forensics and Security: From Theory to Practice 2009ХХ
147557 Meskhi A. Measure of Non-Compactness For Integral Operators in Weighted Lebesgue Spaces 2009ХХ
147565 Rao V.S., Rao P.R. Dynamic Models and Control of Biological Systems 2009ХХ
147578 Landman B. Combinatorial Number Theory: Proceedings of the 'Integers Conference 2007', Carrollton, Georgia, October 2427, 2007 2009ХХ
147582 Levine S.S. Loving Psychoanalysis: Technique and Theory in the Therapeutic Relationship 2009ХХ
147587 Kadirkamanathan V., Sanguinetti G. Pattern Recognition in Bioinformatics: 4th IAPR International Conference, PRIB 2009, Sheffield, UK, September 7-9, 2009, Proceedings 2009ХХ
147589 Jackson T.E. The Technology of the Novel: Writing and Narrative in British Fiction 2009ХХ
147591 Harer J.B. The Alexander Technique Resource Book: A Reference Guide 2009ХХ
147609 Lahann J. Click Chemistry for Biotechnology and Materials Science 2009ХХ
147635 Menini A. The Neurobiology of Olfaction 2009ХХ
147674 Rappoport Z., Liebman J.F. The Chemistry of Hydroxylamines, Oximes and Hydroxamic Acids 2009ХХ
147686 Guillonneau B., Gill I., Janetschek G. Laparoscopic Techniques in Uro-Oncology 2009ХХ
147690 Palsberg J., Su Z. Static Analysis: 16th International Symposium, SAS 2009, Los Angeles, CA, USA, August 9-11, 2009, Proceedings 2009ХХ
147707 Sofonea M., Matei A. Variational inequalities with applications: A study of antiplane frictional contact problems 2009ХХ
147708 Graham N., Quandt M., Weigel H. Spectral Methods in Quantum Field Theory 2009ХХ
147725 Wacey D. Biology - Early Life On Earth - A Practical Guide 2009ХХ
147727 Tamang J.P. Himalayan Fermented Foods: Microbiology, Nutrition, and Ethnic Values 2009ХХ
147740 Wampler D., Payne A. Programming Scala 2009ХХ
147750 Bolc L., Kulikowski J.L., Wojciechowski K. Computer Vision and Graphics: International Conference, ICCVG 2008, Warsaw, Poland, November 10-12, 2008 Revised Papers 2009ХХ
147751 Moody J., Dexter P. Concert Lighting: Techniques, Art and Business 2009 ХХХ
147760 Bettini C., Jajodia S., Samarati P. Privacy in Location-Based Applications: Research Issues and Emerging Trends 2009ХХ
147761 Martin C. Perfect Phrases for Writing Job Descriptions: Hundreds of Ready-to-Use Phrases for Writing Effective, Informative, and Useful Job Descriptions 2009ХХ
147775 Buck D. Applications of Knot Theory 2009ХХ
147778 “€лина Ћ.Ќ., ‘едорова Ќ.¬.,  оролев ј.ѕ. ћатериаловедение и технологи€ конструкционных материалов 2009 ХХХ
147782 Papantonopoulos L. Physics of Black Holes: A Guided Tour 2009ХХ
147783 Ћапина ≈.¬. “еори€ и практика массовой информации 2009ХХ
147799 Thomas A.J. The Lambeth Cholera Outbreak of 1848-1849: the Setting, Causes, Course and Aftermath of an Epidemic in London 2009ХХ
147800 Winston W.L. Mathletics 2009ХХ
147802 Ballini R. Eco-Friendly Synthesis of Fine Chemicals 2009ХХ
147804 Manning E. Relationscapes: Movement, Art, Philosophy 2009ХХ
147831 Walls F. Mathematical Subjects: Children Talk About Their Mathematics Lives 2009ХХ
147832 Schodek D.L., Ferreira P., Ashby M.F. Nanomaterials, Nanotechnologies and Design: An Introduction for Engineers and Architects 2009ХХ
147834 Bull E. Bone Dance: A Fantasy for Technophiles 2009 ХХХ
147859 Proper E., Harmsen F., Dietz J. Advances in Enterprise Engineering II: First NAF Academy Working Conference on Practice-Driven Research on Enterprise Transformation, PRET 2009 2009ХХ
147877 Dottling M., Mohr W., Osseiran A. Radio Technologies and Concepts for IMT-Advanced 2009ХХ
147891 King F. Hilbert Transforms: Volume 1 (Encyclopedia of Mathematics and its Applications) 2009ХХ
147924 Oertel H., Asfaw K. Prandtl-Essentials of Fluid Mechanics 2009 ХХХ
147951 Murugesan S. Handbook of Research on Web 2.0, 3.0, and X.0: Technologies, Business, and Social Applications 2009ХХ
147952 Dincer I., Midilli A. Global Warming: Engineering Solutions 2009ХХ
147957 Renouf A., Kehoe A. Corpus Linguistics: Refinements and Reassessments 2009ХХ
148009 Grey C. Christopher Grey's Studio Lighting Techniques for Photography: Tricks of the Trade for Professional Digital Photographers 2009ХХ
148025 Dostal Z. Optimal Quadratic Programming Algorithms: With Applications to Variational Inequalities (Springer Optimization and Its Applications) 2009ХХ
148036 Mochizuki T. Donaldson Type Invariants for Algebraic Surfaces: Transition of Moduli Stacks (Lecture Notes in Mathematics, 1972) 2009ХХ

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