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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
56987 Hansen S. J. Performance Contracting: Expanding Horizons. Second edition 2006 ХХХ
23538 Barthold F., Stander N., Stein E. Performance comparison of SAM and SQP for structural optimization n/aХХ
24483 Menasce D.A., Almeida V.A.F. Performance by Design: Computer Capacity Planning by Example 2004ХХ
12368 Willmore J. Performance Basics 2004ХХ
153320 Sandler C., Keefe J. Performance Appraisal Phrase Book: The Best Words, Phrases, and Techniques for Performance Reviews 2004ХХ
60671 Russell J.B. Performance and Stability of Aircraft 1996ХХ
11794 Kostic Z. Performance and Implementation of Dynamic Frequency Hopping in Limited-Bandwidth Cellular Systems 2002ХХ
22605 Maggiora P.L., Elliott C.E., Thompson J.M. Performance and Fault Management 2000ХХ
170848 Gabriel R.P. Performance and evaluation of LISP systems 1985ХХ
171107 Hardman B.G., Wagus C.R. Performance and Durability of the Window-Wall Interface (ASTM special technical publication, 1484) 2006ХХ
150646 Chan W. Performance Analysis of Telecommunications and Local Area Networks (The Springer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science) 2000ХХ
143731 Dattatreya G. Performance Analysis of Queuing and Computer Networks (Chapman & Hall Crc Computer & Information Science Series) 2008ХХ
133690 Dattatreya G.R. Performance Analysis of Queuing and Computer Networks 2008ХХ
77677 Tutsch D. Performance Analysis of Network Architectures 2006ХХ
161194 Sason I., Shamai S. Performance Analysis of Linear Codes under Maximum-Likelihood Decoding: A Tutorial (Foundations and Trends in Communications and Information Theory) 2006ХХ
186617 Sadiku M., Musa S. Performance Analysis of Computer Networks 2013ХХ
15765 Van Mieghem P. Performance Analysis of Communications Networks and Systems 2006ХХ
23284 Joines S., Willenborg R., Hygh K. Performance Analysis for Java Web Sites 2002ХХ
149526 Stiller B., Reichl P., Tuffin B. Performability Has its Price: 5th International Workshop on Internet Charging and QoS Technologies, ICQT 2006, St. Malo, France, June 27, 2006, Proceedings 2006ХХ
179733 Gessen M. Perfect Rigor: A Genius and the Mathematical Breakthrough of the Century 2009ХХ
147761 Martin C. Perfect Phrases for Writing Job Descriptions: Hundreds of Ready-to-Use Phrases for Writing Effective, Informative, and Useful Job Descriptions 2009ХХ
57770 Martin C. Perfect Phrases for the Perfect Interview 2005ХХ
24183 Max D., Bacal R. Perfect Phrases for Setting Performance Goals 2004ХХ
52939 Max D., Bacal R. Perfect Phrases for Performance Reviews: Hundreds of Ready-to-Use Phrases That Describe Your Employees' Performance 2003 ХХХ
57769 Perlman A. Perfect Phrases for Executive Presentations 2006ХХ
155026 Sheimo M. Perfect Phrases for Customer Service: Hundreds of Tools, Techniques, and Scripts for Handling Any Situation 2005ХХ
28294 Burnett M., Kleiman D. Perfect Passwords 2005ХХ
127896 Lemons D.S. Perfect form: Variational principles, methods, and applications in elementary physics 1997ХХ
97786 Saeyoung Ahn, H. L. Frisch Percus-Yevick virial relation and scaled particle theory 1974ХХ
123881 Amnon Aharony Percolation, Fractals, and Anomalous Diffusion 1983ХХ
171225 Hunt A., Ewing R. Percolation Theory for Flow in Porous Media, Revised Edition (Lecture Notes in Physics) 2014 ХХХ
196457 Al. Hunt, R. Ewing Percolation Theory for Flow in Porous Media, Revised Edition (Lecture Notes in Physics) 2009 ХХХ
83510 Hunt A. Percolation theory for flow in porous media 2005ХХ
129855 Jan F. Kreider Percolation Theory for Flow in Porous Media 2005 ХХХ
119925 Kapitulnik A., Deutscher G. Percolation Scale Effects in Metal-Insulator Thin Films 1984ХХ
97857 Stephen M. J. Percolation problems and the Potts model 1978ХХ
1109 Bain Percolation phase transition. Part 3 n/aХХ
122477 Havlin S., Ben-Avraham D., Movshovitz D. Percolation on Infinitely Ramified Fractals 1984ХХ
119525 Aizenman M., Bricmont J., Lebowitz J.L. Percolation of the Minority Spins in High-Dimensional Ising Models 1987ХХ
121007 Connelly R., Rybnikov K. Percolation of the Loss of Tension in an Infinite Triangular Lattice 2001ХХ
125937 Kenneth S. Alexander, Stanislav A. Molchanov Percolation of Level Sets for Two-Dimensional Random Fields with Lattice Symmetry 1994ХХ
126057 Becklehimer J.L., Pandey R.B. Percolation of Chains and Jamming Coverage in Two Dimensions by Computer Simulation 1994ХХ
119823 Briemont J., Lebowitz J.L., Maes C. Percolation in Strongly Correlated Systems: The Massless Gaussian Field 1987ХХ
125518 Frohlich J., Huckaby D.A. Percolation in Hard-Core Lattice Gases and a Model Ferrofluid 1985ХХ
124575 Adler J., Aharony A. Percolation Cluster Numbers 1988ХХ
125326 Patrascioiu A., Seiler E. Percolation and the Existence of a Soft Phase in the Classical Heisenberg Model 2002ХХ
121986 Jian Ping Lu, Joseph L. Birman Percolation and Scaling on a Quasilattice 1986ХХ
122359 Carol Bezuidenhout, Geoffrey Grimmett Percolation and Minimal Spanning Trees 1997ХХ
99469 J. Hoshen, P. Klymko, R. Kopelman Percolation and cluster distribution. III. Algorithms for the site-bond problem 1979ХХ
97071 Hoshen J., Kopelman R., Monberg E.M. Percolation and cluster distribution. II. layers, variable-range interactions, and exciton cluster model 1978ХХ

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