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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
32261 Centorino J.R., Sterling M.J. CliffsAP Physics B & C 2004ХХ
32279 Suzuki Y., Obayashi Y., Nakahata M. Neutrino Oscillations and Their Origin 2004ХХ
32281 Wiedemann H., Kurokawa S.-I., Brandt D.A. Physics and Technology of Linear Accelerator Systems: Proceedings of the 2002 Joint USPAS-CAS Japan-Russia Accelerator School, Long Beach, California, 6-14 November 2002 2004ХХ
32282 Mujica R., Maiolino R. Multiwavelength AGN Surveys: Proceedings of the Guillermo Haro Conference 2003, Cozumel, Mexico 8 - 12 December 2003 2004ХХ
32283 Kouznetsov V., Bocquet J.P., Rebreyend D. Nstar2004: Proceedings of the Workshop on the Physics of Excited Nucleons Grenoble, France 24 - 27 March 2004 2004ХХ
32290 Seyranian A.P., Maylibaev A.A. Multiparameter Stability Theory with Mechanical Applications 2004ХХ
32291 Nasu K. Photoinduced Phase Transitions 2004ХХ
32293 Martelucci S. (ed.), Santarsiero M. (ed.) Free and Guided Optical Beams: Proceedings of the International School of Quantum Electronicserice Slcily, Italy 20 - 27 November 2002 2004ХХ
32296 Etzkowitz H., Kemelgor C., Uzzi B. Athena Unbound: The Advancement of Women in Science and Technology 2004 ХХХ
32298 Fliebach T., Walliser H. Arbeitsbuch Zur Theoretischen Physik: Repetitorium Und Ubungsbuch 2004ХХ
32321 Lerner I.V., Altshuler B. Fundamental Problems of Mesoscopic Physics Interactions and Decoherence 2004ХХ
32322 Politis V. Aristotle on Metaphysics 2004ХХ
32323 Meschede D. Optics, Light and Lasers: The Practical Approach to Modern Aspects of Photonics and Laser Physics 2004ХХ
32324 Samimy M., Breuer K., Leal G. Gallery of Fluid Motion 2004ХХ
32331 Bunch B.H. The History of Science and Technology: A Browser's Guide to the Great Discoveries, Inventions, and the People Who Made Them from the Dawn of Time to Today 2004ХХ
32337 Franc J.-P., Michel J.-M. Fundamentals of Cavitation 2004ХХ
32356 Müller-Kirsten J.W. Electrodynamics 2004ХХ
32394 General relativity and gravitation Vol. 36 2004ХХ
32401 Franssila S. Introduction to Microfabrication 2004 ХХХ
32437 Bourgeois-Doyle R.I. George J. Klein: The Great Inventor 2004ХХ
32487 McGraw-Hill McGraw-Hill Concise Encyclopedia of Science and Technology 2004 ХХХ
32495 Milonni P.W. Fast Light, Slow Light and Left Handed Light (Series in Optics and Optoelectronics) 2004ХХ
32567 Reference Document on Best Available Techniques for Management of Tailings and West-Rock in Mining Activities 2004ХХ
32587 Golumbic M.C. Algorithmic Graph Theory and Perfect Graphs: Annals of Discrete Mathematics, Vol. 57 2004 ХХХ
32597 Neeman I. Determinacy of Long Games 2004ХХ
32642 Gallagher A.N. (Ed), Kaufman J.C. (Ed) Gender Differences in Mathematics: An Integrative Psychological Approach 2004ХХ
32645 Ho Ch.Y. Finite Groups 2003: Proceedings of the Gainesville Conference on Finite Groups, March 6-12, 2003 2004ХХ
32649 Fauvet F., Mitschi C. From Combinatorics to Dynamical Systems: Journees de Calcul Formel, Strasbourg, March 22-23, 2002 2004ХХ
32653 Pym D.J., Ritter E. Reductive Logic and Proof-Search: Proof Theory, Semantics, and Control 2004ХХ
32656 Adolphson A., Baldassarri F. Geometric Aspects of Dwork Theory 2004ХХ
32695 Wurzbacher T. Infinite Dimensional Groups and Manifolds 2004ХХ
32698 Ibragimov N.H. Lie Group Analysis. Classical Heritage 2004ХХ
32699 Greenlees J.P. Axiomatic, Enriched and Motivic Homolopy Theory 2004ХХ
32726 Schumer P.D. Mathematical Journeys 2004ХХ
32747 Jongen H.Th., Meer K., Triesch E. Optimization Theory 2004ХХ
32764 Strade H. Simple Lie Algebras over Fields of Positive Characteristic Structure Theory 2004ХХ
32771 Chao K.-M. Spanning Trees and Optimization Problems 2004ХХ
32780 Follmer H., Schied A. Stochastic Finance: An Introduction in Discrete Time 2004 ХХХ
32829 Gabbay D.M., Kurucz A. Many-Dimensional Modal Logics: Theory and Applications 2004ХХ
32832 Gabbay D.B. The Rise of Modern Logic: From Leibniz to Frege Handbook of the History of Logic, Vol. 3 2004ХХ
32849 Bliss G.A. Algebraic Functions 2004ХХ
32869 Arkhipov G.I., Chubarikov V.N. Trigonometric Sums in Number Theory and Analysis By 2004ХХ
32871 Barsegian G.A. (Ed), Laine I. (Ed), Yang Y.Ch. (ed) Value Distribution Theory and Related Topics 2004ХХ
32874 Keller W. Wavelets in Geodesy and Geodynamics 2004ХХ
32896 Honsberger R. Mathematical Delights 2004ХХ
32906 Jackson D. Fourier Series and Orthogonal Polynomials 2004ХХ
32921 Hida T. Innovation Approach to Random Fields: Application of White Noise Theory 2004ХХ
32923 Schmitt S., Zimmer H.G. Elliptic Curves - a Computational Approach 2004ХХ
32955 Polya G., Szego G. Problems and Theorems in Analysis: Integral Calculus. Theory of Functions 2004 ХХХ
32964 Kanschat G. Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Viscous Incompressible Flow 2004ХХ

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