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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
121543 Camia F., Newman C. The Percolation Transition in the Zero-Temperature Domany Model 2004ХХ
121630 Oppenheim I. The Kinetic Theory of Gases 2004ХХ
121631 Rider B. Order Statistics and GinibreТs Ensembles 2004ХХ
121666 Bahraminasab A., Tabei S.M.A., Masoudi A.A. Zero Tension Kardar-Parisi-Zhang Equation in (d+1)ЦDimensions 2004ХХ
121675 Erb I., Ay N. Multi-Information in the Thermodynamic Limit 2004ХХ
121684 Lebowitz J.L. Program of the 91st Statistical Mechanics Meeting, Rutgers University, May 16Ц18, 2004 2004ХХ
121721 D. Holcman, Z. Schuss Escape Through a Small Opening: Receptor Trafficking in a Synaptic Membrane 2004ХХ
121760 Book Review: Theory and Applications of Long-Range Dependence Theory 2004ХХ
121763 Stein D.L. Critical Behavior of the Kramers Escape Rate in Asymmetric Classical Field Theories 2004ХХ
121805 Dachian S., Nahapetian B.S. Description of Specifications by Means of Probability Distributions in Small Volumes under Condition of Very Weak Positivity 2004ХХ
121830 Nouri A., Omrane A. Erratum on ССBoundary Conditions for Scalar Conservation Laws, from a Kinetic Point of ViewТТ 2004ХХ
121860 Lorenzo Bertini, Cristina Toninelli Exclusion Processes with Degenerate Rates: Convergence to Equilibrium and Tagged Particle 2004ХХ
121878 Pulvirenti A., Toscani G. Asymptotic Properties of the Inelastic Kac Model 2004ХХ
121941 X. D. Niu, C. Shu Investigation of Stability and Hydrodynamics of Different Lattice Boltzmann Models 2004ХХ
121954 Andreas Engel, Alexander K. Hartmann On Large Deviation Properties of Erd osЦRenyi Random Graphs 2004ХХ
121959 Federico Bonetto, Joel L. Lebowitz FourierТs Law for a Harmonic Crystal with Self-Consistent Stochastic Reservoirs 2004ХХ
121969 den Hollander F., Wüthrich M.V. Diffusion of a Heteropolymer in a Multi-Interface Medium 2004ХХ
121978 Michael K.-H. Kiessling Electromagnetic Field Theory without Divergence Problems 1. The Born Legacy 2004ХХ
121983 Cristina Toninelli, Giulio Biroli Dynamical Arrest, Tracer Diffusion and Kinetically Constrained Lattice Gases 2004ХХ
122024 Hairer M., Pavliotis G. A. Periodic Homogenization for Hypoelliptic Diffusions 2004ХХ
122029 András Süto Normal and Generalized Bose Condensation in Traps: One Dimensional Examples 2004ХХ
122089 Sachdev S. Quantum Impurity in a Magnetic Environment 2004ХХ
122100 Jin B.-Q., Korepin V.E. Quantum Spin Chain, Toeplitz Determinants and the FisherЦHartwig Conjecture 2004ХХ
122170 Lebowitz J.L. A Laudatio for Elliott Lieb on His Receiving the Poincaré Medal at the International Congress on Mathematical Physics in Lisbon, July 30, 2003 2004ХХ
122175 Liu D.-J., Pavlenko N., Evans J.W. Crossover between Mean-Field and Ising Critical Behavior in a Lattice-Gas Reaction-Diffusion Model 2004ХХ
122189 Mattis D.C. Design of a Nanomagnet 2004ХХ
122216 Sornette D. Book Review: Why Stock Markets Crash: Critical Events in Complex Financial Systems 2004ХХ
122219 Stapleton M., Dingler M., Christensen K. Sensitivity to Initial Conditions in Self-Organized Critical Systems 2004ХХ
122236 Arbieto A., Matheus C., Pacifico M.J. The Bernoulli Property for Weakly Hyperbolic Systems 2004ХХ
122271 Richard C., Guttmann A.J. PolandЦScheraga Models and the DNA Denaturation Transition 2004ХХ
122273 Lebowitz J.L. Preface 2004ХХ
122301 Kiessling M.K.-H. Electromagnetic Field Theory without Divergence Problems 2. A Least Invasively Quantized Theory 2004ХХ
122344 Sergei Kuksin, Oliver Penrose A Family of Balance Relations for the Two-Dimensional NavierЦStokes Equations with Random Forcing 2004ХХ
122382 Sasamoto T., Imamura T. Fluctuations of the One-Dimensional Polynuclear Growth Model in Half-Space 2004ХХ
122422 Conlon J. PDE with Random Coefficients and Euclidean Field Theory 2004ХХ
122453 Collet P., Eckmann J.-P. Liapunov Multipliers and Decay of Correlations in Dynamical Systems 2004ХХ
122503 Book Review: BoseЦEinstein Condensation 2004ХХ
122555 Rivoire O. Properties of Atypical Graphs from Negative Complexities 2004ХХ
122557 Moessner R., Tchernyshyov O., Sondhi S.L. Planar Pyrochlore, Quantum Ice and Sliding Ice 2004ХХ
122559 Author Index for Journal of Statistical Physics (2004) 2004ХХ
122575 Groppi M., Polewczak J. On Two Kinetic Models for Chemical Reactions: Comparisons and Existence Results 2004ХХ
122694 Grill K., Tutschka C. One-Dimensional Falling Bodies 2004ХХ
122710 Bobylev A.V., Gamba I.M. Moment Inequalities and High-Energy Tails for Boltzmann Equations with Inelastic Interactions 2004ХХ
122766 Baake M., Lowe M. Comment on: Curious Properties of Simple Random Walks 2004ХХ
122786 Biskup M., Chayes L., Kotecky R. A Proof of the GibbsЦThomson Formula in the Droplet Formation Regime 2004ХХ
122805 Kager W., Nienhuis B., Kadanoff L.P. Exact Solutions for Loewner Evolutions 2004ХХ
122814 Ciccotti G. Simulation of a Diatomic Liquid Using Hard Spheres Model 2004ХХ
122825 Dyson F. ElliottТs World: From Square Ice to Cubic Jellium 2004ХХ
122951 Samaj L. Is the Two-Dimensional One-Component Plasma Exactly Solvable? 2004ХХ
123033 Lynden-Bell D., Lynden-Bell R. M. Relaxation to a Perpetually Pulsating Equilibrium 2004ХХ

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