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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
57512 Anheier H.K., Simmons A., Winder D. Innovation in Strategic Philanthropy: Local and Global Perspectives 2007ХХ
56387 Anheier H.K. Civil Society: Measurement, Evaluation, Policy 2004ХХ
61001 Anhal Aarti, O'Brien K., Daman S. Engaging the Board: Corporate Governance and Information Assurance 2004ХХ
124512 Anh V.V., Leonenko N.N., Sakhno L.M. Spectral Properties of Burgers and KPZ Turbulence 2006ХХ
122484 Anh V.V., Leonenko N.N. Spectral Analysis of Fractional Kinetic Equations with Random Data 2001ХХ
120102 Anh V.V., Leonenko N.N., Sakhno L.M. Higher-Order Spectral Densities of Fractional Random Fields 2003ХХ
49237 Anh N.T. Frontier Orbitals: A Practical Manual 2007 ХХХ
50025 Angus Rockett The Materials Science Of Semiconductors 2008ХХ
28539 Angus R.B., Hulbert T.E. VEE Pro 2004ХХ
48667 Angus MacDonald Structure and Architecture 2001 ХХХ
30068 Angus Ch. Prototype and Scriptaculous: Taking the Pain out of JavaScript 2006ХХ
157581 Anguish S., Buck E., Yacktman D. Cocoa Programming 2002ХХ
5353 Angrist S.W., Hepler L.G. Laws of Order and Chaos 1967ХХ
77173 Angrawal G. K., Rakwal R. Plant Proteomics. Technologies, Strategies, and Applications 2008ХХ
39753 Angquist L. Improving the calculation of statistical significance in genome-wide scans 2005ХХ
157060 Anglin W., Lambek J. The Heritage of Thales 1994ХХ
154560 Anglin W. Mathematics: A Concise History and Philosophy (Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics / Readings in Mathematics) 1994ХХ
141513 Anglin K.L. CliffsQuickReview Math Word Problems 2004ХХ
153466 Anglin K. CliffsQuickReview Math Word Problems (Cliffs Quick Review) 2004ХХ
152377 Anglin K. Math word problems 2004ХХ
151504 Anglin K. CliffsQuickReview Math Word Problems (Cliffs Quick Review) 2004ХХ
185364 Angles P. Conformal groups in geometry and spin structures 2008ХХ
33539 Angles P. Conformal Groups in Geometry and Spin Structures 2008ХХ
125164 Angles d'Auriac J.C., Maynard R., Rammal R. Critical Dynamics of Finite Ising Model 1982ХХ
82842 Angibaud P., Bradbury R.H. Cancer. Topics in medicinal chemistry 1 2007ХХ
161187 Angerer A. The Impact of Automatic Store Replenishment on Retail; Technologies and Concepts for the Out-of-Stocks Problem 2006ХХ
136662 Anger G. Elliptische Differentialgleichungen. Band 2 1971ХХ
136461 Anger G. Elliptische Differentialgleichungen. Band 1 1970ХХ
35259 Angeniol B. Familles de Cycles Algebriques - Schema de Chow 2008ХХ
59441 Angeniol, Lejeune-Jalabert M. Calcul différentiel et classes caractéristiques en géométrie algébrique 1989ХХ
146198 Angelsen A., Kaimowitz D. Agricultural Technologies and Tropical Deforestation 2001ХХ
146473 Angelov D.N. Physical Rehabilitation of Paralysed Facial Muscles: Functional and Morphological Correlates 2011ХХ
167180 Angelov D., Guntinas-Lichius O., Wewetzer K. Axonal Branching and Recovery of Coordinated Muscle Activity after Transsection of the Facial Nerve in Adult Rats (Advances in Anatomy, Embryology and Cell Biology) 2005ХХ
147968 Angelo T.A., Cross K.P. Classroom Assessment Techniques: A Handbook for College Teachers 1993 ХХХ
196881 Angelo T.A., Cross K.P. Classroom Assessment Techniques: A Handbook for College Teachers 1993 ХХХ
134073 Angelo P. Giardino, Michelle A. Lyn, Eileen R. Giardino A Practical Guide to the Evaluation of Child Physical Abuse and Neglect, Second Edition n/aХХ
47217 Angelo Miele, Aldo Frediani Advanced Design Problems in Aerospace Engineering (Vol.1) 2004ХХ
50467 Angelo J.A. Robotics: A Reference Guide to the New Technology 2007 ХХХ
132399 Angelo J.A. Nuclear Technology 2004ХХ
44695 Angelo J.A. Encyclopedia of Space and Astronomy 2005ХХ
40117 Angelo J. Space Technology (Sourcebooks in Modern Technology Series) 2003ХХ
145058 Angell T.S., Kirsch A. Optimization Methods in Electromagnetic Radiation 2004ХХ
195358 Angell I.O. The New Barbarian Manifesto: How to Survive the Information Age 2000 ХХХ
67819 Angell G. Sure-Thing Options Trading: A Money-Making Guide to the New Listed Stock and Commodity Options Markets 1984ХХ
30133 Angell D. The Filmmaker's Guide to Final Cut Pro Workflow 2007ХХ
171952 Angeline P., Reynolds R., McDonnell J. Evolutionary Programming VI: 6th International Conference, EP 97, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, April 13-16, 1997, Proceedings 1997ХХ
200708 Angeline Close Scheinbaum THE DARK SIDE OF SOCIAL MEDIA 2018ХХ
48477 Angelici R.J., Basolo F. Inorganic Syntheses, Reagents for Transition Metal Complex and Organometallic Syntheses, Vol. 28 1990 ХХХ
29720 Angeli A., Gonfalonieri R., Streit U. The SAP R/3 Guide to EDI and Interfaces: Cut your Implementation Cost with Idocs, ALE and SapScript 2000ХХ
125704 Angelescu N., Zagrebnov V.A. A Generalized Quasiaverage Approach to the Description of the Limit States of the n-Vector Curie-Weiss Ferromagnet 1985ХХ

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