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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
49360 Vogel B. How to Gain Gain: A Reference Book on Triodes in Audio Pre-Amps 2008 ХХХ
29700 Vogel C.M., Cagan J., Boatwright P. Design of Things to Come: How Ordinary People Create Extraordinary Products 2005ХХ
74864 Vogel C.R. Computational Methods for Inverse Problems (Frontiers in Applied Mathematics) 2002ХХ
58232 Vogel D. The Market For Virtue: The Potential And Limits Of Corporate Social Responsibility 2005ХХ
172582 Vogel H. Calcium-binding Protein Protocols. Volume 2: Methods and Techniques 2002ХХ
137450 Vogel H. J. Calcium-binding Protein Protocols. Reviews and Case Histories 2001ХХ
72753 Vogel H.-J. Adjointness between theories and strict theories 2003ХХ
72968 Vogel H.-J. On the structure of halfdiagonal-halfterminal-symmetric categories with diagonal inversions 2001ХХ
21398 Vogel H.C., Todaro C.C. Fermentation and Biochemical Engineering Handbook 1996 ХХХ
47614 Vogel H.G. (Ed) Drug Discovery and Evaluation: Pharmacological Assays 2002 ХХХ
49063 Vogel H.G. (ed.), Hock F.J. (ed.), Maas J. (ed.) Drug Discovery and Evaluation 2006 ХХХ
16780 Vogel H.J. (ed.) Calcium-Binding Protein Protocols: Reviews and Case Studies (vol. 1) 2002ХХ
16781 Vogel H.J. (ed.) Calcium-Binding Protein Protocols: Methods and Techniques (vol. 2) 2002ХХ
52868 Vogel H.L. Entertainment Industry Economics: A Guide for Financial Analysis 2007 ХХХ
14382 Vogel P. Professional Web Parts And Custom Controls With ASP.NET 2.0 2005ХХ
136238 Vogel P. Practical Code Generation in .NET: Covering Visual Studio 2005, 2008, and 2010 2010ХХ
131865 Vogel S. Life in Moving Fluids: The Physical Biology of Flow 1994 ХХХ
157966 Vogel S., Calvert R.A. Life's Devices. The Physical World of Animals and Plants 1988ХХ
50094 Vogel S. Vital Circuits: On Pumps, Pipes, and the Working of Circulatory Systems 1992 ХХХ
168408 Vogel W., Kalb H. Large-Scale Solar Thermal Power: Technologies, Costs and Development 2010 ХХХ
16409 Vogeleer D., Wilson E., Barber L. Macromedia Flash Professional 8 Unleashed 2005ХХ
119657 Vogeler A., Wolf-Gladrow D.A. Pair Interaction Lattice Gas Simulations: Flow Past Obstacles in Two and Three Dimensions 1993ХХ
120517 Vogelsang R., Hoheisel C. Determination of the Friction Coefficient via the Force Autocorrelation Function. A Molecular Dynamics Investigation for a Dense Lennard-Jones Fluid 1986ХХ
123624 Vogelsang R., Hoheisel C. The Friction Coefficient of a Lennard-Jones Fluid from the Random Force Autocorrelation Function Determined as a Memory Function by Molecular Dynamics Calculations 1989ХХ
19751 Voges K.E. (ed.), Pope N. (ed.) Business Applications And Computational Intelligence 2005ХХ
83879 Voges R., Heys J.R., Moenius T. Preparation of compounds labeled with tritium and carbon-14 2009ХХ
165311 Voges U. Computer Safety, Reliability and Security: 20th International Conference, SAFECOMP 2001, Budapest, Hungary, September 26-28, 2001 Proceedings 2001ХХ
28859 Vogiazou Y. Design for Emergence: Collaborative Social Play with Online and Location-Based Media - Volume 153 Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications 2007ХХ
151643 Vogler W. Modular Construction and Partial Order Semantics of Petri Nets 1992ХХ
27208 Voglmaier R. The ABCs of LDAP: How to Install, Run, and Administer LDAP Services 2003ХХ
198099 Vogt G. Earth's outer atmosphere: bordering space 2006ХХ
46819 Vogt G.L. Landscapes of Mars A Visual Tour 2008ХХ
187740 Vogt M. Reviews of Physiology, Biochemistry and Pharmacology, Volume 94 1982ХХ
20507 Vogt R. Topologie 1 1995ХХ
49972 Vogtle F., Weber E. Stereochemistry 1984ХХ
193809 Vogtle F., Weber E. Stereochemistry 1984ХХ
84891 Vogtle F., Richardt G., Werner N. Dendrimer Chemistry 2007ХХ
134853 Vogtle F. (ed.) Topics in Current Chemistry 197, Dendrimers 1998 ХХХ
36795 Vohnout K. Mathematical Modeling for System Analysis in Agricultural Research 2003ХХ
169952 Vohnout K. Mathematical Modeling for System Analysis in Agricultural Research 2003ХХ
20232 Vohra A., Vohra d. Pro XML Development with Java Technology 2006ХХ
50868 Vohra D. Ajax in Oracle JDeveloper 2008 ХХХ
30080 Vohra D. Ruby on Rails for Php and Java Developers 2007ХХ
121693 Vohra S.T., Bucholtz F. Observation of Stochastic Resonance near a Subcritical Bifurcation 1993ХХ
34010 Voigt A. Multiscale Modeling in Epitaxial Growth 2005ХХ
164306 Voigt A. Multiscale Modeling in Epitaxial Growth 2005ХХ
157311 Voigt A. Multiscale Modeling in Epitaxial Growth (International Series of Numerical Mathematics) 2005ХХ
38912 Voigt D. Induzierte Darstellungen In Der Theorie Der Endlichen, Algebraischen Gruppen 2008ХХ
173218 Voigt H. Astronomy and Astrophysics Extension and Supplement to Volume 2 1996ХХ
44309 Voigt H.-J., Knodel K., Lange G. Environmental Geology: Handbook of Field Methods and Case Studies 2007ХХ

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