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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
124763 Felderhof B.U., Cichocki B. Generalization of the Foidy-Lax Formula for the Self-Energy of a Wave Propagating in a Disordered System of Scatterers 1989ХХ
124764 Tejero C. F. Zero-Frequency Elastic Moduli of Uniform Fluids 1989ХХ
124813 Lebowitz J.L. Editors' Preface 1989ХХ
124829 Madras N., Orlitsky A., Shepp L. A. Monte Carlo Generation of Self-Avoiding Walks with Fixed Endpoints and Fixed Length 1989ХХ
124831 Kincaid J.M., Shon K.B. New Methods for Calculating the Dew/Bubble Curves of Classical Model Fluids 1989ХХ
124840 Gaives A., Martinelli F. Large-Density Fluctuations for the One-Dimensional Supercritical Contact Process 1989ХХ
124847 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1989ХХ
124869 Dudynski M. On the Linearized Relativistic Boltzmann Equation. II. Existence of Hydrodynamics 1989ХХ
124894 Pandey R.B. Computer Simulation of a Cellular Automata Model for the Immune Response in a Retrovirus System 1989ХХ
124897 Collet P., Lesne A. Renormalization Group Analysis of Some Dynamical Systems with Noise 1989ХХ
124933 Poland D. The Kinetics of Adsorption to a One-Dimensional Lattice with Nearest-Neighbor Exclusion: A Series Expansion Study 1989ХХ
124940 Grcenberg W., Polewczak J. A Global Existence Theorem for the Nonlinear BGK Equation 1989ХХ
124956 Stocks N.G., Lambert C.J. Analogue Simulation of Quantum Mechanical Systems 1989ХХ
124963 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1989ХХ
124966 Schenzle A. Classical and Quantum Noise in Nonlinear Optical Systems 1989ХХ
125043 Katsuya Nakashima, Tatsuzo Nagai, Kyozi Kawasaki Scaling Behavior of Two-Dimensional Domain Growth: Computer Simulation of Vertex Models 1989ХХ
125060 Dorfman J. R., Ernst M. H. Hard-Sphere Binary-Collision Operators 1989ХХ
125078 Eckhard Platen A Stochastic Approach to Hopping Transport in Semiconductors 1989ХХ
125084 Ravishankar K. Power Law Scaling of the Top Lyapunov Exponent of a Product of Random Matrices 1989ХХ
125109 Domb C. Covering by Random Intervals and One-Dimensional Continuum Percolation 1989ХХ
125155 De Masi A., Ferrari P.A., Vares M.E. A Microscopic Model of Interface Related to the Burgers Equation 1989ХХ
125157 Whittle P. The Statistics of Random Directed Graphs 1989ХХ
125181 Blanchard Ph., Carlen E.A., Dell'Antonio G. F. Particles and "Bumps" in Quantum Field Configurations 1989ХХ
125201 Wood W.W. Long-Time Tails of the Green-Kubo Integrands for a Binary Mixture 1989ХХ
125228 Andrea J. Liu, Michael E. Fisher On the Corrections to Scaling in Three-Dimensional Ising Models 1989ХХ
125236 Bialek W., Scalettar R., Zee A. Optimal Performance of a Feed-Forward Network at Statistical Discrimination Tasks 1989ХХ
125274 Widder M.E., Titulaer U.M. The Kinetic Boundary Layer around an Absorbing Sphere and the Growth of Small Droplets 1989ХХ
125278 Dickman R. Nonequilibrium Lattice Models: Series Analysis of Steady States 1989ХХ
125287 Zhang Y.-C. Directed Polymers in Hartree-Fock Approximation 1989ХХ
125298 Thirumalai D., Mountain R. Probes of Equipartition in Nonlinear Hamiltonian Systems 1989ХХ
125336 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1989ХХ
125351 Tung-chen Chung, William C. Meeeham Defect of the Five-Thirds Law Using the Wiener-Hermite Expansion 1989ХХ
125365 Behn U., van Hemmen J.L. Network Description of the Immune System: Dormant B Cells Stabilize Cycles 1989ХХ
125378 Karen E. Johnson Bringing Statistical Mechanics into Chemistry: The Early Scientific Work of Karl F. Herzfeld 1989ХХ
125391 Jet Wimp, Doron Zeilberger How Likely Is Polya's Drunkard to Stay in x i> y i> z? 1989ХХ
125393 Gates D. J., Westcott M. On The Stability of Crystal Growth 1989ХХ
125435 Janssen J. A. M. The Elimination of Fast Variables in Complex Chemical Reactions. I. Macroscopic Level 1989ХХ
125463 Goderis D., Verbeure A., Vets P. Theory of Quantum Fluctuations and the Onsager Relations 1989ХХ
125502 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1989ХХ
125510 Nicolis G., Nicolis C., Nicolis J.S. Chaotic Dynamics, Markov Partitions, and Zipf's Law 1989ХХ
125512 Driven Nonequilibrium Lattice Systems with Shifted Periodic Boundary Conditions 1989ХХ
125532 Rothman D.H. Negative-Viscosity Lattice Gases 1989ХХ
125610 Orazio Descalzi, Enrique Tirapegui Nonequilibrium Potentials Near Instabilities 1989ХХ
125647 Papatriantafillou C., Paraskevaidis C.E., Krikos C. Exact Thermodynamic Behavior of a Generalized Spin-Isospin Ising System on the Bethe Lattice 1989ХХ
125652 Nappo G., Orlandi E., Rost H. A Reaction-Diffusion Model for Moderately Interacting Particles 1989ХХ
125658 Kleinert H. Tangential Flow in Fluid Membranes. Absence of Renormalization Effects 1989ХХ
125706 Buttiker M., Thomas H. Propagation and Stability of Kinks in Driven and Damped Nonlinear Klein-Gordon Chains 1989ХХ
125857 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1989ХХ
125860 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1989ХХ
125864 Buttiker M. Transport as a Consequence of State-Dependent Diffusion 1989ХХ

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