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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
124335 Sokal A.D. More Inequalities for Critical Exponents 1981ХХ
124340 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1981ХХ
124428 George H. Weiss, Michael F. Shlesinger On the Expected Number of Distinct Points in a Subset Visited by an N-Step Random Walk 1981ХХ
124481 Curry J. On Computing the Entropy of the Henon Attractor 1981ХХ
124528 Kratky K.W. Intersecting Disks (and Spheres) and Statistical Mechanics. I. Mathematical Basis 1981ХХ
124545 Lebowitz J.L. This Issue is Dedicated to the Memory of Pierre Resibois 1981ХХ
124549 Redner S. One-Dimensional Ising Chain with Competing Interactions: Exact Results and Connection with Other Statistical Models 1981ХХ
124566 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1981ХХ
124595 Baive D., Franceschini V. Synunetry Breaking on a Model of Five-Mode Truncated Navier-Stokes Equations 1981ХХ
124597 Zippelius A., Lucke M. The Effect of External Noise in the Lorenz Model of the B nard Problem 1981ХХ
124629 Fontaine J.-R. Low-Fugacity Asymptotic Expansion for Classical Lattice Dipole Gases 1981ХХ
124668 Bricmont J., Lebowitz J.L., Pfister C.E. On the Local Structure of the Phase Separation Line in the Two-Dimensional Ising System 1981ХХ
124669 Hauge E.H., Praestgaard E. The Bobylev Approach to the Nonlinear Boltzmann Equation 1981ХХ
124670 Aizenman M., Frohlich J. States of One-Dimensional Coulomb Systems as Simple Examples of teta Vacua and Confinement 1981ХХ
124937 Kesten H. Analyticity Properties and Power Law Functions in Percolation Theory 1981ХХ
124984 Gross E.P. Multiple Scattering in Random Media II. The General 2BA for the Uncorrelated System 1981ХХ
125007 Future Contributions ,to Journal of Statistical Physics 1981ХХ
125101 Abel Klein, Lawrence J. Landau, David S. Shucker On the Absence of Spontaneous Breakdown of Continuous Symmetry for Equilibrium States in Two Dimensions 1981ХХ
125110 Petrosky T. Y., Schieve W. C. The Derivation of the Quantum Kinetic Equation and the Two-Time Resolvent Method 1981ХХ
125113 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1981ХХ
125151 Oevel W. Balance Equations for Micromorphic Materials 1981ХХ
125173 Escande D.F., Doveil F. Renormalization Method for Computing the Threshold of the Large-Scale Stochastic Instability in Two Degrees of Freedom Hamiltonian Systems 1981ХХ
125204 Davis H.T., Scriven L.E. Gradient Theory of Fluid Microstructures 1981ХХ
125266 Announcements 1981ХХ
125392 Mario Pulvirenti On the Time Evolution of the States of Infinitely Extended Particles Systems 1981ХХ
125431 Fernando Perez J., Schonmann R. H. On the Global Character of Some Restricted Equilibrium ConditionswA Remark on Metastability 1981ХХ
125441 Pastur L. A. Disordered Spherical Model 1981ХХ
125520 Jensen R.V. Functional Integral Approach to Classical Statistical Dynamics 1981ХХ
125546 Muthukumar M., Cukier R.I. Concentration Dependence of Diffusion-Controlled Processes Among Stationary Reactive Sinks 1981ХХ
125576 Rogers J.B., Thompson C.J. Absence of Long-Range Order in One-Dimensional Spin Systems 1981ХХ
125650 Ullah N. On the Expansion of the Single Eigenvalue Probability Density Function 1981ХХ
125661 Velarde M.G., Antoranz J.C. Phenomenological Phase Transition Approach to the Two-Component Rayleigh-B6nard Problem: Tricriticai Behavior 1981ХХ
125772 Penrose O., Lebowitz J.L., Marro J. Errata: Growth of Clusters in a First-Order Phase Transition 1981ХХ
125792 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1981ХХ
125819 «агоруйко Ќ.√. Ќовое в жизни, науке, технике (є11 1981) 1981ХХ
125826 ћавлютов –.–.  онцентраци€ напр€жений в элементах авиационных конструкций 1981ХХ
125865 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1981ХХ
125913 Michael J. Stephen Wave Functions in Disordered Systems 1981ХХ
125979 Fernando Perez J., Wreszinski W. F. Phase Transitions and Reflection Positivity for a Class of Quantum Lattice Systems 1981ХХ
125996 Herbert Spohn Fluctuations Around the Boltzmann Equation 1981ХХ
126022 Miller D.H. Energy at the Surface of the Earth: An Introduction to the Energetics of Ecosystems (International Geophysics) 1981ХХ
126061 Radin C. The Ground State for Soft Disks 1981ХХ
126113 Piasecki J., Pomeau Y. Large Energy Behavior of the Velocity Distribution for the Hard-Sphere Gas 1981ХХ
126204 Ѕоккер ѕ. ѕередача данных. “ом 2. ”стройства и системы 1981ХХ
126266  ауфман ”.  осмические рубежи теории относительности 1981ХХ
126341 Kuo T. T. S., Wong S. S. M. Topics in Nuclear Physics II A Comprehensive Review of Recent Developments 1981ХХ
126358 √лазов ¬.ћ. ќсновы физической химии 1981ХХ
126520 Bickel J. P., El Karoui N., Yor M. Ecole d'Ete de Probabilites de Saint-Flour IX - 1979 1981ХХ
126551 Chuaqui R. Axiomatic set theory 1981ХХ
126560 Jortner J., Levine R.D., Rice S.A. Photoselective Chemistry. Part 1 1981ХХ

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