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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
124801 Zheming Cheng, Robert Savit Structure Factor of Substitutional Sequences 1990ХХ
124802 Polewczak J. Global Existence in L^1 for the Generalized Enskog Equation 1990ХХ
124810 Jeffrey D. Miller Direction-Direction Correlations of Oriented Polymers 1990ХХ
124860 Phan-Thien N., Zheng R., Graham A. L. The Flow of a Model Suspension Fluid Past a Sphere 1990ХХ
124877 Brankov J., Tonchev N. On Finite-Size Scaling in the Presence of Dangerous Irrelevant Variables 1990ХХ
124910 Cook J., Derrida B. Lyapunov Exponents of Large, Sparse Random Matrices and the Problem of Directed Polymers with Complex Random Weights 1990ХХ
124914 Halsey T.C., Toor W. Fluctuation-Induced Couplings between Defect Lines or Particle Chains 1990ХХ
124955 Kotecky R., Laanait L., Messager A. The q-State Potts Model in the Standard Pirogov-Sinai Theory: Surface Tensions and Wilson Loops 1990ХХ
124970 Dubruile B., Frisch U., Henon M. Low-Viscosity Lattice Gases 1990ХХ
124976 Telcs A. A Note on Recurrent Random Walks on Graphs 1990ХХ
124979 Oleinik V.L. Asymptotic Behavior of Energy Band Associated with a Negative Energy Level 1990ХХ
124981 Martinelli F., Olivieri E., Scoppola E. Metastability and Exponential Approach to Equilibrium for Low-Temperature Stochastic Ising Models 1990ХХ
125012 Paul Busch, Ralf Quadtl On Ruch's Principle of Decreasing Mixing Distance in Classical Statistical Physics 1990ХХ
125021 Brower R. C., Pablo Tamayo, Bryant York A Parallel Multigrid Algorithm for Percolation Clusters 1990ХХ
125056 Dobrushin R. L., Pellegrinotti A., Suhov Yu. M. One-Dimensional Harmonic Lattice Caricature of Hydrodynamics: A Higher Correction 1990ХХ
125065 Seth Lloyd, Wojciech H. Zurek Algorithmic Treatment of the Spin-Echo Effect 1990ХХ
125073 Duering E., Bergman D. Current Distribution on a Three-Dimensional, Bond-Diluted, Random-Resistor Network at the Percolation Threshold 1990ХХ
125080 Marchetti D. Comments on "Power-Law Falloff in the Kosterlitz-Thouless Phase of a Two-Dimensional Lattice Coulomb Gas" 1990ХХ
125091 Isola S., Politi A. Universal Encoding for Unimodal Maps 1990ХХ
125114 Buffet E., Pule J. V. Polymers and Random Graphs 1990ХХ
125122 Paetzold O. Diffusion of Lattice Gases without Double Occupancy on Three-Dimensional Percolation Lattices 1990ХХ
125183 Stephenson J. High-Order Cycles in the Logistic Map or Centers of Cardioids in the Mandelbrot Set 1990ХХ
125196 Ernst M.H., Dufty J.W. Hydrodynamics and Time Correlation Functions for Cellular Automata 1990ХХ
125237 Bouchaud J. P., Orland H. On the Bethe Ansatz for Random Directed Polymers 1990ХХ
125254 Myshlyavtsev A.V. The Effect of Three-Body Interactions on Thermal Desorption Spectra 1990ХХ
125334 Schonmann R., Tanaka N. One-Dimensional Caricature of Phase Transition 1990ХХ
125382 Salvatore De Gregorio On a One-Dimensional Model for the Three-Dimensional Vorticity Equation 1990ХХ
125412 Sen P., Ray P. Longest Path in Percolating Hierarchical Lattice 1990ХХ
125428 Henri Cornille, Yue-Hong Qian Temperature Overshoots for a 4-Velocity Unidimensional Discrete Boltzmann Model 1990ХХ
125430 Claude Aslangul, Marc Barthelemy, Noelle Pottier Microscopic Dynamical Exponents for Random-Random Directed Walk on a One-Dimensional Lattice with Quenched Disorder 1990ХХ
125528 Morita T. Cluster Variation Method and Mfbius Inversion Formula 1990ХХ
125533 Ivanchenko Yu.M., Lisyanskii A.A., Filippov A.E. The Scale Equations in the Critical Dynamics of Fluctuating Systems 1990ХХ
125631 van Enter A. C. D., Joan Adler, Duarte J. A. M. S. Finite-Size Effects for Some Bootstrap Percolation Models 1990ХХ
125674 Eckern U., Lehr W., Menzel-Dorwarth A. The Quasiclassical Langevin Equation and Its Application to the Decay of a Metastable State and to Quantum Fluctuations 1990ХХ
125677 –оманцов ё.ј. »сследование динамики рел€тивистских частиц в поле резонансных систем с распределенным взаимодействием 1990ХХ
125718 Mirollo R.E., Strogatz S.H. Amplitude Death in an Array of Limit-Cycle Oscillators 1990ХХ
125740 D'Onorio De Meo M., Heermann D.W., Binder K. Monte Carlo Study of the Ising Model Phase Transition in Terms of the Percolation Transition of "Physical Clusters" 1990ХХ
125758 Daido H. Intrinsic Fluctuations and a Phase Transition in a Class of Large Populations of Interacting Oscillators 1990ХХ
125762 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1990ХХ
125776 Kohring G.A. A High-Precision Study of the Hopfield Model in the Phase of Broken Replica Symmetry 1990ХХ
125780 Announcement 1990ХХ
125814 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1990ХХ
125861 Statistical Physics at the 45th Parallel: 3rd Annual Meeting, Clarkson University 1990ХХ
125923 Book Review: Chaotic Dynamics of Nonlinear Systems 1990ХХ
125944 Manna S. S., Lfiszio B. Kiss Cascades and Self-Organized Criticality 1990ХХ
125950 Edwards S. F. Dynamics of Complex Flow 1990ХХ
125981 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1990ХХ
125987 van Beijeren H. Fluctuations in the Motions of Mass and of Patterns in One-Dimensional Driven Diffusive Systems 1990ХХ
126009 Brower R.C., Moriarty K.J.M., Orland P. Gauge-Invariant Lattice Gas for the Microcanonical Ising Model 1990ХХ
126016 Forrest B.M., Tang L.-H. Hypercube Stacking: A Potts-Spin Model for Surface Growth 1990ХХ

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