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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
24602 Serrat J., Galis A. Deploying and Managing IP over WDM Networks 2003ХХ
24601 Schifreen R. Defeating the Hacker: A Non-Technical Guide to Computer Security 2006ХХ
24600 Chen W.-J. DB2 UDB V8 and WebSphere V5: Performance Tuning and Operations Guide 2004ХХ
24599 Petrocelli T. Data Protection and Information Lifecycle Management 2005ХХ
24598 Parker T., Sachs M., Shaw E. Cyber Adversary Characterization: Auditing the Hacker Mind 2004ХХ
24597 Walther H., Santry P. CYA: Securing Exchange Server 2003 & Outlook Web Access 2004ХХ
24596 Gutmann P. Cryptographic Security Architecture: Design and Verification 2003ХХ
24595 Joye M., Quisquater J. Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems - CHES 2004: 6th International Workshop Cambridge, MA, USA, August 11-13, 2004, Proceedings 2004ХХ
24594 Smart J., Hock K., Csomor S. Cross-Platform GUI Programming with wxWidgets 2005ХХ
24593 Bligh P., Turk D. CRM unplugged 2004ХХ
24592 Vander Veer E.A., Lowe D., Ray E.J. Creating Web pages all-in-one desk reference for dummies 2004 ХХХ
24591 Stankovsky M. Creating the discipline of knowledge management 2005ХХ
24590 Barth S.R. Corporate Ethics: The Business Code of Conduct for Ethical Employees 2003ХХ
24589 Hofmann M., Beaumont L.R. Content Networking : Architecture, Protocols, and Practice 2005ХХ
24588 Zhu W.J. Content Manager Backup/Recovery and High Availability: Strategies, Options, and Procedures 2004ХХ
24587 Krishnamurthy S. Contemporary Research in E-marketing (Vol.1) 2004ХХ
24586 Perros H.G. Connection-oriented Networks : SONET/SDH, ATM, MPLS and Optical Networks 2005ХХ
24585 Bartram D., Hambleton R.K. Computer-based testing and the Internet 2006ХХ
24584 Ju An Wang A., Qian K. Component-Oriented Programming 2005ХХ
24583 Sauter M. Communication Systems for the Mobile Information Society 2006ХХ
24582 van Oostendorp H. Cognition in a digital world 2003ХХ
24581 Churchhouse R.F. Codes and ciphers: Julius Caesar, the Enigma, and the internet 2001ХХ
24580 Thorpe S., Clifford J. The Coaching Handbook: An Action Kit for Trainers & Managers 2003ХХ
24579 Gregg M. CISSP Exam Cram 2 2005ХХ
24578 Donohue D., Mallory D., Salhoff K. Cisco Voice Gateways and Gatekeepers 2006ХХ
24577 Dickersbach J.T. Characteristic Based Planning with mySAP SCM : Scenarios, Processes, and Functions 2005ХХ
24576 Sheldon L. Character Development and Storytelling for Games 2004ХХ
24575 McCullough J. Caution! Wireless Networking: Preventing a Data Disaster 2004ХХ
24574 Khosrow-Pour M. Cases on Information Technology Planning, Design and Implementation 2006ХХ
24573 Schildt H. C++ from the ground up 2003 ХХХ
24572 Perry G. C by Example 1999ХХ
24571 Troelsen A. C# and the .NET Platform 2003 ХХХ
24570 de Champlain M., Patrick B.G. C# 2. 0: practical guide for programmers 2005ХХ
24569 Chandra P. Bulletproof Wireless Security: GSM, UMTS, 802.11 and Ad Hoc Security 2005ХХ
24568 Purington C., Butler C., Fister S. Built to Learn: The Inside Story of How Rockwell Collins Became a True Learning Organization 2003ХХ
24567 Inmon W.H. Building the Data Warehouse 2005 ХХХ
24566 Velte A. Build Your Own Smart Home 2003ХХ
24565 Lin C. Broadband Optical Access Networks and Fiber-to-the-Home 2006ХХ
24564 Hopkins B., Antony R. Bluetooth For Java 2003ХХ
24563 Lewis H. Bids, Tenders and Proposals: Winning Business Through Best Practice 2003ХХ
24562 Tomasello M., Slobin D.I. Beyond nature-nurture: essays in honor of Elizabeth Bates 2004ХХ
24561 Fahy M., Weiner A., Roche J. Beyond Governance: Creating Corporate Value through Performance, Conformance and Responsibility 2004ХХ
24560 Saganich A.J.Jr., Hardy T., Kaye L.H. BEA WebLogic Workshop 8.1 Kick Start 2004ХХ
24559 Chandran A. Architecting Portal Solutions 2003ХХ
24558 Davis H. Anywhere Computing with Laptops: Making Mobile Easier 2005ХХ
24557 Morville P. Ambient Findability 2005ХХ
24556 Tennison J. Beginning XSLT 2.0: From Novice to Professional 2005ХХ
24555 Glass M., Naramore E., Mailer G. Beginning PHP, Apache, MySQL web development 2004ХХ
24554 Ullman C., Kauffman J., Hart C. Beginning ASP. NET 1. 1 with VB. NET 2003 2004ХХ
24553 Hughes R.L., Beatty K.M. Becoming a strategic leader 2005ХХ

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