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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
123342 Huckaby D.A. Phase Transition in a Lattice Gas of Hard Spheres with Second-Neighbor Exclusions on the Simple Cubic Lattice 1983ХХ
122523 Percus O.E., Percus J.K. Phase Transition in a Four-Dimensional Random Walk with Application to Medical Statistics 1983ХХ
121879 Suto A. Phase Transition for Ising Frustration Potentials 1980ХХ
121153 Ferrari P.A., Martinez S., San Martin J. Phase Transition for Absorbed Brownian Motion with Drift 1997ХХ
120274 Klein D., Yang W.-Sh. Phase Transition for a One-Dimensional Lattice Gas with Hard Core 1988ХХ
49611 Onuki A. Phase Transition Dynamics 2002ХХ
191345 Sudzuki Phase transition and fractals n/aХХ
50480 Tonkov E.Y., Ponyatovsky E.G. Phase Transformations of Elements under High Pressure 2004ХХ
50956 Naik S.D., Doraiswamy L.K. Phase Transfer Catalysis: Chemistry and Engineering 1998ХХ
121854 Patrascioiu A., Seiler E. Phase Structure of Two-Dimensional Spin Models and Percolation 1992ХХ
124179 Grinstein G., Dickman R. Phase Structure of Systems with Infinite Numbers of Absorbing States 1998ХХ
121321 Ramshaw J.D. Phase Space Density Representations in Fluid Dynamics 1989ХХ
33417 Bove A. Phase Space Analysis of Partial Differential Equations 2006 ХХХ
124337 Magnen J. Phase Space Analysis and Particle Structure in Field Theory 1987ХХ
124750 Kuroda K. Phase Separations in Ising Model with Free Boundary Condition 1983ХХ
123488 Rouault Y., Baschnagel J., Binder K. Phase Separation of Symmetrical Polymer Mixtures in Thin-Film Geometry 1995ХХ
122697 Finken R., Hansen J.-P. Phase Separation of Penetrable Core Mixtures 2003ХХ
124699 Kennedy T. Phase Separation in the Neutral Falicov-Kimball Model 1998ХХ
124381 Appert C., Zaleski S. Phase Separation in a Three-Dimensional, Two-Phase, Hydrodynamic Lattice Gas 1995ХХ
121694 Yeung C., Rogers T., Hernandez-Machado A. Phase Separation Dynamics in Driven Diffusive Systems 1992ХХ
120573 G. Manoj Phase Separation Driven by a Fluctuating Two-Dimensional Self-Affine Potential Field 2002ХХ
125249 Giacomin G., Lebowitz J.L. Phase Segregation Dynamics in Particle Systems with Long Range Interactions. I. Macroscopic Limits 1997ХХ
34101 Reyn J. Phase Portraits of Planar Quadratic Systems 2007ХХ
164057 Reyn J. Phase portraits of planar quadratic systems 2007ХХ
120065 Puri S., Parekh N., Dattagupta S. Phase Ordering Dynamics in a Gravitational Field 1994ХХ
35658 Estrin Y., Kim H.S., Bush M.B. Phase Mixture Models for Metallic Nanomaterials 2004ХХ
9313 Bennet A.H., Osterberg H., Jupnik H. Phase Microscopy: Principles and Applications 1951ХХ
44252 Will T.M. Phase Equilibria in Metamorphic Rocks: Thermodynamic Background and Petrological Applications 1998ХХ
123612 Gitterman M. Phase Equilibria and Critical Phenomena in Closed Reactive Systems 1990ХХ
121163 Gruber C., Suto A. Phase Diagrams of Lattice Systems with Residual Entropy 1988ХХ
122859 Suto A., Gruber C., Lemberger P. Phase Diagrams of Lattice Systems with Residual Entropy. lI. Low Temperature Expansion 1989ХХ
125353 James L. Monroe Phase Diagrams of Ising Models on Husimi Trees. I. Pure Multisite Interaction Systems 1991ХХ
120362 Monroe J.L. Phase Diagrams of Ising Models on Husimi Trees II. Pair and Multisite Interaction Systems 1992ХХ
150917 Alper A., Kostorz G., Herman H. Phase Diagrams in Advanced Ceramics (Treatise on Materials Science and Technology) (Treatise on Materials Science and Technology) 1995ХХ
66538 Alper A.M., Kostorz G., Herman H. Phase Diagrams in Advanced Ceramics 1995ХХ
123924 Wojtkiewicz J. Phase Diagram of the Two-dimensional tЦt' Falicov-Kimball Mode 2006ХХ
121799 de Aguiar F. S., Bosco F. A. Phase Diagram of the One-State Potts Model on the Cayley Tree 1990ХХ
121348 Mariz A., Tsallis C., Albuquerque E.L. Phase Diagram of the Ising Model on a Cayley Tree in the Presence of Competing Interactions and Magnetic Field 1985ХХ
123027 Charles-Ed. Pfister Phase Diagram of the Half-Infinite Ising Model 1986ХХ
121912 Lebowitz J.L., Phani M.K., Styer D.F. Phase Diagram of Cu-Au-Type Alloys 1985ХХ
122956 Li W., Park P., Widom M. Phase Diagram of a Random Tiling Quasicrystal 1992ХХ
125121 Chou W. Phase Diagram of a One-Dimensional Model with Noneonvex Interactions, Using the Method of Effective Potentials 1988ХХ
124913 Ozeki Y. Phase Diagram and Critical Properties of the Asymmetric Mattis Model 1993ХХ
120383 Laanait L., Masaif N., Ruiz J. Phase Coexistence in Partially Symmetric q-State Models 1993ХХ
30026 Freed K. (Ed) Phase Behavior of Polymer Blends 2005 ХХХ
119420 van Duijneveldt J.S., Lekkerkerker H.N.W. Phase Behavior of Hard Particles 1995ХХ
188727 Rieth M. Pharmazeutische Mikrobiologie: Qualitatssicherung, Monitoring, Betriebshygiene 2012ХХ
48032 Taylor K.M. (Ed), Harding G. Pharmacy Practice 2001ХХ
49580 Desselle S.P., Zgarrick D.P. Pharmacy Management: Essentials for All Practice Settings 2009 ХХХ
49610 Feinberg D.B. Pharmacy Law: Textbook & Review 2007ХХ

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