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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
167703 Anderson J. Principles of relativity physics 1967ХХ
147343 Anderson J., Dean J., Lovink G. Reformatting Politics: Information Technology and Global Civil Society 2006ХХ
179523 Anderson J., Goodman K. Ethics and Information Technology 2002ХХ
163219 Anderson J., Johannesson R. Understanding Information Transmission (IEEE Press Understanding Science & Technology Series) 2005ХХ
164529 Anderson J. How can the human mind occur in the physical Universe 2007ХХ
135100 Anderson J., Prencipe G., Wattenhofer R. Principles of Distributed Systems: 9th International Conference, OPODIS 2005, Pisa, Italy, December 12-14, 2005, Revised Selected Paper 2006ХХ
134190 Anderson J., Svensson A. Coded Modulation Systems 2003ХХ
128025 Anderson I.S., McGreevy R., Bilheux H.Z. Neutron imaging and applications: a reference for the imaging community 2009ХХ
55984 Anderson I.M. The variational bicomplex 1989ХХ
30032 Anderson I.B. (Ed), Benowitz N.L. (Ed), Blanc P.D. (Ed) Poisoning and Drug Overdose 2006 ХХХ
8828 Anderson I. A first course in discrete mathematics 2001ХХ
20048 Anderson I., Honkala I. A short course in combinatorial designs 1997ХХ
75396 Anderson I. A First Course in Discrete Mathematics 2002 ХХХ
159772 Anderson I. A First Course In Discrete Mathematics 2002 ХХХ
140848 Anderson I. Combinatorics of Finite Sets 1987ХХ
188826 Anderson I. A First Course In Discrete Mathematics 2001 ХХХ
139566 Anderson I. A First Course in Discrete Mathematics (Springer Undergraduate Mathematics Series) 2001ХХ
135638 Anderson I. Combinatorics of Finite Sets 2002ХХ
17753 Anderson H.R. Fixed Broadband Wireless System Design 2003ХХ
134394 Anderson H., Apergis J. Professional K2 blackpearl 2009ХХ
36763 Anderson G.W., Blazek T. E6 unification model building. III. ClebschЦGordan coefficients in E6 tensor products of the 27 with higher dimensional representations 2005ХХ
23450 Anderson G.W. mySAP Toolbag for Performance Tuning and Stress 2004ХХ
143544 Anderson G.S. Biological Influences on Criminal Behavior 2006ХХ
35084 Anderson G.A. Surgery with Coefficients 1977 ХХХ
35254 Anderson G.A. Surgery with Coefficients 1977ХХ
39947 Anderson G.A., Granas A. Fixed Point Theory 2003ХХ
27407 Anderson G., Anderson P. Enterprise JavaBeansЩ Component Architecture: Designing and Coding Enterprise Applications 2002ХХ
29732 Anderson G. Thermodynamics of Natural Systems 2005 ХХХ
23403 Anderson G., Anderson P., Gosling J. Java Studio Creator Field Guide 2004ХХ
23399 Anderson G., Larocca D. Sams Teach Yourself SAP in 24 Hours 2005ХХ
163379 Anderson G., Nilson C., Rhodes T. SAP Implementation Unleashed: A Business and Technical Roadmap to Deploying SAP 2009ХХ
167690 Anderson G. Surgery with Coefficients 1977ХХ
177337 Anderson G. Surgery with coefficients 1977ХХ
178298 Anderson G. Biological Influences on Criminal Behavior 2007ХХ
157170 Anderson G., Crerar D. Thermodynamics in Geochemistry: The Equilibrium Model 1993ХХ
193165 Anderson G., Guionnet A., Zeitouni O. An introduction to random matrices 2009ХХ
196851 Anderson F.W., Fuller K.R. Rings and Categories of Modules (Graduate Texts in Mathematics) 1998 ХХХ
54204 Anderson F.W., Fuller K.R. Rings and Categories of Modules 1992 ХХХ
22972 Anderson F. Step into Xcode: Mac OS X Development 2006ХХ
59322 Anderson Daniel Factorization in integral domains 1997ХХ
33703 Anderson D.R., Munkholm H.J. Boundedly Controlled Topology: Foundations of Algebraic Topology and Simple Homotopy Theory 1988ХХ
12336 Anderson D.R., Johnson L., Bell F.G. Troubleshooting Optical-Fiber Networks 2004 ХХХ
11582 Anderson D.L., Anderson M.C. Coaching That Counts 2005ХХ
112473 Anderson D.L. Discoveries in Physics 1973ХХ
55993 Anderson D.L. Theory of the Earth 1989ХХ
22935 Anderson D.J. Agile Management for Software Engineering: Applying the Theory of Constraints for Business Results 2003ХХ
41227 Anderson D.G. Climate Change and Cultural Dynamics: A Global Perspective on Mid-Holocene Transitions 2007ХХ
4729 Anderson D.F., Eberhardt S. Understanding flight 2001ХХ
17829 Anderson D., Budruk R., Shanley T. PCI Express System Architecture 2003ХХ
21681 Anderson D. USB System Architecture (USB 2.0) 2001ХХ

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