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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
32069 Smith F.G., Wilkins D., King T.A. Optics and Photonics: An Introduction 2007ХХ
32074 Hadden P. Quotable Artist 2007ХХ
32076 Mehta A.J., Edwards S., Blumenfeld R. Granular Physics 2007ХХ
32081 Johnson G., Whittington R. Strategy as Practice: Research Directions and Resources 2007ХХ
32097 History of Physics Newsletter (Vol 10-2 Spring 2007) 2007ХХ
32098 History of Physics Newsletter (Vol 10-3 Fall 2007) 2007ХХ
32107 Jonasz M., Fournier G. Light Scattering by Particles in Water: Theoretical and Experimental Foundations 2007ХХ
32112 Becchi C.M., D'Elia M. Introduction to the Basic Concepts of Modern Physics: Special Relativity, Quantum and Statistical Physics 2007ХХ
32114 Price H. (ed.), Corry R. (ed.) Causation, Physics, and the Constitution of Reality. RussellТs Republic Revisited 2007ХХ
32130 Janssen M., Renn J., Norton J. Genesis of General Relativity: Sources and Interpretations 2007ХХ
32137 Fouque J.- P., Papanicolaou G., Solna K. Wave Propagation and Time Reversal in Randomly Layered Media 2007ХХ
32152 Nishina Memorial Foundation Nishina Memorial Lectures: Creators of Modern Physics 2007ХХ
32171 Streater R.F. Lost Causes in Physics 2007ХХ
32172 Müller I. History of Thermodynamics: The Doctrine of Energy and Entropy 2007ХХ
32175 Plotnitsky A. Reading Bohr: Physics and Philosophy 2007ХХ
32176 Whelan E., Ferreira J., Dougados C. Jets from Young Stars: Models and Constraints 2007ХХ
32187 Kiefer C. Quantum Gravity 2007 ХХХ
32190 Barrow J.D. New Theories of Everything 2007 ХХХ
32196 Solyom J. Fundamentals of the Physics of Solids: Volume 1: Structure and Dynamics 2007ХХ
32197 Jonasz M., Fournier J. Light Scattering by Particles in Water: Theoretical and Experimental Foundations 2007ХХ
32198 Parker G. Making Beautiful Deep-Sky Images: Astrophotography with Affordable Equipment and Software 2007ХХ
32200 Schweitzer M.E. (Ed), Laredo J.- D. (Ed) New Techniques in Interventional Musculoskeletal Radiology 2007ХХ
32202 Staikov G.T. (Ed) Electrocrystallization in Nanotechnology 2007ХХ
32203 Brongersma M.L. (Ed), Kik P.G. (Ed) Surface Plasmon Nanophotonics 2007ХХ
32206 Honig J.M. Thermodynamics: Principles Characterizing Physical and Chemical Processes 2007 ХХХ
32211 Getzlaff M. Fundamentals of Magnetism 2007ХХ
32217 Parinov I.A. Microstructure and Properties of High-Temperature SuperConductors 2007ХХ
32219 Freidberg J.P. Read an Excerpt Plasma Physics and Fusion Energy 2007 ХХХ
32299 Ventura G., Risegari L. The Art of Cryogenics: Low-Temperature Experimental Techniques 2007ХХ
32311 Otway H. 1001 Gruesome Facts 2007ХХ
32330 Bruus H. Theoretical Microfluidics 2007ХХ
32335 Featherstone R. Rigid Body Dynamics Algorithms 2007 ХХХ
32341 Yang G. Life Cycle Reliability Engineering 2007ХХ
32344 Kaltschmitt M., Wiese A., Streicher F. Renewable Energy: Technology, Economics and Environment 2007ХХ
32346 Maudlin T. Metaphysics within Physics 2007ХХ
32407 Baus M., Tejero C.F. Equilibrium Statistical Physics: Phases of Matter and Phase Transitions 2007ХХ
32412 Azzerboni B. (Ed), Pareti L. (Ed), Asti G. (Ed) Magnetic Nanostructures in Modern Technology: Spintronics, Magnetic Mems and Recording 2007ХХ
32413 Albeverio S. (Ed), Giordano P. (Ed), Andrey D. (Ed) The Dynamics of Complex Urban Systems: An Interdisciplinary Approach 2007 ХХХ
32415 Herman G.T. (Ed), Kuba A. (Ed) Advances in Discrete Tomography and Its Applications 2007ХХ
32416 Qudrat-Ullah H. (Ed), Spector J.M. (Ed), Davidsen P.I. (Ed) Complex Decision Making: Theory and Practice 2007ХХ
32418 Ikai A. The World of Nano-Biomechanics: Mechanical Imaging and Measurement by Atomic Force Microscopy 2007ХХ
32419 Binh L.N. Photonic Signal Processing: Techniques and Applications 2007ХХ
32421 Liebl H. Applied Charged Particle Optics 2007 ХХХ
32428 Gaither C.C., Cavazos-Gaither A.E. Gaither's Dictionary of Scientific Quotations 2007ХХ
32434 Holzmann F. Adaptive Cooperation between Driver and Assistant System: Improving Road Safety 2007ХХ
32436 Rantanen K., Domb E. Simplified TRIZ: New Problem Solving Applications for Engineers and Manufacturing Professionals 2007 ХХХ
32444 Campos L.M.B.C. On 24 Forms of the Acoustic Wave Equation in Vortical Flows and Dissipative Media 2007ХХ
32445 Chung K., Alexandrov S. Ideal Flow in Plasticity 2007ХХ
32446 Kryvoshapko S.N. Research on General and Axisymmetric Ellipsoidal Shells Used as Domes, Pressure Vessels, and Tanks 2007ХХ
32455 Perlovsky L.I. (Ed), Kozma R. (Ed) Neurodynamics of Cognition and Consciousness 2007ХХ

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