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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
106892 Weltzien C. Ueber die Zerlegung einer ganzen homogenen Funktion in mehreren Veränderlichen lineare Faktoren 1882 ХХХ
32077 Welz B., Becker-Ross H., Florek S. High-Resolution Continuum Source AAS: The Better Way to Do Atomic Absorption Spectrometry 2005ХХ
24141 Welzl M. Network Congestion Control: Managing Internet Traffic 2005ХХ
84811 Weman K. Welding Processes Handbook 2003ХХ
24117 Wempen F. Microsoft Windows XP: Simply Visual 2005ХХ
29455 Wempen F. Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 Bible 2007ХХ
3681 Wempen F. PowerPoint Advanced Presentation Techniques 2004ХХ
189093 Wempen F. PowerPoint Advanced Presentation Techniques 2004ХХ
166634 Wen G. Elliptic, hyperbolic and mixed complex equations with parabolic degeneracy 2008ХХ
135154 Wen G. Elliptic, Hyperbolic and Mixed Complex Equations with Parabolic Degeneracy: Including Tricomi-Bers and Tricomi-Frankl-Rrassias Problems (Peking University Series in Mathematics) 2008ХХ
33583 Wen G.C. Linear and Quasilinear Complex Equations of Hyperbolic and Mixed Types 2002ХХ
182733 Wen H., Tiwary P., Le-Ngoc T. Wireless Virtualization 2013ХХ
49784 Wen S.Y. A Certain Regular Property of the Method I Construction and Packing Measure 2007ХХ
16148 Wen X.G. Quantum Field Theory of Many-body Systems. Chapters 5-6 2004ХХ
70147 Wen Xie (Editor) Nuclear Receptors in Drug Metabolism 2008 ХХХ
28630 Wen Zh., Huang Th.S., Shah M. (E) 3D Face Processing (The Kluwer International Series in Video Computing): Modeling, Analysis, and Synthesis 2004ХХ
39349 Wen-tsun W. Rational Homotopy Type: A Constructive Study Via the Theory of the I*-Measure 1987ХХ
184179 Wen-tsun W. Mathematics mechanization: mechanical geometry theorem-proving, mechanical geometry problem-solving, and polynomial equations-solving 2000ХХ
54186 Wen-Tsun W. Mathematics Mechanization 2000ХХ
38973 Wendebourg J. Simulating Oil Entrapment in Clastic Sequences, Vol. 16 1997ХХ
75016 Wendell W. Moral machines: teaching robots right from wrong 2008ХХ
74761 Wendemuth A., Andelic E.(Contributor), Barth S.(Contributor) Grundlagen der digitalen Signalverarbeitung: Ein mathematischer Zugang 2004 ХХХ
106886 Wendland H. Hyperbolische Geometrie 2006ХХ
107325 Wendland H. Konvexe Mengen. Lections 2007ХХ
146893 Wendland H. Scattered Data Approximation (Cambridge Monographs on Applied and Computational Mathematics) 2005ХХ
18874 Wendlandt W.W. Thermal Analysis 1986 ХХХ
156970 Wendling A. Karl Marx on Technology and Alienation 2009ХХ
44326 Wendt G.L. The Ozone Form of Hydrogen 1919ХХ
50669 Wendt R. A Character Formula for Representations of Loop Groups Based on Non-simply Connected Lie Groups 2004ХХ
143950 Wendt S. Roots of Modern Technology: An Elegant Survey of the Basic Mathematical and Scientific Concepts 2010ХХ
75808 Wendy Dr. Small Animal Medicine II. Course Outline n/aХХ
132534 Wendy L. Martinez, Angel Martinez, Jeffrey Solka Exploratory Data Analysis with MATLAB 2004 ХХХ
149185 Wendy S. Enelow, Louise M. Kursmark Expert Resumes For Computer And Web Jobs 2005 ХХХ
106003 Weng A. Kryptographie 2005ХХ
126500 Weng Cho Chew, Mei Song Tong, Bin Hu Integral Equation Methods for Electromagnetic and Elastic Waves 2009ХХ
42226 Weng L. Ω-admissible theory II. Deligne pairings over moduli spaces of punctured Riemann surfaces 2001ХХ
53874 Weng W., Yang F., Elsherbeni A. Electromagnetics and Antenna Optimization Using TaguchiТs Method 2007 ХХХ
151914 Wengenroth U. Enterprise and Technology: The German and British Steel Industries, 1897-1914 2009ХХ
186855 Wenger E., Avoine G., Kara O. Lightweight Cryptography for Security and Privacy: Second International Workshop, LightSec 2013, Gebze, Turkey, May 6-7, 2013, Revised Selected Papers 2013ХХ
159411 Wenglinsky H. Using Technology Wisely: The Keys To Success In Schools (Technology, Education-Connection) 2005ХХ
19992 Wenham J.W. The Elemenths of New Testament Greek 1965ХХ
168400 Wenk M.R., Fernandis A.Z. A Manual for Biochemistry Protocols (Manuals in Biomedical Research) (Manuals in Biomedical Research) 2007ХХ
150515 Wenkel S., Deichmann U. Max Delbruck and Cologne: An Early Chapter of German Molecular Biology 2007ХХ
120360 Wennberg B. An Example of Nonuniqueness for Solutions to the Homogeneous Boltzmann Equation 1999ХХ
121428 Wennberg B. Entropy Dissipation and Moment Production for the Boltzmann Equation 1997ХХ
110282 Wentworth Textbook of Geometry 1898ХХ
33613 Wentworth G., Smith D.E. Solid Geometry 1913ХХ
33831 Wentworth G., Smith D.E. Plane Geometry 1913ХХ
39390 Wentworth G.A. Text-book of geometry 1898ХХ
157723 Wentworth H., Flexner S. Dictionary of American Slang 1975ХХ

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