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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
123143 Fisher M.E., Li X., Levin Y. On the Absence of Intermediate Phases in the Two-Dimensional Coulomb Gas 1995ХХ
123161 Vieillefosse P. Coulomb Pair Density Matrix. II 1995ХХ
123231 Oerding K. Relaxation Times in a Finite Ising System with Random Impurities 1995ХХ
123239 Weiss G.H. Book Review: Aspects and Applications of The Random Walk 1995ХХ
123248 Zou Q., Hou S., Chen S. An Improved Incompressible Lattice Boltzmann Model for Time-Independent Flows 1995ХХ
123255 Santos M.A., Teixeira S. Anisotropic Voter Model 1995ХХ
123256 Gabetta G., Toscani G., Wennberg B. Metrics for Probability Distributions and the Trend to Equilibrium for Solutions of the Boltzmann Equation 1995ХХ
123268 Kiessling M.K.-H., Percus J.K. Nonuniform van der Waals Theory 1995ХХ
123321 Roger E. Behrend, Paul A. Pearce, David L. O'Brien Interaction-Round-a-Face Models with Fixed Boundary Conditions: The ABF Fusion Hierarchy 1995ХХ
123327 T. Prellberg, R. Brak Critical Exponents from Nonlinear Functional Equations for Partially Directed Cluster Models 1995ХХ
123343 Pfister C.-E., Velde K.V. Almost Sure Quasilocality in the Random Cluster Model 1995ХХ
123361 Boukraa S., Maillard J.-M., Rollet G. Discrete Symmetry Groups of Vertex Models in Statistical Mechanics 1995ХХ
123380 Snider R.F. Conversion Between Kinetic Energy and Potential Energy in the Classical Nonlocal Boltzmann Equation 1995ХХ
123435 Orlandini E., van Rensburg E.J.J. Twist in an Exactly Solvable Directed Lattice Ribbon 1995ХХ
123488 Rouault Y., Baschnagel J., Binder K. Phase Separation of Symmetrical Polymer Mixtures in Thin-Film Geometry 1995ХХ
123496 David Levermore Moment Closure Hierarchies for Kinetic Theories 1995ХХ
123498 Vladimir Privman, Antonio M. R. Cadilhe, M. Lawrence Glasser Exact Solutions of Anisotropic Diffusion-Limited Reactions with Coagulation and Annihilation 1995ХХ
123502 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1995ХХ
123524 Emilio N. M. Cirillo, Enzo Olivieri Metastability and Nucleation for the Blume-Capel Model. Different Mechanisms of Transition 1995ХХ
123600 Olivieri E., Scoppola E. Markov Chains with Exponentially Small Transition Probabilities: First Exit Problem from a General Domain. I. The Reversible Case 1995ХХ
123658 Wu J., Liu X. The Existence of Phase V in the Mandelbrot Percolation Process 1995ХХ
123660 Forland K., Forland T. An Alternative Approach to Electrochemistry 1995ХХ
123666 Ueno Y. Description of Ordering and Phase Transitions in Terms of Local Connectivity: Proof of a Novel Type of Percolated State in the General Clock Model 1995ХХ
123722 Wagner L., Hayot F. Lattice Boltzmann Simulations of Flow Past a Cylindrical Obstacle 1995ХХ
123728 de Oiiveira P.M.C. Finite-Size Scaling for First-Order Transitions: Potts Model 1995ХХ
123742 Ramsden J.J. Report on the Second International Workshop on Random Sequential Adsorption. Theory and Experiment 1995ХХ
123777 Milovy L. Fourth Liblice Conference on the Statistical Mechanics of Liquids 1995ХХ
123796 Ole Warnaar S. Fermionic Solution of the Andrews-Baxter-Forrester Model. II. Proof of Melzer's Polynomial Identities 1995ХХ
123833 Bunde A. Fractals in Science 1995ХХ
123851 Ben Abdallah N., Degond P., Genieys S. An Energy-Transport Model for Semiconductors Derived from the Boltzmann Equation 1995ХХ
123949 Steif J. Two Applications of Percolation to Cellular Automata 1995ХХ
123955 Cerchiai B. L. Knot Invariants Associated with a Particular N -> inf Continuous Limit of the Baxter-Bazhanov Model 1995ХХ
124010 Heumann M. Generalization of an Aging Model 1995ХХ
124022 Preliberg T., Owczarek A.L. Stacking Models of Vesicles and Compact Clusters 1995ХХ
124041 Franz S., Rieger H. Fluctuation-Dissipation Ratio in Three-Dimensional Spin Glasses 1995ХХ
124067 Jason A. C. Gallas, Hans J. Herrmann, Thorsten Piischel Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Size Segregation in Three Dimensions 1995ХХ
124110 Ernst M. H., Bussemaker H. J. Algebraic Spatial Correlations in Lattice Gas Automata Violating Detailed Balance 1995ХХ
124111 Jancovici B. Classical Coulomb Systems: Screening and Correlations Revisited 1995ХХ
124116 Montanero J.M., Santos A., Garzo V. Does the Gaussian Thermostat Maximize the Phase-Space Compression Factor? 1995ХХ
124141 Kotulski M. Asymptotic Distributions of Continuous-Time Random Walks: A Probabilistic Approach 1995ХХ
124189 van Wonderen A.J., Lendi K. Quantum Theory of Dissipative Processes: The Markov Approximation Revisited 1995ХХ
124217 Chen Y., Ohashi H., Akiyama M. Heat Transfer in Lattice BGK Modeled Fluid 1995ХХ
124252 Tribel O., Boon P. Lattice Gas with "Interaction Potential" 1995ХХ
124257 Aslangul C. Diffusion on a Random Comb: Distribution Function of the Survival Probability 1995ХХ
124269 Schaertl W. Brownian Dynamics of Colloidal Hard Spheres. 3. Extended Investigations at the Phase Transition Regime 1995ХХ
124327 1994 Statistical Mechanics/Mathematical Physics Meeting 1995ХХ
124333 Hoye J.S. Correlation Functions in the Cavity Model of Ionic Fluids 1995ХХ
124342 O'Rourke M.J., Baxter R.J. Numerical Results for the Three-State Critical Potts Model on Finite Rectangular Lattices 1995ХХ
124351 Boldrighini C., Bunimovich L.A. Ising-Type Transitions in Coupled Map Lattices 1995ХХ
124365 van Enter A. Pathological Behavior of Renormalization-Group Maps at High Fields and Above the Transition Temperature 1995ХХ

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