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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
45847 Enting I.G. Inverse Problems in Atmospheric Constituent Transport 2002ХХ
121655 Enting I.G., Wu F.Y. Triangular Lattice Potts Models 1982ХХ
121150 Enting I.G., Guttmann A.J. On the Area of Square Lattice Polygons 1990ХХ
119934 Enter A.C.D. Stiffness Exponent, Number of Pure States, and Almeida-Thouless Line in Spin-Glasses 1990ХХ
120068 Enter A.C.D., Adler J., Duarte J.A.M.S. Addendum: Finite Size Effects for Some Bootstrap Percolation Models 1991ХХ
123696 Enter A. A Remark on the Notion of Robust Phase Transitions 2000ХХ
59446 Enteman W.F. Managerialism: The Emergence of a New Ideology 1993ХХ
31765 Enstein A., Fürth R. (ed.) Investigations on the Theory of the Brownian Movement 1985ХХ
146563 Enss C., Hunklinger S. Low-Temperature Physics 2005 ХХХ
185873 Enss C., Hunklinger S. Low Temperature Physics 2005ХХ
85331 Ensminger D., Stulen F.B. Ultrasonics. Data, equations, and their practical uses 2009ХХ
78459 Enser P., Kompatsiaris Y., O'Connor N.E. Image and Video Retrieval, 2004 2004 ХХХ
166879 Enriquez B. Quantum groups 2008ХХ
122358 Enrique Daniel Andjel, Maria Eulfilia Vares Hydrodynamic Equations for Attractive Particle Systems on Z 1986ХХ
133214 Enrico Gregori, Marco Conti, Andrew T. Cambell NETWORKING 2002. Networking Technologies, Services, and Protocols; Performance of Computer and Communication Networks; Mobile and Wireless Communications: 2002 ХХХ
194853 Enrico Giunchiglia, Armando Tacchella Theory and Applications of Satisfiability Testing 2004ХХ
132626 Enrico Di Cera Thermodynamic Theory of Site-Specific Binding Processes in Biological Macromolecules 1996ХХ
173865 Enos J. In Pursuit of Science and Technology in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Impact of Structural Adjustment Programmes (Unu Intech Studies in New Technology and Development) 1995ХХ
192321 Enokido T. Embedded and Ubiquitous Computing - EUC 2005 Workshops: EUC 2005 Workshops: UISW, NCUS, SecUbiq, USN, and TAUES, Nagasaki, Japan, December 8-9, 2005 2005ХХ
137902 Enokido T. Network-Based Information Systems: First International Conference, NBIS 2007, Regensburg, Germany, September 3-7, 2007, Proceedings 2007ХХ
174187 Enochs E., Jenda O. Relative homological algebra 2000ХХ
53768 Enns R.H. Computer Algebra Recipes for Mathematical Physics 2005ХХ
694 Enns R.H., Mc Guire G.C. Nonlinear physics with mathematica for scientists and engineers 2001ХХ
125259 Enns R.H. Nonlinear Phenomena in Physics and Biology 1983ХХ
128666 Enns R., McGuire G. Computer Algebra Recipes: An Advanced Guide to Scientific Modeling 2007 ХХХ
139915 Enns R., McGuire G. Nonlinear Physics with Mathematica for Scientists and Engineers 2001ХХ
190655 Enns R., McGuire G. Nonlinear Physics with Mathematica for Scientists and Engineers 2001ХХ
148664 Enns R. Computer Algebra Recipes for Mathematical Physics 2005ХХ
149392 Enns R. It's a Nonlinear World (Springer Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics and Technology) 2011ХХ
150200 Enns R. Computer Algebra Recipes for Mathematical Physics 2005ХХ
110741 Ennis R.H., McGuire G.C. Nonlinear Physics with Mathematica for Scientists and Engineers 2001ХХ
51380 Ennis B.J., Witt W., Weinekötter R. Perry's chemical Engineer's handbook, Section 21 2008 ХХХ
58259 Ennico C. The eBay Seller's Tax and Legal Answer Book: Everything You Need to Know to Keep the Government Off Your Back and Out of Your Wallet 2007ХХ
43072 Enni S. A 1-(S,T)-edge-connectivity augmentation algorithm 1999ХХ
62795 Ennew Ch.T., Waite N. Financial Services Marketing: An International Guide to Principles and Practice 2007ХХ
135311 Enjuanes L. Coronavirus Replication and Reverse Genetics 2004ХХ
139712 Enjalbert P., Finkel A., Wagner K.W. STACS 93, Theoretical Aspects of Computer Science 10 conf 1993ХХ
185735 Enjalbert P., Mayr E., Wagner K. STACS 94, Theoretical Aspects of Computer Science 11 conf 1994ХХ
42608 Engstrom H.T. Periodicity in Sequences Defined by Linear Recurrence Relations 1930ХХ
29089 Engst A. iPhoto 6 for Mac OS X: Visual QuickStart Guide 2006ХХ
29729 Engst A., Fleishman G. The Wireless Networking Starter Kit 2003 ХХХ
23855 Englund R.L., Graham R.J., Dinsmore P.C. Creating the Project Office: A Manager's Guide to Leading Organizational Change 2003ХХ
27154 Englund R.L., Bucero A. Project Sponsorship: Achieving Management Commitment for Project Success 2006ХХ
131940 English L.D. Handbook of International Research in Mathematics Education 2002ХХ
16788 English L.B. (ed.) Combinatorial Library Methods and Protocols 2002ХХ
138761 English L. Mathematical and Analogical Reasoning of Young Learners (Studies in Mathematical Thinking and Learning) 2004ХХ
171676 English L. Combinatorial Library. Methods and Protocols 2002ХХ
176242 English L. Combinatorial Library 2002ХХ
23001 English J. Macromedia Flash 8: Training from the Source 2005ХХ
57074 English J. Going Solo in Your Small Business 2002ХХ

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