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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
150048 Aczel A. Entanglement: the greatest mystery in physics 2001ХХ
136500 Jaeger G. Entanglement, Information, and the Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics 2009ХХ
186613 Jaeger G. Entanglement, information, and the interpretation of quantum mechanics 2009ХХ
122047 van Rensburg E.J.J., Orlandini E., Sumners D.W. Entanglement Complexity of Lattice Ribbons 1996ХХ
124841 GianCarlo Ghirardi, Luca Marinatto, Tullio Weber Entanglement and Properties of Composite Quantum Systems: A Conceptual and Mathematical Analysis 2002ХХ
126458 Andreas Buchleitner, Carlos Viviescas, Markus Tiersch Entanglement and Decoherence: Foundations and Modern Trends 2008 ХХХ
56173 Audretsch J. Entangled World: The Fascination of Quantum Information and Computation 2006ХХ
140802 Audretsch J. Entangled World: The Fascination of Quantum Information and Computation 2006ХХ
166079 Audretsch J. Entangled Systems: New Directions in Quantum Physics (Physics Textbook) 2007ХХ
173252 Audretsch J. Entangled Systems: New Directions in Quantum Physics (Physics Textbook) 2007ХХ
59467 Audretsch J. Entangled Systems: New Directions in Quantum Physics 2007ХХ
182652 Pearce T., Barker G., Desjardins E. Entangled Life: Organism and Environment in the Biological and Social Sciences 2014ХХ
152728 C. Sorenson, M. Drummond, P. Kanavos Ensuring Value for Money in Health Care: The Role of Health Technology Assessment in the European Union (Who Regional Office for Europe) 2008 ХХХ
195973 A. Nebylov Ensuring Control Accuracy (Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences) 2004ХХ
120365 Klar A., Wegener R. Enskog-Like Kinetic Models for Vehicular Traffic 1997ХХ
43193 Dellacherie C. Ensembles Analytiques, Capacites, Mesures de Hausdorff 1973ХХ
122900 Bokhove O., Bruin C., Compagner A. Ensemble Properties and Molecular Dynamics of Unstable Systems 1993ХХ
100091 Hosokawa, Iwao Ensemble mechanics for the random-forced Navier-Stokes flow 1976ХХ
126054 Nelson K., Driebe D.J. Ensemble Dynamics of Intermittency and Power-Law Decay 2003ХХ
126153 Michael C. Mackey, Helmut Schwegler Ensemble and Trajectory Statistics in a Nonlinear Partial Differential Equation 1993ХХ
58893 Dembinski P.H., Lager C., Cornfold A. and Bonvin J. Enron and World Finance: A Case Study in Ethics 2006ХХ
1103 Cossec F., Dolgachev I. Enriques surfaces 1989ХХ
157841 Copper D. Enrico Fermi: And the Revolutions of Modern Physics 1998ХХ
179546 Cooper D. Enrico Fermi: and the revolutions in modern physics 1999ХХ
169837 0 Enrichment Mathematics for the Grades 27th Yearbook 1963ХХ
197127 National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Enrichment Mathematics for High School, 28th Yearbook 1963ХХ
178322 Holub A. Enough Rope to Shoot Yourself in the Foot: Rules for C and C++ Programming (Unix/C) 1995ХХ
187835 Moreno J., Peinado R. Enological chemistry 2012ХХ
54775 de Giorgi E. Ennio de Giorgi: Selected Papers 2006ХХ
190767 Rademacher H., Toeplitz O., Zuckerman H. Enjoyment of Mathematics: Selections from Mathematics for the Amateur 1957ХХ
27994 Iok T.K. Enjoying Web Development with Tapestry 2006ХХ
58896 Holtom D., Fisher E. Enjoy Writing Your Science Thesis or Dissertation! 1999ХХ
181819 Lhullier S. Enigmes Mathematiques Diaboliques 2006ХХ
162056 Seckbach J. Enigmatic Microorganisms and Life in Extreme Environments 1999ХХ
132808 McCartney S. ENIAC: The triumphs and tragedies of the world's first computer 1999ХХ
142596 McCartney S. ENIAC: The Triumphs and Tragedies of the World's First Computer 1999ХХ
17939 Young D.H. Enhydra XMLC Java Presentation Development 2002ХХ
136246 Center for Education (National Research Council) Enhancing Undergraduate Learning with Information Technology 2002ХХ
52717 Steenbarger B.N. Enhancing Trader Performance. Proven Strategies from the Cutting Edge of Trading Psychology 2007 ХХХ
29367 Bandyopadhyay S., Roy S., Ueda T. Enhancing the Performance of Ad Hoc Wireless Networks with Smart Antennas 2006ХХ
194761 United Nations Enhancing the Competitiveness of SME 2007ХХ
130645 Enhancing Professional Development for Teachers: Potential Uses of Information Technology 2007ХХ
143637 Groccia J.E., Miller J.E. Enhancing Productivity: Administrative, Instructional, and Technological Strategies: New Directions for Higher Education 1998ХХ
143458 Thompson I. Enhancing Primary Mathematics Teaching 2003ХХ
151392 Jansky L., Uitto J. Enhancing Participation And Governance in Water Resources Management: Conventional Approaches And Information Technology 2005ХХ
52649 Lusthaus C., Adrien M.-H., Anderson G. Enhancing Organizational Performance: A Toolbox for Self-Assessment 1999ХХ
195102 John E. Walsh Enhancing NASA's Contributions to Polar Science: A Review of Polar Geophysical Data Sets 2001ХХ
16062 Ying L., Gossner S., Harbar S. Enhancing Microsoft Content Management Server With ASP.NET 2.0 2006ХХ
172542 Tsang P., Kwan R., Fox R. Enhancing Learning Through Technology 2007ХХ
142559 McKay E. Enhancing Learning Through Human Computer Interaction 2007ХХ

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