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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
149046 Wong Z. Human Factors in Project Management: Concepts, Tools, and Techniques for Inspiring Teamwork and Motivation 2007ХХ
182740 Wong-Ng W., Goyal A., Guo R. Synthesis, Properties, and Crystal Chemistry of Perovskite-Based Materials, Volume 169 2005ХХ
77513 Wonnacott M. Possession of land 2006ХХ
68423 Woo K.T. Clinical Nephrology 1998ХХ
158626 Woo G. The mathematics of natural catastrophes 1999ХХ
35104 Woo G. Mathematics of Natural Catastrophes 1999ХХ
155554 Woo J. The Political Economy of Fiscal Policy: Public Deficits, Volatility, and Growth 2006ХХ
152128 Woo J., Lew H., Park K. Proceedings of the 31st Conference of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education Volume 1 2007ХХ
192762 Woo M., Neider J., Davis T. Opengl Programming Guide: The Official Guide to Learning Opengl, Version 1.1 (OTL) 1994 ХХХ
41167 Woo M. (Ed) Cold Region Atmospheric and Hydrologic Studies: the MacKenzie Gewex Experience: Atmospheric Dynamics, Vol. 1 2007ХХ
41517 Woo Y.H. The Compton Effect and Tertiary X-Radiation 1925ХХ
44098 Woo Y.H. Note on Absorption Measurements of the X-Rays Reflected from a Calcite Crystal 1924ХХ
42548 Woo Y.H. On the intensity of total scattering of x-rays by monatomis gases 1930ХХ
43707 Woo Y.H. On The Intensity Of Total Scattering Of X-Rays By Gases I 1931ХХ
43708 Woo Y.H. On The Intensity Of Total Scattering Of X-Rays By Gases II 1931ХХ
16472 Wood A. Conquering Your Market with a One Man Army n/aХХ
26587 Wood A.F., Smith M.J. Online Communication: Linking Technology, Identity, and Culture 2004ХХ
80106 Wood A.G., Stone D. Holocaust 2007 ХХХ
56185 Wood B. Human Evolution: A Very Short Introduction 2005ХХ
83368 Wood C. (ed.), Jena D. (ed.) Polarization effects in semiconductors. From ab initio theory to device applications 2008ХХ
44489 Wood C.A. The Modern Moon: A Personal View 2007ХХ
148953 Wood C.M., Shuttleworth T.J. Cellular and Molecular Approaches to Fish Ionic Regulation 1995ХХ
147812 Wood D., Yu S. Automata Implementation: Second International Workshop on Implementing Automata, WIA'97, London, Ontario, Canada, September 18-20, 1997, Revised Papers 1998ХХ
56345 Wood D. Medieval Economic Thought 2004ХХ
53589 Wood D. Grammar And L Forms: An Introduction 1980ХХ
136552 Wood D. Geotechnical Modelling 2004ХХ
129012 Wood D. Programming Internet Email HQ [SMTP,MIME,IMAP,POP3] 1999 ХХХ
28736 Wood D., Leiter C. Beginning SQL Server2005 Administration 2006ХХ
24856 Wood D. Symbian for Software Leaders: Principles of Successful Smartphone Development Projects 2005ХХ
123317 Wood D. W., Ball J. K. On a Point of Order 1989ХХ
56861 Wood D.C. Research in Economic Anthropology. Vol. 26 2008ХХ
196553 Wood D.C. Computation of polylogarithms (tech.rep. 15-92) 1992ХХ
59571 Wood D.J., Logsdon J.M., Lewellyn P.G., Davenport K. Global Business Citizenship: A Transformative Framework for Ethics and Sustainable Capitalism 2006ХХ
128625 Wood D.P., Honn K.V. The Oncobiology of the Prostate. Volume 3 1999ХХ
79425 Wood E. Encyclopedia of Volcanos 2007ХХ
143796 Wood E. Microbiology of Oceans and Estuaries (Elsevier Oceanography Series V. 3) 1967ХХ
83274 Wood G. A. R., Lass R.A. Cocoa (Tropical Agriculture) 2001 ХХХ
144859 Wood J. The Virtual Embodied: Presence Practice Technology 1998ХХ
129551 Wood J. Java Programming For Spatial Sciences 2002ХХ
28858 Wood K. Delphi Developer's Guide to XML 2001ХХ
23114 Wood L. User Interface Design: Bridging the Gap from User Requirements to Design 1997ХХ
58915 Wood L. Funny Business: The Rise and Fall of Steve Vizard 2007ХХ
53381 Wood N. Business and Commerce 2003ХХ
64524 Wood P., Laridry C. The Intercultural City. Planning for Diversity Advantage 2008ХХ
147595 Wood P. Understanding Immunology 2006 ХХХ
18458 Wood P.L. (ed.) Neuroinflammation: Mechanisms and Management 2003 ХХХ
13958 Wood R., Foster L., Damant A. Analytical methods for food additives 2004ХХ
15582 Wood R. Next-Generation Network Services 2005ХХ
163681 Wood R., Foster L., Damant A. Analytical Methods for Food Additives 2004ХХ
192780 Wood R. C Programming for Scientists and Engineers (Manufacturing Engineering Series) 2002ХХ

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