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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
198919 Parshin A.N., Shafarevich I.R. Algebraic Geometry IV. Linear Algebraic Groups Invariant Theory 1994ХХ
198918 Adams D.P. Nomography Theory and Application 1964ХХ
198917 Kleinert H. Multivalued fields in condensed matter, electromagnetism, and gravitation 2008ХХ
198916 Moreton D.P. Practical Applied Electricity: A Book in Plain English for The Practical Man. Theory, Practical Applications and Examples 1916ХХ
198915 Chalmers D.J. The Conscious Mind: In Search of a Fundamental Theory 1997 ХХХ
198914 Dong A. The language of design: theory and computation 2008 ХХХ
198913 Kaas R., Goovaerts M., Dhaene J. Modern Actuarial Risk Theory: Using R 2009 ХХХ
198912 P. Biane (ed), R. Durrett (ed) Lecture Notes in Mathematics. 1608 1995ХХ
198911 E.G.C. Poole Introduction to the Theory of Linear Differential Equations 1936ХХ
198910 I. Laine (ed), S. Rickman (ed), T. Sorvali (ed) Lecture Notes in Mathematics. 1351 1988ХХ
198909 D. Gough (ed), J.Toomre (ed) Lecture Notes in Physics. 388 1991ХХ
198908 Roger J. Tayler The Stars: their structure and evolution 1970ХХ
198907 J.H. Jeans An Elementary Treatise on Theoretical Mechanics 1907ХХ
198906 A.E.H. Love An Introductory Treatise on the Principles of Dynamics 1921 ХХХ
198905 Robin J. Wilson Introduction to Graph Theory 1996 ХХХ
198904 Alan Baker New Advances in Transcendence Theory 1998ХХ
198903 Daniel L. Hartl, Elizabeth W. Jones Genetics. Principles and Analysis 1998 ХХХ
198902 Walter Kelley, Allan Peterson The Theory of Differential Equations 2004ХХ
198901 K.O. Groeneveld (ed), W. Meckbach (ed), I.A.Setlin (ed) Lecture Notes in Physics. 213 1984ХХ
198900 Ngai Hang Chan Time Series Applications to Finance 2002ХХ
198899 A. Dold (ed), B. Eckmann (ed) Lecture Notes in Mathematics. 829 1980ХХ
198898 G. Velo (ed) Lecture Notes in Physics. 25 1973ХХ
198897 P.G. Ciarlet (ed), J.L. Lions (ed) Handbook of Numerical Analysis 1991ХХ
198896 N.E. Wegge-Olsen K-Theory and C*-Algebras 1993ХХ
198895 V P. Havin (ed), N. K. Nikolski (ed) Lecture Notes in Mathematics. 1574 1994ХХ
198894 Reinhard Diestel Graph Decompositions 1990ХХ
198893 W. Horton, Y-H Ichikawa Chaos and Structures in Nonlinear Plasmas 1996ХХ
198892 V.P. Havin (ed), N. K. Nikolskij (ed) Commutative Harmonic Analysis III n/aХХ
198891 Einar Hille Analytic Function Theory 1959 ХХХ
198890 Merle N. Hirsh (ed), H.J. Oskam (ed) Gaseous Electronics 513ХХ
198889 T.S. Moss, G.J. Burrell, B. Ellis Semiconductor Opto-Electronics 1976ХХ
198888 E.B. Davies Quantum Theory of Open Systems 1976ХХ
198887 Fisher Y. Fractal Image Compression Theory And Application 1996ХХ
198886 Blyth T.S. Module theory: an approach to linear algebra 1977 ХХХ
198885 Smullyan R.M. Godel's incompleteness theorems 1992ХХ
198884 Claerbout J.F. Earth Soundings Analysis: Processing Versus Inversion 1992ХХ
198883 Wylen M. Obstetrics & Gynecology: PreTest Self-Assessment & Review 2003 ХХХ
198882 Feldstein S. Practical theory complete a self-instruction music theory course 1982ХХ
198881 Levine M. The jazz theory book 1995ХХ
198880 Lozovanu D., Pickl S. Optimization and Multiobjective Control of Time-Discrete Systems: Dynamic Networks and Multilayered Structures 2009 ХХХ
198879 Drutz H.P., Herschorn S., Diamant N.E. Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Pelvic Surgery 2005ХХ
198878 Alinhac S., Gerard P. Operateurs pseudo-differentiels et theoreme de Nash-Moser 1991ХХ
198877 Wilkins R.G. Kinetics And Mechanism Of Reactions Of Transition Metal Complexes 2002 ХХХ
198876 Jones N.F. Microsurgical Reconstruction of the Upper Extremity 2007ХХ
198875 Bergmann S.D. Compiler design: theory, tools, and examples 1994ХХ
198874 McCue C. Data Mining and Predictive Analysis 2007ХХ
198873 Caney S. Justice Beyond Borders - A Global Political Theory 2005ХХ
198872 Hall S.H., Hall G.W., McCall J.A. High-speed digital system design. A handbook of interconnect theory and design practices 2000 ХХХ
198871 Clark A. A theory of sentience 2000ХХ
198870 Apostol T.M. Modular forms and Dirichlet series in number theory 1997 ХХХ

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