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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
168185 McInerney C., Koenig M. Knowledge Management (KM) Processes in Organizations: Theoretical Foundations and Practice (Synthesis Lectures on Information Concepts, Retrieval, and Services) 2011ХХ
192242 Brown R. Knowledge Is Power: The Diffusion of Information in Early America, 1700-1865 1989ХХ
29130 Jetter A. (Ed), Wijnhoven F., Kraaijenbrink J. Knowledge Integration: The Practice of Knowledge Management in Small and Medium Enterprises 2006 ХХХ
31837 Reiter R. Knowledge in Action: Logical Foundations for Specifying and Implementing Dynamical Systems 2001ХХ
29128 Lopez J.A. (Ed), Dubitzky W. (Ed), Benfenati E. (Ed) Knowledge Exploration in Life Science Informatics: International Symposium Kelsi 2004, Milan, Italy, November 25-26, 2004, Proceedings 2005ХХ
154728 Philipp Cimiano, H. Sofia Pinto Knowledge Engineering: Practice and Patterns: 17th International Conference, EKAW 2010, Lisbon, Portugal, October 11-15, 2010, Proceedings (Lecture ... Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence) 2010 ХХХ
186912 Apanovich Z., Mouromtsev D., Klinov P. Knowledge Engineering and the Semantic Web: 4th International Conference, KESW 2013, St. Petersburg, Russia, October 7-9, 2013. Proceedings 2013ХХ
178325 Dieng R., Corby O. Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management: Methods, Models, and Tools. 12th International Conference, EKAW 2000, Juan-les-Pins, France, October ... 2000ХХ
175316 Gomez-Perez A., Benjamins V. Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management. Ontologies and the Semantic Web 2002ХХ
165356 Lytras M., Pablos P. Knowledge Ecology in Global Business: Managing Intellectual Capital 2009ХХ
80101 Jurisica I., Wigle D. Knowledge Discovery in Proteomics 2004 ХХХ
145333 Bremer E., Hakenberg J., Han E. Knowledge Discovery in Life Science Literature: International Workshop, KDLL 2006, Singapore, April 9, 2006, Proceedings 2006ХХ
131261 Goethals B., Siebes A. Knowledge Discovery in Inductive Databases: Third International Workshop, KDID 2004, Pisa, Italy, September 20, 2004, Revised Selected and Invited 2005ХХ
168718 Dzeroski S., Struyf J. Knowledge Discovery in Inductive Databases: 5th International Workshop, KDID 2006 Berlin, Germany, September 18th, 2006 Revised Selected and Invited Papers 2007ХХ
188711 Berthold M., Jorge A., Torgo L. Knowledge Discovery in Databases: PKDD 2005: 9th European Conference on Principles and Practice of Knowledge Discovery in Databases, Porto, Portugal, October 3-7, 2005. Proceedings 2005ХХ
151224 Lavrac N., Gamberger D., Blockeel H. Knowledge Discovery in Databases: PKDD 2003: 7th European Conference on Principles and Practice of Knowledge Discovery in Databases, Cavtat-Dubrovnik, ... / Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence 2003ХХ
78281 Boulicaut J., Esposito F., Giannotti F. Knowledge Discovery in Databases.. PKDD 2004, 8 conf 2004 ХХХ
29103 Hu X., Pan Y. (Ed) Knowledge Discovery in Bioinformatics 2007ХХ
182366 Nayak R., Zaki M. Knowledge Discovery from XML Documents: First International Workshop, KDXD 2006, Singapore, April 9, 2006, Proceedings 2006ХХ
173285 Abramowicz W., Zurada J. Knowledge Discovery for Business Information Systems (The Kluwer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science Volume 600) 2002ХХ
156050 Tuyls K., Westra R., Saeys Y. Knowledge Discovery and Emergent Complexity in Bioinformatics, 1 conf., KDECB 2006 2007ХХ
78011 Terano T. Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining: Current Issues and New Applications: 4th Pacific-Asia Conference, PAKDD 2000 Kyoto, Japan, April 18-20, 2000 Proceedings 2000ХХ
59043 Ichijo K., Nonaka I. Knowledge Creation and Management: New Challenges for Managers 2007ХХ
135692 Alexandra Okada, Simon J. Buckingham Shum, Tony Sherborne Knowledge Cartography: Software Tools and Mapping Techniques (Advanced Information and Knowledge Processing) 2008 ХХХ
139059 Okada A., Shum S., Sherborne T. Knowledge Cartography: Software Tools and Mapping Techniques (Advanced Information and Knowledge Processing) 2008ХХ
136307 Kusch M. Knowledge by Agreement: The Programme of Communitarian Epistemology 2004ХХ
181375 Ramani S., Chandrasekar R., Anjaneyulu K. Knowledge Based Computer Systems: International Conference KBCS `89, Bombay, India, December 11-13, 1989. Proceedings 1990ХХ
193894 Dretske F. Knowledge and the Flow of Information 1981ХХ
194512 Del Giudice M., Della Peruta M.R., Carayannis E.G. Knowledge and the Family Business 2011ХХ
144024 Putnik G., Cunha M. Knowledge and Technology Management in Virtual Organizations: Issues, Trends, Opportunities and Solutions 2007ХХ
157592 Arai E., Kimura F., Keiichi Shirase K. Knowledge and Skill Chains in Engineering and Manufacturing: Information Infrastructure in the Era of Global Communications (IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology) 2004ХХ
187235 Arai E., Goossenaerts J., Kimura F. Knowledge and Skill Chains in Engineering and Manufacturing 2005ХХ
56996 Geiger R.L. Knowledge and Money: Research Universities and the Paradox of the Marketplace 2004ХХ
12306 Brook A., Stainton R.J. Knowledge and Mind. A Philosophical Introduction 2000ХХ
29981 Geisler E. Knowledge and Knowledge Systems: Learning from the Wonders of the Mind 2007ХХ
165185 Håkansson H., Waluszewski A. Knowledge and Innovation in Business and Industry: The Importance of Using Others (Routledge Studies in Innovation, Organizations and Technology) 2007ХХ
29101 Tergan S.- O. (Ed), Keller T. (Ed) Knowledge and Information Visualization 2005 ХХХ
140522 Gunasekaran A., Khalil O., Rahman S. Knowledge and Information Technology Management: Human and Social Perspectives 2003ХХ
76931 Milnes T. Knowledge and Indifference in English Romantic Prose 2003ХХ
138365 Vamos T. Knowledge and Computing: A Course on Computer Epistemology 2010ХХ
136561 Murmann J. P. Knowledge and Competitive Advantage: The Coevolution of Firms, Technology, and National Institutions 2003ХХ
195054 Dieter Fensel, Rudi Studer Knowledge Acquisition, Modeling and Management: 11th European Workshop, EKAW'99, Dagstuhl Castle, Germany, May 26-29, 1999, Proceedings: European ... 11th 1999ХХ
137097 Plaza E., Benjamins R. Knowledge Acquisition, Modeling and Management: 10th European Workshop, EKAW'97, Sant Feliu de Guixols, Catalonia, Spain, October 15-18, 1997. Proceedings 1997ХХ
138346 Aussenac N., Boy G. Knowledge Acquisition for Knowledge-Based Systems: 7th European Workshop, EKAW'93, Toulouse and Caylus, France, September 6-10, 1993. Proceedings 1993ХХ
145054 Mazzucato M. (ed.), Dosi G. (ed.) Knowledge Accumulation and Industry Evolution - The Case of Pharma-Biotech 2006ХХ
149623 Michael Munowitz Knowing: The Nature of Physical Law 2005ХХ
149116 Donald MacKenzie Knowing Machines: Essays on Technical Change 1998 ХХХ
147540 Ma L. Knowing and Teaching Elementary Mathematics: Teachers' Understanding of Fundamental Mathematics in China and the United States 2010 ХХХ
181378 0 Knowing and Learning Mathematics for Teaching - Proceedings of a Workshop 2000ХХ
79837 Berger R.J. Know Your Broomhandle Mausers 1985 ХХХ

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