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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
38114 Acciaio B., Pucci P. Existence of radial solutions for quasilinear elliptic equations with singular nonlinearities 2003ХХ
38113 Montefusco E., Pucci P. Existence of radial ground states for quasilinear elliptic equations n/aХХ
38112 Girardi M., Matzeu M. Existence of periodic solutions for some second order quasilinear Hamiltonian systems 2005ХХ
119530 Kennedy T., Lieb E.H., Shastry B.S. Existence of Neel Order in Some Spin-1/2 Heisenberg Antiferromagnets 1988ХХ
38111 Grossi M., Pistoia A., Wei J. Existence of multipeak solutions for a semilinear Neumann problem via nonsmooth critical point theory n/aХХ
143137 Majda A. Existence of Multi-Dimensional Shock Fronts (Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society) 1983ХХ
38110 Caldiroli P., Musina R. Existence of minimal H-bubbles 2002ХХ
38109 Gazzola F. Existence of minima for nonconvex functionals in spaces of functions depending on the distance from the boundary n/aХХ
38108 Zelati V.C., Macri M. Existence of homoclinic solutions to periodic orbits in a center manifold n/aХХ
38107 Caldiroli P., Musina R. Existence of h-bubbles in a perturbative setting 2002ХХ
38106 Conti M., Gazzola F. Existence of ground states and free-boundary problems for the prescribed mean-curvature equation n/aХХ
38105 Gazzola F., Serrin J., Tang M. Existence of ground states and free boundary problems for quasilinear elliptic operators n/aХХ
38104 Filippucci R. Existence of global solutions of elliptic systems n/aХХ
125448 Figotin A. Existence of Gaps in the Spectrum of Periodic Dielectric Structures on a Lattice 1993ХХ
99991 Khanin K.M., Sinai Ya.G. Existence of Free Energy for Models with Long-Range Random Hamiltonians 1979ХХ
120504 Dale A. Huekaby, Radu Pitis Existence of Enantiomeric Phase Separation in a Three-Dimensional Lattice Gas Model 1993ХХ
124608 Bertin E., Billiot J.-M., Drouilhet R. Existence of Delaunay Pairwise Gibbs Point Process with Superstable Component 1999ХХ
38103 Djadli Z., Malchiodi A. Existence of conformal metrics with constant Q-curvature n/aХХ
38102 Felli V. Existence of conformal metrics on S^n with prescribed fourth-order invariant n/aХХ
38101 Girardi M., Mataloni S., Matzeu M. Existence of classical solutions for fully non-linear elliptic equations via mountain-pass techniques 2005ХХ
38100 Felli V., Pistoia A. Existence of blowing-up solutions for a nonlinear elliptic equation with Hardy potential and critical growth 2004ХХ
38099 Lupo D., Payne K.R. Existence of a principal eigenvalue for the Tricomi problem n/aХХ
123480 Marzio Cassandro, Pierre Picco Existence of a Phase Transition in a Continuous Quantum System 2000ХХ
121628 Mountford T.S. Existence of a Constant for Finite System Extinction 1999ХХ
38098 Serrin J., Todorova G., Vitillaro E. Existence for a nonlinear wave equation with damping and source terms 2003ХХ
139529 DeLaubenfels R. Existence families, functional calculi and evolution equations 1994ХХ
164234 DeLaubenfels R. Existence Families, Functional Calculi and Evolution Equations 1994ХХ
1846 Choquet C., Meyer P.-A. Existence et unicite des representations integrales dans les convexes compacts quelconques 1963ХХ
125417 Yuri Bakhtin Existence and Uniqueness of Stationary Solutions for 3D NavierЦStokes System with Small Random Forcing via Stochastic Cascades 2005ХХ
121432 Ghomeshi S. Existence and Uniqueness of Solutions for the Couette Problem 2005ХХ
125240 Park Y. Existence and Uniqueness of Gibbs States for a Statistical Mechanical Polyacetylene Model 1987ХХ
123522 Carlo Cercignani, Andrzej Palczewski Existence and Uniqueness for Nonlinear Boundary Value Problems in Kinetic Theory 1986ХХ
124312 Fernandez B. Existence and Stability of Steady Fronts in Bistable Coupled Map Lattices 1996ХХ
33512 Veselic I. Existence and Regularity Properties of the Integrated Density of States of Random Schrodinger Operators 2008ХХ
38097 Bartolucci D., Pistoia A. Existence and qualitative properties of concentrating solutions for the sinh-Poisson equation 2006ХХ
120259 Kastner M. Existence and Order of the Phase Transition of the Ising Model with Fixed Magnetization 2002ХХ
124071 Markowich P., Rein G., Wolansky G. Existence and Nonlinear Stability of Stationary States of the SchrödingerЦPoisson System 2002ХХ
38096 Abdellaoui B., Felli V., Peral I. Existence and nonexistence results for quasilinear elliptic equations involving the p-laplacian 2000ХХ
38095 Gazzola F., Grunau H.-C., Squassina M. Existence and nonexistence results for critical growth biharmonic elliptic equations 2002ХХ
125566 Xin J.X. Existence and Nonexistence of Traveling Waves and Reaction-Diffusion Front Propagation in Periodic Media 1993ХХ
38094 Filippucci R., Pucci P., Radulescu V. Existence and non-existence results for quasilinear elliptic exterior problems with nonlinear boundary conditions 2000ХХ
38093 Gladiali F., Grossi M. Existence and multiplicity results for the conformal scalar curvature equation n/aХХ
38092 Arioli G., Gazzola F. Existence and multiplicity results for quasilinear elliptic differential systems 1991ХХ
38090 Abdellaoui B., Felli V., Peral I. Existence and multiplicity for perturbations of an equation involving Hardy inequality and critical Sobolev exponent in the whole R^n 2000ХХ
120972 Fellner K., Poupaud F., Schmeiser C. Existence and Convergence to Equilibrium of a Kinetic Model for Cometary Flows 2004ХХ
108111 Zhuang Y., Baras J.S. Existence and Construction of Optimal Wavelet Basis for Signal Representation n/aХХ
9592 Hazel P. Exim. The Mail Transfer Agent 2001ХХ
44067 Barus C. Exhibit of Telephonic Excitation of Acoustic Pressure 1924ХХ
187054 Shukuya M. Exergy: Theory and Applications in the Built Environment 2013ХХ
56408 Barnes B.K. Exercising Influence: A Guide for Making Things Happen at Work, at Home, and in Your Community 2006 ХХХ

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