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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
162971 Aardal K., Gerards B. Integer Programming and Combinatorial Optimization, 8 conf 2001ХХ
121209 Aarao Reis F. D. A. Adsorption of Ideal Polymers on an Infinitely Ramified Fractal 1997ХХ
139050 Aalst W., Hee K. Workflow Management: Models, Methods, and Systems 2002ХХ
191062 Aalst W., Hee K. Workflow Management: Models, Methods, and Systems (Cooperative Information Systems) 2002ХХ
174400 Aalst W., Hee K. Workflow Management: Models, Methods, and Systems 2002ХХ
173973 Aalst W., Desel J., Oberweis A. Business Process Management: Models, Techniques, and Empirical Studies 2000ХХ
183778 Aalst W., Yakovlev A., Koutny M. Transactions on Petri Nets and Other Models of Concurrency VIII 2013ХХ
168365 Aalen O., Borgan O., Gjessing H. Survival and Event History Analysis: A Process Point of View (Statistics for Biology and Health) 2008ХХ
16024 Aaland M. Photoshop CS2 RAW 2006ХХ
22522 Aaland M. Photoshop Elements 3 Solutions 2004ХХ
136326 Aagesen F.A. (ed.), Anutariya C. (ed.), Wuwongse V. (ed.) Intelligence in Communication Systems 2004ХХ
189743 Aagesen F., Anutariya C., Wuwongse V. Intelligence in Communication Systems: IFIP International Conference, INTELLCOMM 2004, Bangkok, Thailand, November 23-26, 2004, Proceedings (Lecture Notes in Computer Science) 2005ХХ
149661 Aage R. Moller Sensory Systems: Anatomy and Physiology 2002 ХХХ
135513 Aagard J. Exceling Techinical Chess n/aХХ
148423 Aagaard M., O'Leary J. Formal Methods in Computer-Aided Design 2002ХХ
78000 Aagaard M. heorem Proving in Higher Order Logics: 13th International Conference, TPHOLs 2000 Portland, OR, USA, August 14-18, 2000 Proceedings 2000ХХ
177258 Aagaard J. The Attacking Manual 2: Technique and Praxis 2010ХХ
179339 Aagaard J. Excelling at Technical Chess: Learn to Identify and Exploit Small Advantages 2004ХХ
83264 Aaen P.H., Pla J.A., Wood J. Modeling and characterization of RF and microwave power FETs 2007ХХ
20037 Aachen M. Automatentheorie 1996ХХ
55503 Aaby A.A. Compiler Construction using Flex and Bison 2003ХХ
142177 Aaboe A. Episodes from the Early History of Mathematics (New Mathematical Library) 1964ХХ
155170 A.W. Warrick Soil Physics Companion 2001 ХХХ
196588 A.Sears, J. A. Jacko Human-Computer Interaction Fundamentals (Human Factors and Ergonomics) 2009ХХ
196462 A.R. Katritzky, C. A. Ramsden Handbook of Heterocyclic Chemistry 2010 ХХХ
196945 A.Prakash, I. S.Gupta Information Systems Security: 5th International Conference, ICISS 2009 Kolkata, India, December 14-18, 2009 Proceedings (Lecture Notes in Computer Science Security and Cryptology) 2010ХХ
195477 A.Paul CPU computer power user 2008ХХ
196644 A.Moreira, S. Demeyer Object-Oriented Technology. ECOOP'99 Workshop Reader: ECOOP'99 Workshops, Panels, and Posters, Lisbon, Portugal, June 14-18, 1999 Proceedings 1999ХХ
195185 A.Marshall Nature Biotechnology 11 2010ХХ
195918 A.Marcella Jr., D. Menendez Cyber Forensics: A Field Manual for Collecting, Examining, and Preserving Evidence of Computer Crimes (2nd Edition) 2007 ХХХ
196645 A.Maczulak Conservation: Protecting Our Plant Resources (Green Technology) 2009ХХ
196058 A.K. Galwey, M.E. Brown Thermal Decomposition of Ionic Solids (Studies in Physical and Theoretical Chemistry) 1999ХХ
195184 A.Julie . Jacko (Ed.) —борник. –адио-ƒизайн 2009ХХ
195108 A.I. Vogel, A.R. Tatchell, B.S. Furnis Vogel's textbook of practical organic chemistry (5th edition) 1989ХХ
195742 A.I. Maimistov, A.M. Basharov Nonlinear Optical Waves 1999 ХХХ
196460 A.I. Kozlov, L.P. Ligthart, A.I. Logvin Mathematical and Physical Modelling of Microwave Scattering and Polarimetric Remote Sensing: Monitoring the Earth's Environment Using Polarimetric Radar: ... Sensing and Digital Image Processing) 2001ХХ
197161 A.H.Zemanian Realizability Theory for Continuous Linear Systems 1972ХХ
194782 A.H.Rose, D.W.Tempest Advances in Microbial Physiology Volume 11 1974ХХ
196695 A.H. Lu, D. Zhao, Y.Wan Nanocasting: A Versatile Strategy for Creating Nanostructured Porous Materials (RSC Nanoscience and Nanotechnology) 2009ХХ
195120 A.G. Sykes, Alan H. Cowley Advances in Organic Chemistry, 50 2000 ХХХ
195470 A.Freeman, A. Jones Programming .Net Security 2003ХХ
195971 A.Escobar Mexico-U.S. Migration Management: A Binational Approach (Program in Migration and Refugee Studies) 2008ХХ
194712 A.Cuyt Nonlinear methods in numerical analysis 1987ХХ
195847 A.Bollingtoft, D. D. Hakonsson New Approaches to Organization Design: Theory and Practice of Adaptive Enterprises (Information and Organization Design Series) 2009ХХ
195906 A.Bahri, Y. Xu Recent Progress in Conformal Geometry (Icp Advanced Texts in Mathematics) - Imperial College Press - World Scientific 2007ХХ
196980 A.A. Martynyuk Qualitative Methods in Nonlinear Dynamics (Pure and Applied Mathematics) 2001ХХ
75757 A.-S. G. Antoniou, C.L. Cooper Research Companion to Organizational Health Psychology 2005ХХ
119637 A. Ya. Maltsev A.Ya., Novikov S.P. Dynamical Systems, Topology, and Conductivity in Normal Metals 2004ХХ
196213 A. Wyatt Cleaning Windows Vista For Dummies (For Dummies (Computer/Tech)) 2007ХХ
196292 A. Watson, J. H. Mason Mathematics As A Constructive Activity: Learners Generating Examples (Studies in Mathematical Thinking and Learning Series) 2005ХХ

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