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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
195429 S. McCleaf Nespeca, J. B. Reeve Picture Books Plus: 100 Extension Activities in Art, Drama, Music, Math, and Science 2002ХХ
168882 Chang S., Fu K. Pictorial Information Systems 1980ХХ
74208 Predko M. PICmicro microcontroller pocket reference 2000 ХХХ
40362 Kuhn B.M. Picking Up Perl 1999ХХ
181450 Cregg J. Pichia Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology) 2007 ХХХ
148990 Higgins D., Cregg J. Pichia Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology Vol 103) 1998ХХ
21376 Higgins D.R., Cregg J. Pichia Protocols 1998ХХ
176075 Cregg J. Pichia Protocols 2007 ХХХ
128611 PicBasic Pro компил€тор n/aХХ
2263 Mumford D. Picard groups of moduli problems 1962ХХ
31698 PIC12C5XX. ќднокристалльные 8-разр€дные, 8-выводные CMOS микроконтроллеры компании Microchip Technology Incorporated 2002ХХ
31719 “авернье  . PIC-микроконтроллеры. ѕрактика применени€ 2004ХХ
23714 Iovine J. PIC Robotics: A BeginnerТs Guide to Robotics Projects Using the PICmicro 2005ХХ
183542 Iovine J. PIC Projects for Non-Programmers 2012ХХ
141013 Verle M. PIC microcontrollers: Programming in C. 2009ХХ
29452 Smith D.W. PIC in Practice: A Project -based Approach 2006 ХХХ
138184 Gardner N. PIC C. An introduction to programming microchip PIC C 2002 ХХХ
29451 Ibrahim D. PIC Basic Projects: 30 Projects using PIC Basic and PIC Basic Pro 2006ХХ
13417 Neely B. Piano For Dummies 1998ХХ
74546 Manus M. Piano Chord Dictionary 1978ХХ
41642 Rubinstein J.H., Wang S. Pi1-injective surfaces in graph manifolds 1998ХХ
36876 Jacobson N. Pi-Algebras 1975ХХ
41625 Seidel P. Pi-1 of Symplectyc Autimorphism Groups and Invertibles in Quantum Homology Rings 1997ХХ
33095 Borwein J.M., Borwein P.B. Pi and the AGM: A Study in Analytic Number Theory and Computational Complexity 1987ХХ
182463 Borwein J., Borwein P. Pi and the AGM. Analytic number theory and computational complexity 1987ХХ
109209 Borwein P. Pi and the AGM (Chapter 10 only: approximations to elementary functions) n/aХХ
156232 Steven C. McCutcheon, Jerald L. Schnoor Phytoremediation: Transformation and Control of Contaminants (Environmental Science and Technology: A Wiley-Interscience Series of Texts and Monographs) 2003 ХХХ
168753 Willey N. Phytoremediation: Methods and Reviews (Methods in Biotechnology) 2007ХХ
157239 Willey N. Phytoremediation: Methods and Reviews 2006ХХ
133897 Mackova M., Dowling D., Macek T. Phytoremediation Rhizoremediation 2010ХХ
145181 Mackova M., Dowling D., Macek T. Phytoremediation and Rhizoremediation: Theoretical Background (Focus on Biotechnology. Volume 9A) 2006ХХ
185670 Lawson L., Bauer R. Phytomedicines of Europe. Chemistry and Biological Activity 1998ХХ
145723 Romeo J.T., Dixon R.A. Phytochemistry in the Genomics and Post-Genomics Eras (Recent Advances in Phytochemistry. Volume 36) 2002ХХ
133815 Romeo J.T., Dixon R.A. Phytochemistry in the Genomics and Post-Genomics Eras 2002ХХ
134708 Johnson I.T. Phytochemical Functional Foods 2003ХХ
148597 Thomas Battinelli Physique, Fitness, and Performance 2007 ХХХ
56113 Aslangule C. Physique Statistique cles Fluides Classiques (NP 116) 2006ХХ
112793 Delcroix J.-L., Bers A. Physique des plasmas, volume 1 1994ХХ
143061 Moisan M., Pelletier J. Physique des plasmas collisionnels : Application aux decharges haute frequence 2006ХХ
188932 Marleau L. Physique des Particules n/aХХ
183562 Caltagirone J. Physique des ?coulements Continus 2013ХХ
113572 Harms M. Physiotherapy. Volume 97. Number 1 2011ХХ
170440 Nitz J., Hourigan S. Physiotherapy Practice in Residential Aged Care 2004ХХ
185233 Buzzard B., Beeton K. Physiotherapy Management of Haemophilia 2000ХХ
143843 Hough A. Physiotherapy in Respiratory Care: An Evidence-Based Approach to Respiratory and Cardiac Management 2001 ХХХ
194985 Atkinson K., Coutts F.J., Hassenkamp A.-M. Physiotherapy in Orthopaedics: A Problem-Solving Approach 2005 ХХХ
168960 Pryor J., Webber B. Physiotherapy for Respiratory and Cardiac Problems (Physiotherapy Essentials) 1998 ХХХ
193150 Pountney T. Physiotherapy for Children 2007ХХ
142961 Crombie S. Physiotherapy 1997ХХ
157282 Ryan J.P., Wang M.B. Physiology: PreTest Self-Assessment and Review 2001 ХХХ

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