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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
120705 Temme N., Hundsdorfer W. CWI Quarterly. Volume 6. Number 2 1993ХХ
120851 ’орнби ј.—. ќксфордский интенсивный английский дл€ взрослых 1993ХХ
120869 ’ольтерманн ’., Ѕаумгартен √. √рамматика латинского €зыка.   част€м 1 и 2. 1993ХХ
120897 ѕотушанска€ Ћ.Ћ., ёдина ».ј., Ўкунаева ».ƒ. ѕрактический курс французского €зыка. „асть 1 1993 ХХХ
120916 Transient and Cyclic Behavior of Cellular Automata with Null Boundary Conditions 1993ХХ
120929 ’орнби ј.—. ќксфордский интенсивный английский дл€ взрослых. ¬ 3 книгах.  нига « 1993ХХ
120967 Schinazi R. On Multiple Phase Transitions for Branching Markov Chains 1993ХХ
120968 Rasmussen H.O. On the Determination of Box Dimensions by Means of Wavelet Transforms 1993ХХ
120974 Esipov S.E., Newman T.J. New Formulation of Restricted Growth Processes 1993ХХ
120984 Foster D.P. Location of the Collapsed Phase for Two-Dimensional, Directed, Interacting Polymers 1993ХХ
120998 Miiller M., Paul W. Ordering Kinetics in Quasi-One-Dimensional Ising-Like Systems 1993ХХ
121004 Ruge C., Dunkelmann S., Wagner F. Study of the Three-Dimensional Ising Model on Film Geometry with the Cluster Monte Carlo Method 1993ХХ
121015 Namachchivaya N., Van Roessel H.J. Maximal Lyapunov Exponent and Rotation Numbers for Two Coupled Oscillators Driven by Real Noise 1993ХХ
121033 Onsager L. The Lars Onsager Symposium 1993ХХ
121074 Bunimovich L.A., Troubetzkoy S.E. Topological Dynamics of Flipping Lorentz Lattice Gas Models 1993ХХ
121105 Taucher T., Frankel N.E. Probability Distributions for the Overlaps and Self-Correlations of the Pure States of an n-Vector Model 1993ХХ
121135 O'Carroll M. Lattice and Continuum Wavelets and the Block Renormalization Group 1993ХХ
121182 Blanchard Ph., Gandolfo D. Cellular Automata Approach to Site Percolation on Z^2. A Numerical Study 1993ХХ
121205 J. Carr Asymptotic Behavior of Solutions to the Coagulation-Fragmentation Equations. II. Weak Fragmentation 1993ХХ
121221 Bovier A., Gayrard V. The Thermodynamics of the Curie-Weiss Model with Random Couplings 1993ХХ
121249 Ўестоперова Ћ.ј. ѕрактический курс по основным разделам грамматики английского €зыка дл€ технических вузов. ”чебное пособие 1993ХХ
121350 Siegel R., Read H. Models of the Temporal Dynamics of Visual Processing 1993ХХ
121440 Chialvo D., Apkarian A. Modulated Noisy Biological Dynamics: Three Examples 1993ХХ
121456 Dimov L., Tonev O. Random Walk on Distant Mesh Points Monte Carlo Methods 1993ХХ
121482 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1993ХХ
121485 Kerimov A. Absence of Phase Transitions in One-Dimensional Antiferromagnetic Models with Long-Range Interactions 1993ХХ
121574 Derrida B., Janowsky S.A., Lebowitz J.L. Exact Solution of the Totally Asymmetric Simple Exclusion Process: Shock Profiles 1993ХХ
121607 Kotecky R. Droplet Dynamics for Asymmetric lsing Model 1993ХХ
121612 Mercer J., Keyes T. Expansion of the Kinetic Hierarchy for a Massive Particle: The Repeated Ring and Fokker-Planck Equations 1993ХХ
121627 Roij R., Ernst M.H. Collective Diffusion in a Lattice Gas Automaton 1993ХХ
121638 Pini D., Parola A., Reatto L. Hierarchical Reference Theory of Fluids: Application to Three-Dimensional Ising Model 1993ХХ
121651 Yeung C., Mozos J.L. Surface-Driven Instability and Enhanced Relaxation in the Dynamics of a Nonequilibrium Interface 1993ХХ
121656 van Kampen N.G. Short First-Passage Times 1993ХХ
121664 Frezzotti A., Sgarra C. Numerical Analysis of a Shock-Wave Solution of the Enskog Equation Obtained via a Monte Carlo Method 1993ХХ
121677 Nicolis C. Long-Term Climatic Transitions and Stochastic Resonance 1993ХХ
121693 Vohra S.T., Bucholtz F. Observation of Stochastic Resonance near a Subcritical Bifurcation 1993ХХ
121731 Butta P. On the Validity of an Einstein Relation in Models of Interface Dynamics 1993ХХ
121736 Program of the 69th Statistical Mechanics Meeting 1993ХХ
121751 Klein D., Yang W.-S. Absence of First-Order Phase Transitions for Antiferromagnetic Systems 1993ХХ
121767 Mafias M., Parrondo J.M.R., de La Rubia F.J. System-Reservoir Interaction with Stochastic Coupling Parameters 1993ХХ
121774 Reis F.D.A.A., Riera R. Critical Behavior of Self-Avoiding Walks on Fractals 1993ХХ
121823 J. Schulte Thermal Helium Clusters at 3.2 Kelvin in Classical and Semiclassical Simulations 1993ХХ
121838 Svetlana Jitomirskaya, Abel Klein Ising Model in a Quasiperiodic Transverse Field, Percolation, and Contact Processes in Quasiperiodic Environments 1993ХХ
121839 Gorshkov K. A., Korzinov L. N. Random Pinning of Localized States and the Birth of Deterministic Disorder within Gradient Models 1993ХХ
121846 Erich Ippen, John Lindner Chaotic Resonance: A Simulation 1993ХХ
121875 Ben-Abraham S.I. Curious Properties of Simple Random Walks 1993ХХ
121894 Eisinger S., Jackle J. Analytical Approximations for the Hierarchically Constrained Kinetic Ising Chain 1993ХХ
121920 Alexander Figotin Photonic Pseudogaps for Periodic Dielectric Structures 1993ХХ
121931 Andrew J. Majda Random Shearing Direction Models for Isotropic Turbulent Diffusion 1993ХХ
121951 Arnold J. Mandell, Karen A. Selz Brain Stem Neuronal Noise and Neocortical "Resonance" 1993ХХ

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