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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
16035 Robbins J.N. Web Design in a Nutshell 2006 ХХХ
16036 Carlson L., Richardson L. Ruby Cookbook 2006ХХ
16038 Hibbs C., Tate B.A. Ruby on Rails: Up and Running 2006ХХ
16039 Berkun S. The Art of Project Management 2006ХХ
16041 PC Magazine (November 7, 2006) 2006ХХ
16042 PC Magazine (November 14, 2006) 2006ХХ
16043 PC Magazine (October 3, 2006) 2006ХХ
16044 PC Magazine (October 17, 2006) 2006ХХ
16045 PC World (October 2006) 2006ХХ
16052 Maximum PC (October 2006) 2006ХХ
16053 Mobimag (April 2006) 2006ХХ
16054 NME (8 April 2006) 2006ХХ
16067 Rice W. Moodle E-Learning Course Development 2006ХХ
16055 Oddree (vol. 1. Issue 1) 2006ХХ
16056 March B. The Microsoft Outlook Ideas Book 2006ХХ
16057 Dostalek L., Kabelova A. DNS in Action: A Detailed And Practical Guide to DNS Implementation, Configuration, and Administration 2006ХХ
16059 Wouters P., Bantoft K. Building And Integrating Virtual Private Networks With Openswan 2006ХХ
16060 Kingsley-Hughes A., Kingsley-Hughes K. Building Forums With Vbulletin 2006ХХ
16061 Mercer D. Drupal: Creating Blogs, Forums, Portals, And Community Websites 2006ХХ
16062 Ying L., Gossner S., Harbar S. Enhancing Microsoft Content Management Server With ASP.NET 2.0 2006ХХ
16063 Serban I., Brezoi D., Ward A. GDI+ Custom Controls With Visual C# 2005 2006ХХ
16064 Salehi S. ImageMagick Tricks: Web Image Effects from the Command Line and PHP 2006ХХ
16065 Butcher M. Managing and Customizing Opencms 6 Websites: Java/JSP XML Content Management 2006ХХ
16066 Heffelfinger D. Jasperreports: Reporting for Java Developers 2006ХХ
16069 Pedersen A. Web Host Manager Administration Guide 2006ХХ
16070 Kathuria G. Web Content Management with Documentum 2006ХХ
16071 Long B. Apple Boot Camp Public Beta First Look 2006ХХ
16072 Luna O., Long B. Apple Pro Training Series: Aperture 2006 ХХХ
16073 Regan S., Pugh D. Apple Training Series: Mac OS X v10.4 System Administration Reference (vol. 2) 2006 ХХХ
16075 Gamet J. Designer's Guide to Mac OS X Tiger 2006 ХХХ
16076 Saffer D. Designing for Interaction: Creating Smart Applications and Clever Devices 2006ХХ
16084 Swing L. A Practical Guide to Swing Trading 2006ХХ
16116 Holzner S. Ajax For Dummies 2006ХХ
16251 Perry B.W. Ajax Hacks 2006ХХ
16257 Karris S.T. Introduction to Simulink with Engineering Applications 2006ХХ
16266 Hester N. FileMaker Pro 8 for Windows and Macintosh: Visual Quickstart Guide 2006ХХ
16268 Castro E. HTML, XHTML, & CSS: Visual QuickStart Guide 2006 ХХХ
16269 Sammon R. Idea to Image in Photoshop CS2: Rick Sammon's Guide to Enhancing Your Digital Photographs 2006ХХ
16271 Negrino T., Smith D. JavaScript and Ajax for the Web: Visual QuickStart Guide 2006 ХХХ
16272 Tollett J., Williams R. Macs on the Go!: Guide to Mobile Computing for Mac Laptops Using Mac OS X 2006ХХ
16273 Riddell D., Robinson M., Stein N. Maya 7 for Windows and Macintosh: Visual Quickstart Guide 2006ХХ
16274 Cross D. Photoshop Finishing Touches 2006ХХ
16275 Cohen S., Werner S. Real World: Adobe Creative Suite 2 2006ХХ
16276 Long B. Real World: Aperture 2006ХХ
16277 Fraser B. Real World: Image Sharpening with Adobe Photoshop CS2: Industrial-Strength Production Techniques 2006ХХ
16278 McCue C. Real World: Print Production 2006ХХ
16279 Verdi M., Hodson R., Weynand D. Secrets of Videoblogging 2006ХХ
16280 Durham J. Secrets of the PlayStation Portable 2006ХХ
16281 Kelby S. The Digital Photography Book 2006ХХ
16282 Kloskowski M. Photoshop CS2 Speed Clinic 2006ХХ

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