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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
39819 Cavaleiro A. Nanostructured Coatings 2006ХХ
39818 Hirst R., Hirst S. My Place in Space 1992ХХ
39817 Li H. Multivariate survival models induced by genetic frailties, with application to linkage analysis 2002ХХ
39816 Szabo A., Boucher K., Jones D. Multivariate exploratory tools for microarray data analysis 2003ХХ
39815 Chiu Y.-F. Multipoint linkage detection in the presence of heterogeneity 2002ХХ
39814 Moore P. The Data Book of Astronomy, Vol. 1 2001ХХ
39813 Steiner S.H., Cook R.J. Molecular Rearrangements of Triphenylmethane Derivatives II. Experimental Part. 2000ХХ
39812 Stieglitz J. Molecular Rearrangements of Triphenylmethane Derivatives II. Experimental Part 1915ХХ
39811 Stieglitz J. Molecular Rearrangements of Triphenylmethane Derivatives I. General Discussion 1915ХХ
39810 Flower D. Molecular Collisions in the Interstellar Medium 2007 ХХХ
39809 Kolb E.W., Turner M.S. The Early Universe 1989ХХ
39808 Dunson D.B., Weinberg C.R., Wilcox A.J. Modelling multiple ovulation, fertilization, and embryo loss in human fertility studies 2001ХХ
39807 Guo Y., Manatunga A.K. Modeling menstrual cycle length using a mixture distribution 2006ХХ
39806 Williamson J.M., Manatunga A.K. Modeling kappa for measuring dependent categorical agreement data 2000ХХ
39805 Bell M.L. Mixed models for the analysis of replicated spatial point patterns 2004ХХ
39804 Harrison D.M. Mirror Symmetry 2000ХХ
39803 Stapp H.P. Mindful Universe: Quantum Mechanics and the Participating Observer 2007ХХ
39802 French Society for Trenchless Technology Microtunnelling and Horizontal Drilling: French National Project Microtunnels Recommendations 2008ХХ
39801 Segal M.R. Microarray gene expression data with linked survival phenotypes: diffuse large-B-cell lymphoma revisited 2006ХХ
39800 Dean J.R. Methods for Environmental Trace Analysis 2003ХХ
39799 Prentice R.L. Methodologic challenges in chronic disease population research 2001ХХ
39798 Franklin E.C. Metallic Salts of Ammono Acids 1915ХХ
39797 Copas J., Shi J.Q. Meta-analysis, funnel plots and sensitivity analysis 2000ХХ
39796 Record S.J. Mechanical Properties of Wood 1914ХХ
39795 Meadows J. The Future of the Universe 2006ХХ
39794 Jewell N.P. Maximum likelihood estimation of ordered multinomial parameters 2004ХХ
39793 von Heydebreck A. Maximum likelihood estimation of oncogenetic tree models 2004ХХ
39792 Herring R.H., Ibrahim J.G. Maximum likelihood estimation in random effects cure rate models with nonignorable missing covariates 2002ХХ
39791 Scheike T.H., Juul A. Maximum likelihood estimation for CoxТs regression model under nested case-control sampling 2004ХХ
39790 Rosenbaum P.R., Silber J.H. Matching and thick description in an observational study of mortality after surgery 2001ХХ
39789 Harrison D.M. About Mass-Energy Equivalence 2002ХХ
39788 Miglioretti D.L. Marginal modeling of multilevel binary data with time-varying covariates 2004ХХ
39787 Tang H.-K., Siegmund D. Mapping quantitative trait loci in oligogenic models 2001ХХ
39786 Krishna S.K.S. Dust In The Universe: Similarities And Differences 2005ХХ
39785 Thompson A. Making Your Own Telescope 2003ХХ
39784 Clements M.S. Lung cancer rate predictions using generalized additive models 2005ХХ
39783 Mobberly M. Lunar and Planetary Webcam User's Guide 2006ХХ
39782 Daniels M.J. Longitudinal profiling of health care units based on continuous and discrete patient outcomes 2006ХХ
39781 O'Sullivan F. Locally constrained mixture representation of dynamic imaging data from PET and MR studies 2006ХХ
39780 Harrison D.M. Locality and Quantum Mechanics 2000ХХ
39779 Fan R. Linkage and association studies of QTL for nuclear families by mixed models 2003ХХ
39778 Sunday D. Basic Linear Algebra 2002ХХ
39777 Lin D.Y. Linear regression analysis of censored medical costs 2000ХХ
39776 Lichtenberg D. Universe and the Atom 2007ХХ
39775 Guo J., Wall M. Latent class regression on latent factors 2006ХХ
39774 Law G.R., Cox D.R. This book is a historical account of how natural philosophers and scientists have endeavoured to understand the universe at large, first in a mythical and later in a scientific context. Starting with the creation stories of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, 2001ХХ
39773 Kragh H.S. Conceptions of Cosmos: From Myths to the Accelerating Universe: A History of Cosmology 2006ХХ
39772 Collins J.J. In Synchrony with the Heavens, Volume 2 Instruments of Mass Calculation: Studies X-XVIII 2005ХХ
39771 Keel W.C. The Road to Galaxy Formation 2007 ХХХ
39770 Henderson R., Diggle P., Dobson A. Joint modelling of longitudinal measurements and event time data 2000ХХ

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