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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
122148 Toom A. Simple One-Dimensional Interaction Systems with Superexponential Relaxation Times 1995ХХ
122200 Georgii H.-O. The Equivalence of Ensembles for Classical Systems of Particles 1995ХХ
122230 Friedman H.L., Raineri F.O., Hirata F. Surrogate Hamiltonian Description of Solvation Dynamics. Site Number Density and Polarization Charge Density Formulations 1995ХХ
122238 Argyris J., Faust G., Haase M. Book Review: An Exploration of Chaos 1995ХХ
122247 Sergeev S. M., Mangazeev V. V., Stroganov Yu. G. The Vertex Formulation of the Bazhanov-Baxter Model 1995ХХ
122253 Jonathan Machta, Raymond Greenlaw The Computational Complexity of Generating Random Fractals 1995ХХ
122289 Gielerak R., Olkiewicz R. Gentle Perturbations of the Free Bose Gas. I 1995ХХ
122294 Walsh C., Ray T.S., Jan N. Anomalous Biennial Oscillations in a Fisher Equation with a Discretized Verhulst Term 1995ХХ
122304 Zou Q., Hou S., Doolen G.D. Analytical Solutions of the Lattice Boltzmann BGK Model 1995ХХ
122326 M. Broidioi, M. Van Canneyt Scaling of Fluctuations and Critical Exponents 1995ХХ
122363 T. Szered Hard Chaos and Adiabatic Quantization: The Wedge Billiard 1995ХХ
122411 Chen N.-N., Grynberg M.D., Stinchcombe R.B. Deposition-Evaporation Stochastic Systems in Two and Higher Dimensions 1995ХХ
122423 Dong H. Subcritical Asymptotic Behavior in the Thermodynamic Limit of Reversible Random Polymerization Processes 1995ХХ
122424 Sahimi M., Rassamdana H. On Position-Space Renormalization Group Approach to Percolation 1995ХХ
122429 Albeverio S., Zhou X.Y. A Renormalization Result for the Intersection Local Time of Lattice Random Walks in d >= 3 Dimensions 1995ХХ
122454 Samols T.M. A Stochastic Model of a Quantum Field Theory 1995ХХ
122483 Salas J. Low-Temperature Series for Renormalized Operators: The Ferromagnetic Square-Lattice Ising Model 1995ХХ
122506 Stroock D., Zegarlinski B. On the Ergodic Properties of Glauber Dynamics 1995ХХ
122544 Book Review: Disorder and Competition in Soluble Lattice Models 1995ХХ
122562 Gropengiesser U. The Ground-State Energy of the _+ J Spin Glass. A Comparison of Various Biologically Motivated Algorithms 1995ХХ
122568 Elliott F., Majda A. Hierarchical Monte Carlo Methods for Fractal Random Fields 1995ХХ
122584 Baake M. Partition Function Zeros for Aperiodic Systems 1995ХХ
122586 MacKay R.S. The Classical Statistical Mechanics of Frenkel-Kontorova Models 1995ХХ
122587 Noble D., Georgiadis J. Direct Assessment of Lattice Boltzmann Hydrodynamics and Boundary Conditions for Recirculating Flows 1995ХХ
122665 Okubo S. Introduction to Octionion and Other Non-Associative Algebras in Physics 1995ХХ
122670 Handjani S. The Reversible Measures for Symmetric Nearest-Particle Systems 1995ХХ
122681 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1995ХХ
122683 Morbidelli A., Giorgilli A. Superexponentiai Stability of KAM Tori 1995ХХ
122686 Chen S. Growth Kinetics in Multicomponent Fluids 1995ХХ
122695 Penrose J. Lars Onsager Remembered 1995ХХ
122711 Neves E. A Discrete Variational Problem Related to Ising Droplets at Low Temperatures 1995ХХ
122738 Cohen E.G.D., Wang F. New Results for Diffusion in Lorentz Lattice Gas Cellular Automata 1995ХХ
122800 van Kampen N.G. A Soluble Model for Quantum Mechanical Dissipation 1995ХХ
122802 Eyink G.L. Besov Spaces and the Multifractal Hypothesis 1995ХХ
122824 Schutz G. Reaction-Diffusion Processes of Hard-Core Particles 1995ХХ
122826 Cerchiai B.L. Three-Dimensional Integrable Models and Associated Tangle Invariants 1995ХХ
122839 Xu K. A New Class of Gas-Kinetic Relaxation Schemes for the Compressible Euler Equations 1995ХХ
122862 van Kampen N.G. The Turning of Magnetotactic Bacteria 1995ХХ
122866 Mineev-Weinstein M.B., Alexander F.J. Conserved Moments in Nonequilibrium Field Dynamics 1995ХХ
122908 Thorsten Poschel, Werner Ebeling, Heige Rose Guessing Probability Distributions from Small Samples 1995ХХ
122912 Illner R., Struckmeier J. Boundary Value Problems for the Steady Boltzmann Equation 1995ХХ
122926 Regis J. Serinko Ergodic Theorems Arising in Correlation Dimension Estimation 1995ХХ
122932 Elisabetta Marcelli, Fabio Martinelli Some New Results on the Two-Dimensional Kinetic lsing Model in the Phase Coexistence Region 1995ХХ
122935 Bernardin D., Sero-Guillaume O. E. Exact Stability Results in Stochastic Lattice Gas Cellular Automata 1995ХХ
122939 Christopher G. Jesudason Note on Monte Carlo Methods Without Necessary Detailed Balance 1995ХХ
122941 H. Lustfeld, J. Bene, Z. Kaufmann The Correlation Functions Near Intermittency in a One-Dimensional Piecewise Parabolic Map 1995ХХ
122960 Hodgdon J.A., Stillinger F.H. Equilibrium Concentration of Point Defects in Crystalline 4^He at 0 K 1995ХХ
122972 Wang F., Cohen E.G.D. Diffusion in Lorentz Lattice Gas Cellular Automata: The Honeycomb and Quasi-lattices Compared with the Square and Triangular Lattices 1995ХХ
122978 McCauley J.L. Weak Electrolytes, Brownian Motion, Vortices in Superfluid Films, and Odins Aker 1995ХХ
122990 Alastuey A., Forrester P.J. Correlations in Two-Component Log-Gas Systems 1995ХХ

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