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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
55641 “рон ≈.∆. «аболевани€ зрительного пути 1955ХХ
55640 Carbaugh R.J. International Economics 2005 ХХХ
55639 McCarty T., Bremer M., Gupta P. The Six Sigma Black Belt Handbook 2004ХХ
55638 Megginson W.L. The Financial Economics of Privatization 2005ХХ
55637 Hannesson R. The Privatization of the Oceans 2004ХХ
55636 Parks V. The Geography of Immigrant Labor Markets: Space, Networks, and Gender 2005ХХ
55635 Delpo A. The Performance Appraisal Handbook: Legal & Practical Rules for Managers 2007 ХХХ
55634 Diederich F. (ed.) Templated Organic Synthesis 2000ХХ
55633 Bogdal D. Microwave-assisted Organic Synthesis: One Hundred Reaction Procedures 2005 ХХХ
55632 Kotlowski D.J. (ed.) The European Union: From Jean Monnet to the Euro 2000ХХ
55631 Ross S., Yinger J. The Color of Credit: Mortgage Discrimination, Research Methodology, and Fair-Lending Enforcement 2002ХХ
55630 Hooghe L. The European Commission and the Integration of Europe: Images of Governance 2003ХХ
55629 Hodgkinson L. The Complete Guide to Renovating and Improving Your Property 2007 ХХХ
55628 Ede A. The Chemical Element: A Historical Perspective 2006ХХ
55627 Hodgkinson L. The Complete Guide to Investing in Property 2007 ХХХ
55626 Roy A.E. Orbital Motion 2005ХХ
55625 Scott A.W. Understanding Microwaves 1993ХХ
55624 Fast A., Goldsher D. Navigating the Adult Spine: Bridging Clinical Practice and Neuroradiology 2007ХХ
55623 Myint-U T., Debnath L. Linear Partial Differential Equations For Scientists And Engineers 2007 ХХХ
55622 Ablowitz M.J., Segur H. Solitons and the Inverse Scattering Transform 1981ХХ
55621 Alexandrov A.D. Convex Polyhedra 2005ХХ
55620 Atkinson Jr.A. (ed.), Abernethy D. (ed.), Dedrick (ed.) Principles of Clinical Pharmacology 2007 ХХХ
55619 Agati P., Mattera N. Mécanique appliquée. Résistance des matériaux, Mécanique des fluides, Thermodynamique 1996ХХ
55618 Aggoun L., Elliott R.J. Measure Theory and Filtering: Introduction with Applications 2004ХХ
55617 Dris R. (ed.), Jain S.M. (ed.) Production Practices and Quality Assessment of Food Crops, Volume 2: Plant Mineral Nutrition and Pesticide Management 2004ХХ
55616 Akima H. A New Method of Interpolation and Smooth Curve Fitting Based on Local Procedures 1970ХХ
55615 Adkins C.J. Equilibrium Thermodynamics 1988 ХХХ
55614 LeBlanc A.C. Apoptosis Techniques and Protocols 2002 ХХХ
55613 Acharjya D.P., Sreekumar Fundamental Approach to Discrete Mathematics 2005ХХ
55612 Kakas A.C. (ed.), Sadri F. (ed.) Computational Logic: Logic Programming and Beyond: Essays in Honour of Robert A. Kowalski, Part I 2002ХХ
55611 Alder M.D. 2—2 Multivariate Calculus 2002ХХ
55610 Abramsky S., Gabbay D.M., Maibaum T.S.E. Handbook of Logic in Computer Science: Volume 5: Logic and Algebraic Methods 2000ХХ
55609 Salvadori L. (ed.) Bifurcation Theory and Applications 1984ХХ
55608 Henry D., Hale J. (ed.) Perturbation of the Boundary in Boundarv-Value Problems of Partial Differential Equations 2005ХХ
55607 Xiao T-J., Liang J. The Cauchy Problem for Higher-Order Abstract Differential Equations 2006ХХ
55606 Kichenassamy S. Fuchsian Reduction: Applications to Geometry, Cosmology and Mathematical Physics 2007ХХ
55605 Lanin A., Fedik I. Thermal Stress Resistance of Materials 2008ХХ
55604 Aϊvazian S. Étude Statistique des Dépendances 1970ХХ
55603 Brajer-Toth A. (ed.), Chambers J.Q. (ed.) Electroanalytical Methods for Biological Materials 2002ХХ
55602 Koshlyakov N.S., Smirnov M.M., Gliner E.B. Differential Equations Of Mathematical Physics 1964ХХ
55601 Hopf L., Nef W. Introduction To The Differential Equations Of Physics 1948ХХ
55600 Afanasiev G.N. Vavilov-Cherenkov and Synchrotron Radiation Foundations and Applications 2005ХХ
55599 Murray D.A. Introductory Course In Differential Equations: For Students In Classical And Engineering Colleges 1897ХХ
55598 Abbott J. Recovery of Algebraic Numbers from their p-adic Approximations 1989ХХ
55597 Hörmander L. The Analysis Of Linear Partial Differential Operators III 2007ХХ
55596 Akhiezer A.I., Berestetskii V.B. Quantum electrodynamics 1965 ХХХ
55595 M.A.Akivis, V.V.Goldberg Projective Differential Geometry of Submanifolds 1993ХХ
55594 Afanasyeva O., Evans V., Kopylova V. Practise papers for the Russian National Exam. Teacher's Book 2004ХХ
55593 Tanenbaum A.S. Structured Computer Organization 2001 ХХХ
55592 Roubicek T. Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations and Inequalities 2005ХХ

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