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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
55420 Zuckerman A.J. (ed.), Banatvala (ed.), Pattison (ed.) Principles and Practice of Clinical Virology 2004 ХХХ
55467 Waugh A., Grant A. Ross and Wilson Anatomy and Physiology in Health and Illness 2004 ХХХ
55469 Adam J. New Correlations Between Electrical Current and Temperature Rise in PCB Traces 2004ХХ
55472 Adamson M.W. Food in Medieval Times 2004ХХ
55498 Stavroulakis I.P., Tersian S.A. Partial Differential Equations: An Introduction with Mathematica and Maple 2004 ХХХ
55506 Adams N.M. (ed.), Crowder M. (ed.), Hand D.J. (ed.) Methods and Models in Statistics: In Honour of Professor John Nelder, FRS 2004 ХХХ
55567 —ергеев ».Ќ. ћатематика. «адачи с ответами и решени€ми 2004 ХХХ
55585 Robinson J.C. An Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations: Exercises and Solutions 2004ХХ
55589 Fraise A., Lambert P.A., Maillard J.-Y. Russell, Hugo & Ayliffe's Principles and Practice of Disinfection, Preservation & Sterilization 2004ХХ
55591 Killeen A.A. Principles Of Molecular Pathology 2004ХХ
55594 Afanasyeva O., Evans V., Kopylova V. Practise papers for the Russian National Exam. Teacher's Book 2004ХХ
55617 Dris R. (ed.), Jain S.M. (ed.) Production Practices and Quality Assessment of Food Crops, Volume 2: Plant Mineral Nutrition and Pesticide Management 2004ХХ
55618 Aggoun L., Elliott R.J. Measure Theory and Filtering: Introduction with Applications 2004ХХ
55637 Hannesson R. The Privatization of the Oceans 2004ХХ
55639 McCarty T., Bremer M., Gupta P. The Six Sigma Black Belt Handbook 2004ХХ
55647 јльтман ’. ядовитые растени€. ядовитые животные 2004ХХ
55669 Zaporozec A. Groundwater contamination inventory: a methodological guide 2004ХХ
55684 Adams P.W., Smith K., Výborný D. Introduction to Mathematics with Maple 2004ХХ
55685 Nayfeh A.H., Balachandran B. Applied Nonlinear Dynamics: Analytical, Computational, and Experimental Methods 2004ХХ
55695 English G. Managing Information and Human Performance 2004ХХ
55721 Dafermos C.M. (ed.), Feireisl E. (ed.) Handbook of Differential Equations: Evolutionary Equations, Vol.1 2004ХХ
55755 Abelson R.P., Frey K.P., Gregg A.P. Experiments with People: Revelations from Social Psychology 2004ХХ
55759 Kulish V.V. Hierarchical Methods: Hierarchy and Hierarchical Asymptotic Methods In Electrodynamics, Volume 1 2004ХХ
55761 Sefton M. (ed.), Peppas N. (ed.) Advances in Chemical Engineering, Vol. 29: Molecular and Cellular Foundations of Biomaterials 2004ХХ
55786 Shirreff D. Dealing with Financial Risk 2004ХХ
55801 Heneric O. (ed.), Licht G. (ed.), Sofka W. (ed.) Europe's Automotive Industry on the Move: Competitiveness in a Changing World 2004 ХХХ
55802 Riande E., Diaz Calleja R. Electrical Properties of Polymers 2004ХХ
55832 Parker J.N. (ed.), Parker P.M. (ed.) Stress Management - a Medical Dictionary, Bibliography, and Annotated Research Guide to Internet References 2004 ХХХ
55862 Daintith J. (ed.) The Facts on File Dictonary of Organic Chemistry 2004ХХ
55869 Just R.E., Hueth D.L., Schmitz A. Welfare Economics of Public Policy: A Practical Approach to Project and Policy Evaluation 2004ХХ
55871 Wellisch D. Theory of Public Finance in a Federal State 2004ХХ
55874 Lahiri S., Ono Y. Trade and Industrial Policy under International Oligopoly 2004ХХ
55883 Jones K. Who's Afraid of the WTO? 2004ХХ
55896 Pampel F.C. Tobacco Industry and Smoking 2004ХХ
55897 Guha-Khasnobis B. (ed.) The WTO, Developing Countries, and the Doha Development Agenda: Prospects and Challenges for Trade-Led Growth 2004ХХ
55941 Denton T. Automobile Electrical and Electronic Systems 2004 ХХХ
55947 Bloch H.P., Budris A.R. Pump User's Handbook 2004ХХ
55983 Araki H. (ed.), Ezawa H. (ed.) Topics in the Theory of Schrödinger Operators 2004ХХ
55991 Baaquie B.E. Quantum Finance 2004ХХ
56001 Reck E.H., Awodey S. Frege's Lectures on Logic: Carnap's Student Notes, Steve Awodey (Edito 2004ХХ
56023 Luong H., Leung G. Low Voltage CMOS RF Frequency Synthesizers 2004ХХ
56029 Barras C.B. Ship Design and Performance for Masters and Mates 2004ХХ
56036 Brown D., Harrold D., Hope R. Control System Power and Grounding Better Practice 2004ХХ
56052 Funkenbusch P.D. Practical Guide to Designed Experiments 2004ХХ
56057 Blundell M., Harty D. The Multibody Systems Approach to Vehicle Dynamics 2004ХХ
56075 Watkinson J. Art of the Helicopter 2004ХХ
56084 Carpinelli G., Testa A. Compel (Vol. 23, 2004): Special Issue 2004ХХ
56085 Wiak P.S. Compel (Vol. 23, 2004) 2004ХХ
56119 Gentle J.E. Optimization Methods for Applications in Statistics 2004ХХ
56133 Anschel D.J. Neurology PreTest Self-Assessment and Review 2004 ХХХ

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