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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
188223 0 Bosch Automotive Electrics and Automotive Electronics: Systems and Components, Networking and Hybrid Drive 2014 ХХХ
34997 Nielsen T. Bose Algebras 1991ХХ
136710 Venkataraman G. Bose and His Statistics 1992ХХ
106034 Pelster A. Bose Einstein Kondensation 2004ХХ
10071 Martellucci S., Chester A.N., Aspect A. Bose-Einstein Condensates and Atom Lasers 2002ХХ
74054 L. Pitaevskii, Stringari S. Bose-Einstein Condensation 2003ХХ
179380 Pitaevskii L., Stringari S. Bose-Einstein Condensation 2003ХХ
123535 Penrose O. Bose-Einstein Condensation in an Exactly Soluble System of Interacting Particles 1991ХХ
6801 Pethick C.J., Smith H. Bose-Einstein condensation in dilute gases 2002ХХ
97807 L. Gunther, Yoseph Imry, David J. Bergman Bose-Einstein condensation in one- and two-dimensional gases 1979ХХ
122346 Lauwers J., Verbeure A., Zagrebnov V. A. BoseЦEinstein Condensation for Homogeneous Interacting Systems with a One-Particle Spectral Gap 2003ХХ
124964 Leggett A.J. BoseЦEinstein Condensation in a Harmonic Trap: Effect of Interactions on Tc 2003ХХ
146315 Jost J. Bosonic Strings: A Mathematical Treatment 2001ХХ
153523 Jost J. Bosonic Strings: A mathematical treatment 2001ХХ
5986 Gogolin A.O., Nersesyan A.A., Tsvelik A.M. Bosonization and Strongly Correlated Systems 1998ХХ
133448 Kopietz P. Bosonization of interacting fermions in arbitrary dimensions 1997ХХ
111796 Fujita T., Hiramotoa M., Takahashi H. Bosons After Symmetry Breaking in Quantum Field Theory 2009ХХ
79808 Morrissey B. Boston 1775: The Shot Heard Around The World 1995ХХ
80352 Gravett C., Turner G. (Illustrator) Bosworth 1485: Last Charge Of The Plantagenets 1999ХХ
86090 Achille R. Botanique medicale ou Histoire naturelle et medicale 1823ХХ
21472 Schiller C.A., Binkley J., Harley D. Botnets: The Killer Web Applications 2007ХХ
82912 Nihoul J.C.J. (ed.) Bottom turbulence: proceedings of the 8th International liege colloquium on ocean hydrodynamics 1977ХХ
79128 Odderson Ib. R. Botulinum Toxin Injection Guide 2007ХХ
37993 Mugnai D. Bounce on a p-Laplacian 2003ХХ
58816 Moltz B. Bounce!: Failure, Resiliency, and Confidence to Achieve Your Next Great Success 2008 ХХХ
132687 Tony Mullen, Erwin Coumans Bounce, Tumble, and Splash!: Simulating the Physical World with Blender 3D 2008 ХХХ
164716 Mullen T. Bounce, Tumble, and Splash!: Simulating the Physical World with Blender 3D 2008ХХ
37994 Ambrosetti A., Malchiodi A., Ruiz D. Bound states of nonlinear Schrodinger equations with potentials vanishing at infinity n/aХХ
131362 Steven Laureys Boundaries of Consciousness Neurobiology and Neuropathology Progress in Brain Research 0079-6123 V 2005ХХ
109946 Sagan –ю Boundary and Eigenvalue Problems in Mathematical Physics. 1961 ХХХ
125485 Knessl C., Matkowsky B.J., Schuss Z. Boundary Behavior of Diffusion Approximations to Markov Jump Processes 1986ХХ
99948 Merlini D. Boundary conditions and cluster property in two-dimensional Ising ferromagnets 1979 ХХХ
123947 Ziegler D. Boundary Conditions for Lattice Boltzmann Simulations 1993ХХ
121761 Nouri A., Omrane A., Vila J.P. Boundary Conditions for Scalar Conservation Laws from a Kinetic Point of View 1999ХХ
179490 Zolesio J. Boundary control and variation 1994ХХ
124207 Stella A.L., Seno F., Vanderzande C. Boundary Critical Behavior of d = 2 Self-Avoiding Walks on Correlated and Uncorrelated Vacancies 1993ХХ
124888 Dean D.S., Horgan R.R., Sentenac D. Boundary Effects in the One-Dimensional Coulomb Gas 1998ХХ
123663 Holm D., Putkaradze V., Weidman P. Boundary Effects on Exact Solutions of the Lagrangian-Averaged NavierЦStokes-a Equations 2003ХХ
121109 Izus G.G., Rueda J.R., Borz C.H. Boundary Effects on the Structural Stability of Stationary Patterns in a Bistable Reaction-Diffusion System 1998ХХ
60220 Chandra A., Mukherjee S. Boundary Element Methods in Manufacturing 1997ХХ
54759 Dominguez J. Boundary Elements in Dynamics 1993ХХ
7587 Brebbia C.A., Domingues J. Boundary elements. An introductory course 1998 ХХХ
141573 Pozrikidis C. Boundary integral and singularity methods for linearized viscous flow 1992ХХ
54022 Kitahara M. Boundary Integral Equation Methods in Eigenvalue Problems of Elastodynamics and Thin Plates 1985ХХ
126545 Hsiao G.C., Wendland W.L. Boundary Integral Equations 2008ХХ
136983 George C. Hsiao, Wolfgang L. Wendland Boundary Integral Equations 2008 ХХХ
177900 Maz'ya V., Soloviev A. Boundary integral equations on contours with peaks 2010ХХ
137057 Vladimir Maz'ya, Alexander Soloviev Boundary Integral Equations on Contours with Peaks (Operator Theory: Advances and Applications) 2009 ХХХ
180994 Maz'ya V., Soloviev A. Boundary Integral Equations on Contours with Peaks (Operator Theory: Advances and Applications) 2010ХХ
37995 Malchiodi A., Wei J. Boundary interface for the AllenЧCahn equation 1991ХХ

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