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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
120955 Wilson S.R. (ed.) 1996 IMS Meetings. Employment Opportunities Around the World 1995ХХ
120973 Kawashima N., Gubernatis J.E. Generalization of the Fortuin-Kasteleyn Transformation and Its Application to Quantum Spin Simulations 1995ХХ
121013 Pereira E. Orthogonality Between Scales in a Renormalization Group for Fermions 1995ХХ
121032 Safran S.A. Statistical Thermodynamics of Surfaces, Interfaces, and Membranes 1995ХХ
121041 Podgornik R. Book Review: Statistical Physics of Macromolecules 1995ХХ
121053 Criteria for Local Equilibrium in a System with Transport of Heat and Mass 1995ХХ
121066 Bertini L., Cancrini N. The Stochastic Heat Equation: Feynman-Kac Formula and Intermittence 1995ХХ
121175 Lee B.P., Cardy J. Renormalization Group Study of the A + B -> 0 Diffusion-Limited Reaction 1995ХХ
121195 Bassler K.E., Zia R.K.P. Phase Transitions in a Driven Lattice Gas at Two Temperatures 1995ХХ
121307 Nagle J.F. Onsager, Ice, Biomembranes, Dimer Models and the F-Model 1995ХХ
121310 Broderix K., Hundertmark D. The Fate of Lifshits Tails in Magnetic Fields 1995ХХ
121315 lshii Y. Ising Models, Julia Sets, and Similarity of the Maximal Entropy Measures 1995ХХ
121329 Owczarek A.L., Prellberg T. The Collapse Point of Interacting Trails in Two Dimensions from Kinetic Growth Simulations 1995ХХ
121379 Liitken C. A. Anisotropic Transport of Charge and Complexified Duality 1995ХХ
121392 Anderle M. Pattern-Specific Neural Network Design 1995ХХ
121401 Provatas N. Scaling, Propagation, and Kinetic Roughening of Flame Fronts in Random Media 1995ХХ
121408 Krebs K. Finite-Size Scaling Studies of One-Dimensional Reaction-Diffusion Systems. Part II. Numerical Methods 1995ХХ
121409 Chayes L., Schonmann R.H., Swindle G. Lifshitz' Law for the Volume of a Two-Dimensional Droplet at Zero Temperature 1995ХХ
121431 Robertson H. Statistical Thermophysics 1995ХХ
121444 Sreenivasan K.R., Stolovitzky G. Turbulent Cascades 1995ХХ
121447 Laughton S.N., Coolen A.C.C. Macroscopic Lyapunov Functions for Separable Stochastic Neural Networks with Detailed Balance 1995ХХ
121449 Moss de Oliveira S., de Oliveira P.M.C. The Spin-S Blume-Capel RG Flow Diagram 1995ХХ
121462 Samaj L., Percus J.K. lnhomogeneous Glauber Dynamics and the Process of Crystallization of a Lattice Gas 1995ХХ
121471 Grassberger P. Are Damage Spreading Transitions Generically in the Universality Class of Directed Percolation? 1995ХХ
121475 Nadiga B.T. An Euler Solver Based on Locally Adaptive Discrete Velocities 1995ХХ
121550 Gielis G., Maes C. The Uniqueness Regime of Gibbs Fields with Unbounded Disorder 1995ХХ
121559 Eyink G. Local Energy Flux and the Refined Similarity Hypothesis 1995ХХ
121572 Wu C.C. A Note on Mean-Field Behavior for Self-Avoiding Walk on Branching Planes 1995ХХ
121593 Bukman D., Shore J. The Conical Point in the Ferroelectric Six-Vertex Model 1995ХХ
121643 Wagner W. Approximation of the Boltzmann Equation by Discrete Velocity Models 1995ХХ
121645 Baxter R.J. Solvable Models in Statistical Mechanics, from Onsager Onward 1995ХХ
121668 Miller D. The Origins of Onsager's Key Role in the Development of Linear Irreversible Thermodynamics 1995ХХ
121679 Au-Yang H., Perk J.H.H. The Chiral Potts Models Revisited 1995ХХ
121849 H. Calisto, E. Cerda Effective Potential and Weak Noise Transitions 1995ХХ
121861 Lars Onsager Chemistry 1968. PRESENTATION SPEECH 1995ХХ
121881 Tateno T., Dot S., Sato S. Stochastic Phase Lockings in a Relaxation Oscillator Forced by a Periodic Input with Additive Noise: A First-Passage-Time Approach 1995ХХ
121949 Aernout C. D. van Enter Ill-Defined Block-Spin Transformations at Arbitrarily High Temperatures 1995ХХ
121976 Peter Neu, Roland Speicher Rigorous Mean-Field Model for Coherent-Potential Approximation: Anderson Model with Free Random Variables 1995ХХ
122003 Spohn H., Yau H.-T. Bulk Diffusivity of Lattice Gases Close to Criticality 1995ХХ
122027 Dorfman J.R., Ernst M.H., Jacobs D. Dynamical Chaos in the Lorentz Lattice Gas 1995ХХ
122063 Chayes L., Machta J. On the Behavior of the Surface Tension for Spin Systems in a Correlated Porous Medium 1995ХХ
122066 Cinlar E., Torquato S. Exact Determination of the Two-Point Cluster Function for One-Dimensional Continuum Percolation 1995ХХ
122148 Toom A. Simple One-Dimensional Interaction Systems with Superexponential Relaxation Times 1995ХХ
122200 Georgii H.-O. The Equivalence of Ensembles for Classical Systems of Particles 1995ХХ
122230 Friedman H.L., Raineri F.O., Hirata F. Surrogate Hamiltonian Description of Solvation Dynamics. Site Number Density and Polarization Charge Density Formulations 1995ХХ
122238 Argyris J., Faust G., Haase M. Book Review: An Exploration of Chaos 1995ХХ
122247 Sergeev S. M., Mangazeev V. V., Stroganov Yu. G. The Vertex Formulation of the Bazhanov-Baxter Model 1995ХХ
122253 Jonathan Machta, Raymond Greenlaw The Computational Complexity of Generating Random Fractals 1995ХХ
122289 Gielerak R., Olkiewicz R. Gentle Perturbations of the Free Bose Gas. I 1995ХХ
122294 Walsh C., Ray T.S., Jan N. Anomalous Biennial Oscillations in a Fisher Equation with a Discretized Verhulst Term 1995ХХ

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