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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
123548 Albeverio S., Durr D., Merlini D. Remarks on the Independence of the Free Energy from Crystalline Boundary Conditions in the Two-Dimensional One-Component Plasma 1983ХХ
123585 Calheiros F. The Existence of a Phase Transition in Classical Antiferromagnetic Models 1983ХХ
123672 Milton G.W. Continuum Fluids with a Discontinuity in the Pressure 1983ХХ
123685 Gross E.P. Lower Bounds for Wiener Integrals 1983ХХ
123694 Deutsch C. Two-Dimensional Electron Fluid at High Temperature 1983ХХ
123717 Shinomoto S. Equilibrium Theory for the Hard-Core Systems 1983ХХ
123821 Whitlock P. A., Kalos M. H., Chester G. V. A Schwinger Variational Method for the Bloch Equation 1983ХХ
123881 Amnon Aharony Percolation, Fractals, and Anomalous Diffusion 1983ХХ
123897 Go N. Protein Folding as a Stochastic Process 1983ХХ
123921 Kenkre V.M. Master Equation Techniques for Exciton Motion, Relaxation, Capture, and Annihilation 1983ХХ
123926 Singh H.B. Structure and Thermodynamics of the Classical One-Component Plasma 1983ХХ
123976 Chen S.H., Lai C.C. Probability Distribution of Photocounts of the Light Scattered by Critical Fluctuations 1983ХХ
124026 Roepstorff G., Schulman L. S. Metastability and Analyticity in a Dropletlike Model 1983ХХ
124072 Laurence Mittag, Michael J. Stephen Yang-Lee Zeros of the Potts Model 1983ХХ
124084 Wagner H.-J. Crystallinity in Two Dimensions: A Note on a Paper of C. Radin 1983ХХ
124233 Martineili F., Merlini D. A Refined Mermin Argument for the Two-Dimensional Jellium 1983ХХ
124258 Shigematsu H., Mori H., Yoshida T. Analytic Study of Power Spectra of the Tent Maps near Band-Splitting Transitions 1983ХХ
124261 Kozak J., Hatlee M. Stochastic Flows, Reaction-Diffusion Processes, and Morphogenesis 1983ХХ
124268 Privman V., Fisher M. Finite-Size Effects at First-Order Transitions 1983ХХ
124279 Prakash C. High-Temperature Differentiability of Lattice Gibbs States by Dobrushin Uniqueness Techniques 1983ХХ
124280 Bhattacharjee S.M., Nagle J.F., Huse D.A. Critical Behavior of a Three-Dimensional Dimer Model 1983ХХ
124309 Choquard P., Forrester P.J. The Two-Dimensional One-Component Plasma at √ = 2: The Semiperiodic Strip 1983ХХ
124317 Kipnis C., Lebowitz J.L., Presutti E. Erratum: Self-Diffusion for Particles with Stochastic Collisions in One Dimension 1983ХХ
124334 Penrose O., Buhagiar A. Kinetics of Nucleation in a Lattice Gas Model: Microscopic Theory and Simulation Compared 1983ХХ
124400 Kurtze D. The Yang-Lee Edge Singularity in One-Dimensional Ising and N-Vector Models 1983ХХ
124460 Schattke W. Special Solution of the Mode-Coupling Equations for a Two-Component Magnetic System 1983ХХ
124475 Zwanzig R. From Classical Dynamics to Continuous Time Random Walks 1983ХХ
124579 Kehr K.W. Diffusion in Concentrated Lattice Gases 1983ХХ
124609 Lutton J.-L. Blocking Probability for a Multistage Clos Connecting Network 1983ХХ
124615 Lifshitz E.M. Physical Kinetics 1983ХХ
124623 van den Berg M. On Condensation in the Free-Boson Gas and the Spectrum of the Laplacian 1983ХХ
124630 Demetrius L. Statistical Mechanics and Population Biology 1983ХХ
124646 West B.J., Rovner G., Lindenberg K. Approximate Gaussian Representation of Evolution Equations I. Single Degree of Freedom Nonlinear Equations 1983ХХ
124660 Masoliver J., Marro J. Kinetics of a Finite One-Dimensional Mixture of Hard Rods with Different Masses 1983ХХ
124687 van Enter A.C.D., van Hemmen J.L. The Thermodynamic Limit for Long-Range Random Systems 1983ХХ
124694 Jan N., Moseley L., Stauffer D. Dynamic Monte Carlo Renormalization Group 1983ХХ
124736 Miyazawa S., Jernigan R. Equilibrium Folding Pathways for Model Proteins 1983ХХ
124750 Kuroda K. Phase Separations in Ising Model with Free Boundary Condition 1983ХХ
124776 Sutherland B., Shastry B.S. Exact Solution of a Large Class of Interacting Quantum Systems Exhibiting Ground State Singularities 1983ХХ
124854 Whittington S. G. Self-Avoiding Walks with Geometrical Constraints 1983ХХ
124875 Meyer J., Schroter J. Comments on the Grad Procedure for the Fokker-Planck Equation 1983ХХ
124885 Gross E.P. Upper Bounds for Density Matrices Using Path Integrals 1983ХХ
124915 Hanggi P. Physics of Ligand Migration in Biomolecules 1983ХХ
124932 Tourenne C. The Entropy of the BKW Solution 1983ХХ
124993 Boldrighini C., Dobrushin R.L., Sukhov Yu.M. One-Dimensional Hard Rod Caricature of Hydrodynamics 1983ХХ
125025 Constantinescu F., Frohlich J., Spencer T. Analyticity of the Density of States and Replica Method for Random Schr6dinger Operators on a Lattice 1983ХХ
125044 Ernst M. H., Machta J., Dorfman J. R. Long Time Tails in Stationary Random Media. I. Theory 1983ХХ
125141 Brachet M. E., Meiron D., Orszag S. The Taylor-Green Vortex and Fully Developed Turbulence 1983ХХ
125152 Machta J. Power Law Decay of Correlations in a Billiard Problem 1983ХХ

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