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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
188564 Conner J., Rush R. Neurotrophin Protocols 2001ХХ
121007 Connelly R., Rybnikov K. Percolation of the Loss of Tension in an Infinite Triangular Lattice 2001ХХ
144792 Connelly N.G., Hartshorn R.M., Damhus T. Nomenclature of Inorganic Chemistry: Recommendations 2005 2005ХХ
77159 Connelly M. J. Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers 2004ХХ
74604 Connell S.H., Tegen R. Fundamental and Applied Aspects of Modern Physics 2001ХХ
135037 Connell J. Beginning Visual Basic 6 Database Programming 1998ХХ
24414 Connell J. Coding Techniques for Microsoft Visual Basic .NET 2002ХХ
27179 Connell J., Gibson Ch. Soundtracks: Popular Music,Identity and Place 2002 ХХХ
23655 Connell J. Developing Microsoft .NET Controls with Microsoft Visual Basic .NET 2004ХХ
4197 Connell Ian Elliptic Curve Handbook 1999ХХ
1283 Connell E.H. Elements of abstract and linear algebra 1999ХХ
110706 Connell E.H. Elements of Abstract and Linear Algebra 2002ХХ
108585 Connell E.H. Elements of Abstract and Linear Algebra 2000ХХ
32355 Connell B. Basic Math for Process Control 2002ХХ
179698 Connell B. Basic math for process control 2003ХХ
26755 Connel E.H. Elements of Abstract and Linear Algebra 1999ХХ
153278 Conn P.M. (ed.) Methods in Enzymology (vol. 385): Imaging in Biological Research, Part A 2004ХХ
135937 Conn P.M. Techniques in Confocal Microscopy 2010ХХ
20871 Conn P.M. Confocal Microscopy 1999ХХ
156724 Conn P. METHODS IN ENZYMOLOGY.Imaging in Biological Research 2004ХХ
158888 Conn P. Progress in Nucleic Acid Research and Molecular Biology, Volume 82 2008ХХ
30188 Conmy C., Jelen B., Hazlett B. Excel for Teachers 2005ХХ
122861 Conlon J.G., Doering C.R. On Travelling Waves for the Stochastic FisherЦKolmogorovЦPetrovskyЦPiscunov Equation 2005ХХ
121889 Conlon J.G., von Dohlen B. Numerical Simulations of Random Walk in Random Environment 1998ХХ
124989 Conlon J.G., Solovej J.P. Uniform Convergence of the Free Energy of the Classical Heisenberg Model to That of the Gaussian Model 1991ХХ
122270 Conlon J.G., Olsen P.A. A Brownian Motion Version of the Directed Polymer Problem 1996ХХ
121625 Conlon J., Soiovej J. Random Walk Representations of the Heisenberg Model 1991ХХ
122422 Conlon J. PDE with Random Coefficients and Euclidean Field Theory 2004ХХ
183369 Conlon J., Irvine G., Williams C. Neuropeptide Protocols 1997ХХ
38076 Conley C.H., Pucci P., Serin J. Elliptic equations and products of positive definite matrices 1991ХХ
26839 Conley C. One-Letter Words, a Dictionary 2005ХХ
123389 Conlan F.J. The Sub Master Equation 1982ХХ
47548 Conkling J. Chemistry of Pyrotechnics: Basic Principles and Theory 1985 ХХХ
148240 Conklin E., Rather E. Forth programmer's handbook 1998 ХХХ
59569 Conklin A.R. Introduction to Soil Chemistry: Analysis and Instrumentation (Chemical Analysis, Volume 167) 2005ХХ
40158 Conkin P.K. The State of the Earth: Environmental Challenges on the Road To 2100 2006ХХ
168409 Coninx K., Luyten K., Schneider K.A. Task Models and Diagrams for Users Interface Design: 5th International Workshop, TAMODIA 2006, Hasselt, Belgium, October 23-24, 2006, Revised Papers (Lecture ... / Programming and Software Engineering) 2007ХХ
121670 Coninck J.D. Gaussian Fluctuations for the Magnetization of Lee-Yang Ferromagnets at Zero External Field 1987ХХ
124000 Coninck J.D., Dunlop F., Menu F. Exact Results for a Meniscus in a Three-Phase System Within an SOS-Type Approximation 1990ХХ
124537 Coninck J.D., Newman C. The Magnetization-Energy Scaling Limit in High Dimension 1990ХХ
123917 Coninck J.D., Dunlop F. Fluctuation Susceptibility Relations for Classical Spin Systems 1985ХХ
120361 Coninck J., Messager A., Miracle-Sole S. A Study of Perfect Wetting for Potts and Blume-Capel Models with Correlation Inequalities 1988ХХ
190884 Congress U., Office of Technology Biotechnology in a Global Economy 1991ХХ
57178 Congregado E. Measuring Entrepreneurship: Building a Statistical System 2008ХХ
161096 Conger S. The New Software Engineering (The Wadsworth Series in Management Information Systems) 1993ХХ
57326 Conger J.A., Finegold D. Corporate Boards: New Strategies for Adding Value at the Top 2001ХХ
127737 Conger D. Physics modelling for game programming 2004ХХ
29450 Conger D., LaMothe A. (Ed) Physics Modeling for Game Programmers 2004ХХ
15923 Conger D., Little R. Creating Games in C++: A Step-by-Step Guide 2006ХХ
4196 Congdon P. Applied Bayesian Modelling (Wiley Series in Probability and Statistics) 2002ХХ

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